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Soul Knight MOD APK Unlimited Gems, Unlock All Characters v6.0.0 b6001

Soul Knight
App Name Soul Knight
Latest Version v.6.0.0 b6001
Last Updated
Publisher ChillyRoom
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 611 MB
Mods Unlock All Characters, Unlimited Gems
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5 Rating (1) Votes

5 Rating (1 Votes )
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Pixel roguelike RPG. Intriguing dungeon, crazy weapons, and endless adventure.
    • Mod Menu
    • Free shopping
    • Unlimited gems
    • Unlocked all skills
    • Unlocked all skins
    • One hit kill
    • God mode
    • Unlimited energy
    • No skill CD
    • Unlimited skills

Soul Knight MOD APK – The Ultimate Version of the Hit Roguelike Game

Soul Knight is one of the most popular and well-loved roguelike games on mobile, known for its challenging and addictive gameplay. While the vanilla version of Soul Knight offers hours of fun, the modded Soul Knight MOD APK takes it to the next level by unlocking all the game’s best features for free. With the Soul Knight mod apk, you get unlimited gems, the ability to unlock all characters from the start, and powerful mod menus giving you god mode abilities. Continue reading to learn all about what this modded version of Soul Knight has to offer.

Unlimited Gems in Soul Knight

One of the first things you’ll notice when playing the Soul Knight MOD APK is that you start with an unlimited amount of gems. Gems are Soul Knight’s premium currency which is normally used to buy new characters, get boosts, and more. With unlimited gems courtesy of the mod, you’ll never have to worry about farming or paying real money for gems ever again. You can freely spend gems on anything in the in-game shop without concern. This removes one of the biggest restrictions of the regular Soul Knight experience and lets you fully explore all character and weapon synergies right from the start.

Unlock All Characters from the Start

Another huge benefit of the Soul Knight mod is that all playable characters are instantly unlocked for you to choose from at the character selection screen. In the normal version of Soul Knight, you have to find and purchase new characters over many runs as you progress. But with this mod, your choice is wide open from the very beginning. Go crazy testing out vampire ninjas, robotic knights, plant mages, and more without spending a dime. Switch between the huge roster any time during runs for maximum strategic flexibility. Never feel limited by the characters you’ve unlocked.

Powerful Mod Menus at Your Fingertips

But the true power of the Soul Knight MOD APK lies in its customizable mod menus. With just a few taps, you can enable a huge range of mods and cheats to bend the game to your will. Some of the most notable mod menu options include:

Free Shopping

Never worry about gem costs again. Buy anything you want from the Soul Knight in-game shop for free.

God Mode

Become truly invincible with god mode activated. No enemy attacks can hurt you as you blaze through levels. This mod takes your Soul Knight to the next level, quite literally. When god mode is turned on, you are rendered completely immune to any and all damage sources and effects. Bullets, lasers, explosions – nothing can pierce your etheral godly form.

Coupled with infinite energy and you’re an unstoppable god marching through the realm, smiting all in your path. Enemies flee in terror as your angelic glow precedes you room to room. It’s how a true deity should feel to play.

One Hit Kill

With one hit kill turned on, every attack from your weapons will instantly obliterate any enemy in one hit. With one hit kill activated, your weapons go from merely dangerous tools to industry-ending WMDs. A single shot or swing from any gun, sword or spell in your arsenal is suddenly all it takes to vaporize any enemy, no matter their size or defenses.

Bosses, elites, normal grunts – they all go down in a single, satisfying attack. Combined with the high mobility Soul Knight is known for, you can pull off some Matrix-like bullet time sequences mowing down hordes from full to nil in the blink of an eye. Extremely cathartic for when you want to feel like an unstoppable killing machine.

Unlimited Energy

The energy meter that limits the amount of times you can play levels will never drain with this mod always keeping it full.

No Skill Cooldown

Activate abilities as often as you want without any cooldowns when this mod is turned on.

Unlimited Skills

Any limitations on skill uses during matches are removed with this mod always giving you maximum skill charges. Some Soul Knight characters have limited uses of powerful skills before long cooldowns set in.

Not anymore thanks to this modification which removes all limits, giving you infinite casts! Become an immortal spellslinging battlemage raining destruction non-stop. Or play as the eternally dashing and bombarding robot flinging explosives endlessly. Any class feels upgraded with limitless skill activations at hand. Combined with other cheats, attain state of permanent godly ultra-instinct.

Unlock All Skills

Every usable skill and upgrade for characters is instantly unlocked right away.

Unlimited Gems in Soul Knight Mod

We already covered how the Soul Knight MOD APK gives you unlimited gems to spend freely in game. But it’s worth diving deeper into exactly how useful and game-changing this mod feature is. In the regular version of Soul Knight, gems are the premium currency you earn slowly through regular gameplay or sometimes receive in limited quantities via promotions or login bonuses. You’re always starved for more gems as there’s so much you want to buy like extra daily dungeon entries, premium card packs, and new characters. But with unlimited gems courtesy of this mod, you’ll feel like a Soul Knight oligarch rolling in wealth.

You can splurge on anything your little mobile gaming heart desires. 10 extra daily runs? Sure, bought. Special weapon skin? Why not, it’s on the house. New playable character? Just take ’em, you rich Soul Knight you. The feeling of freedom that comes from never having to ponder gem management is unbeatable. And with so many worthwhile purchases in the Soul Knight shop, unlimited gems means unlimited possibilities for rounding out your gaming experience. Whether you want to speed level characters, grab exclusive loot, or just collect all the cosmetics, unlimited gems makes it happen with ease. This is without a doubt one of the most valuable parts of installing the Soul Knight MOD APK on your device.

Unlock All Characters in Soul Knight

Another hugely beneficial part of running the Soul Knight mod is starting your game with every character instantly available on the selection screen. In the regular version, Soul Knight follows a classic roguelike formula where you discover new playable heroes over many runs as you reach character-unlocking milestones. While this drip-feed of new options keeps the game feeling fresh long-term, it can be restricting early on. With 40+ characters in total and each bringing unique kits and playstyles, being limited on options when you’re new feels constrictive.

Thankfully, the Soul Knight mod does away with all character locks right from the moment you open the game up. Every magic elf, shapeshifting dog, mecha engineer, and more are ready to go at a moment’s notice. This freedom to experiment widely is invaluable, especially for learning fast which characters mesh best with your personal skills and reflexes. Want to quickly test the water abilities of the vampire merman before the fireball wizard? Go for it. Curious how a healing monk stacks up against a blindfolded assassin? You’re just a tap away from finding out. Not having to gradually earn new recruits also means you can more rapidly expand your masteries of different combat archetypes.

Overall, instant access to the massive Soul Knight roster elevates the early game experience significantly. Some characters take many runs to naturally unlock, so being able to handpick your favorites straight away via this mod saves a ton of grinding. It’s one of the smartest quality of life improvements this APK provides for any players both new or experienced.

Mod Menus: Activate Godlike Powers in Soul Knight

But the true stars of the Soul Knight MOD APK are undoubtedly the mod menus it offers. With just a few taps in special modding interfaces, you can activate an incredible array of cheats and enhancements normally impossible in-game. Options like god mode make you invincible to reflect your divine status, while one-hit kills mean any weapon is a one-tap obliterator. You’ll also find useful utilities like infinite energy, zero cooldowns, and free shopping.

With options like these, mod menus in Soul Knight MOD APK unlock truly godlike potential. You can experience overpowered new playstyles never before possible within the confines of normal game rules. It’s certainly not for everyone, but modders looking to test their dominion over the game world will find endless gratification here.

  • * Fixed crash issues.

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