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App Name SMS Backup & Restore Pro
Latest Version v.10.20.002
Last Updated
Publisher SyncTech Pty Ltd
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 13 MB
Mods Full Version
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (542) Votes

4.6 Rating (542 Votes )
Price: $ 0
SMS Backup Restore Pro is a powerful Android app that allows users to easily back up and restore SMS text messages, call logs, and contacts to the cloud or local storage. The app provides full control over backup schedules and restorations with options to select specific messages, contacts, or call logs to backup. Advanced filtering options are available to only backup conversations with certain contacts or messages within a specified date range. SMS Backup Restore Pro removes all advertising and offers unlimited cloud backup storage.

SMS Backup and Restore – Essential Features of SMS Backup Restore Pro

SMS Backup Restore Pro provides users with a simple yet powerful solution to backup and restore crucial mobile data such as text messages, call logs, and contacts. Whether switching to a new device, upgrading Android versions, or restoring after losing a phone, SMS Backup Restore Pro makes the process seamless with just a few taps.

The full version of SMS Backup Restore Pro available for one-time purchase removes all ads and limitations of the free version. With the Pro version, users can take full advantage of advanced filtering and customization options along with unlimited cloud backup storage.

Cloud and Local Backup/Restore Options

SMS Backup Restore Pro offers flexibility to backup data either to local storage on the device or cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. Users can choose to automatically backup daily, weekly, or manually initiate backups as needed. Detailed logs track all backup and restore activity.

For restoring, users simply select the preferred backup file from cloud services or local storage and the app handles restoring all backed-up data seamlessly. Complex migrating between devices is made effortless.

Filter and Select Specific Data

SMS Backup Restore Pro provides granular controls to filter backup and restore options. Users can select specific message threads, contacts, or call logs to include/exclude from backup. Date filtering allows backing up only conversations or calls within a certain period.

These powerful filtering options are especially useful for migrating newer data or specific conversations when restoring to a new device. All backed-up data can also be viewed or exported as standard file types from within the app.

Customization and Scheduling Options

Besides manual backup/restore, SMS Backup Restore Pro offers full customization over automated backup schedules. Users can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups of data at scheduled times as per their preference. Notifications keep track of scheduled and failed backups.

App and data selection is fully customizable for each scheduled backup. Users have control over exactly what type of app data like SMS, MMS, Call Logs, or Contacts gets backed up during each scheduled cycle. Scheduling ensures important data is safely backed up automatically in the background.

Consistent Updates and Enhancements

Being a Pro version, customers can be assured of ongoing updates and enhancements from the developers. The app and developers are highly rated on the Play Store with regular updates improving features, fixing bugs, and adding new capabilities.

SMS Backup Restore Pro: Comprehensive Backup and Restore for Texts, Calls, and Contacts

SMS Backup Restore Pro is the go-to Android app for seamlessly backing up and restoring texts, calls, and contacts. As mobile phones have become an extension of our digital lives, safely preserving conversations and contacts is more important than ever.

SMS Backup Restore Pro streamlines the process with customizable automated and manual backups to local storage or cloud services. Filtering options allow a granular selection of specific data subsets like individual message threads or contacts. Scheduled backups ensure no important conversation is lost.

Migrating to new devices is simplified with direct restoration from backup files. Advanced features remove ads while giving unlimited cloud storage. Ongoing support and enhancements maintain the app’s performance.

Overall, SMS Backup Restore Pro delivers a powerful yet intuitive solution for protecting text messages, call logs, and contacts. The full Pro version unlocks core functionality making it an invaluable tool for any Android user.

Customizable Automated and Manual Backup Functionality

SMS Backup Restore Pro shines through its extensive customization over automated and manual backups. Users have full control over scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly backups of specific app data. Notifications keep track of all backup activity.

For manual backups, the app can be initiated on demand from its intuitive interface. Users select the desired data subsets like SMS, MMS, calls or contacts to backup locally or through cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Granular filters allow including/excluding individual message threads, contacts, or calls within set date ranges. These options future-proof backups, ensuring only newer, relevant data is preserved for restoration.

All backup activity and settings are logged within the app. Users can view backed-up data or export it as standard file types for additional security. The level of customization sets SMS Backup Restore Pro apart.

Seamless Data Restore to New Devices

When upgrading or switching phones, restoring backed-up messages, call history, and contacts to a new device is effortless with SMS Backup Restore Pro. The app supports direct data restoring from local storage or cloud backup files.

With selective restoration, users pick and choose specific message threads, contacts, or calls to copy over. This granularity future-proofs the restore process, especially useful when migrating a subset of newer data.

All restored content exactly mirrors the original data before backup. Sender details, timestamps, and multimedia are reconstituted precisely. The restoration process intuitively guides through completion with clear notifications.

Overall, premium features like flexible backups, selective restore, and granular filtering, eliminate issues associated with device changes and protect conversation histories.

Powerful Filtering Options for Custom Backups

The built-in filtering capabilities set SMS Backup Restore Pro ahead of other apps. Users have extensive controls over creating custom backups including only relevant details.

Date range filtering allows selective backups including texts, and calls within a customizable start-end period. This preserves only recent histories when migrating or freeing device space. Individual message threads and contacts can also be manually included/excluded from a backup.

Grouping backups by contact makes it simple to back up everything related to specific persons. Similarly applying filters based on call type/duration extracts valuable call logs. All filters can be combined selectively.

Filters are dynamically applied during both manual and automated scheduled backups. Users maintain complete oversight over what data is preserved in each backup version through simple on-device configuration.

Being non-destructive, filters do not modify original app data in any way. The customized backups generate additional derived data subsets securely preserving full histories. Overall filtering revolutionizes how specific data subsets can be safely migrated.

Consistent Updates and Premium Customer Support

As a premium paid app, SMS Backup Restore Pro users naturally expect ongoing support and improvements from the developers. The team consistently delivers with regular updates enhancing core functionality and adding new features based on user requests.

Bugs, Force Closes, and crashes are addressed swiftly with focused version releases. Constant performance optimizations maintain fluid usage across a wide range of devices over time. Responsive support channels ensure any issues are addressed to keep users updated and satisfied.

Premium customers access direct developer assistance for configuration queries. A well-organized user feedback platform enables community assistance to supplement official support. Advanced users also enjoy developmental pre-release builds for testing new ideas.

The direct results of an engaged developer team are visible through SMS Backup Restore Pro’s stellar user ratings and reviews on major app stores. Established premium apps like this define consistency across continual development cycles.

In summary, SMS Backup Restore Pro presents a robust full-fledged solution for text, call, and contact data backup on Android. Automated schedules, filters, and granular restore make it quite simply the best mobile data backup tool. Premium perks assure lasting value and frictionless usage.


In the modern era of constant communication, seamlessly preserving text conversations, contacts and call histories holds significant importance. With SMS Backup Restore Pro, users get a powerful yet intuitive Android app securing these invaluable mobile memories.

The app’s extensive customization over comprehensive and selective backups, coupled with effortless data restoration sets an unmatchable standard. Regular feature improvements and support deliver continuous value from developers committed to customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Pro version of SMS Backup Restore Pro is undoubtedly worth its once-off purchase cost. By removing ads and unlocking unlimited cloud backups, it offers unmatched control and peace of mind. No other app delivers such a full-fledged backup and restore solution for versatile everyday use.

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  • Fix for some MMS messages failing to restore on Android 14 devices.

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