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Speed test 4G 5G WiFi & maps
App Name Speed test 4G 5G WiFi & maps
Latest Version v.2.14.11
Last Updated
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Tools Tools
Size 22 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.6 Rating (911) Votes

4.6 Rating (911 Votes )
Price: $ 0
nPerf Speed Test MOD APK is a popular free speed test app that measures your device's internet speeds. The mod version unlocks premium features like unlimited internet speed tests and ad removal.
    • Premium Unlocked

NPerf Speed Test MOD APK: Speed Testing Your Device

The nPerf mod APK removes these restrictions by activating all premium modes at no additional cost. Now users can perform unlimited speed checks from any server location at any time without pause. Whether testing crucial work connections daily or just casually screening speeds on the go, premium enabled mod power ensures a smooth uninterrupted experience. Network engineers, online gamers and casual users all appreciate having this level of flexible access and control over running detailed diagnostics.

One of the key advantages of using the modded version of nPerf Speed Test over the standard free app is what it unlocks – full access to premium features without any in-app purchases required. While functions like basic speed tests, server selection and saving results are available without payment in the free edition, it limits the number of tests that can be done and shows advertisements.

Accurately measuring your device’s internet speeds is an important way to determine if you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for from your internet service provider. The nPerf Speed Test app is a highly rated tool for doing just that with reliable and consistent results. Some key features of the app include upload and download speed tests to major servers around the world, latency testing to check network responsiveness, and the ability to save previous test results for comparison over time.

Premium Unlocked Features

While the free version of nPerf Speed Test provides basic speed testing functionality, the mod APK unlocks all premium features without any in-app purchases required. With the mod installed, you will have unlimited access to performing as many speed tests as you like without waiting periods between tests.

All ads are also removed from the user interface, allowing for an ad-free experience. Being able to test internet speeds at any time without interruption offers superior testing flexibility over the standard free version with limited test credits.

Speed Test Analysis

Beyond just showing download and upload speeds, the nPerf app analyzes test results to provide useful insights. Speed tests are broken down by server location to see which nearby servers have the fastest connections. Graphs display speed trends over time to identify any declines in performance that may require contacting your ISP. Fluctuations can be easily spotted to determine if connection speeds vary at different times of day or with network congestion. Power users will appreciate the deep dive analytics for optimizing their broadband experience.

Custom Server Selection

Rather than just testing to the default servers, nPerf allows choosing servers in different regions and countries. This is beneficial for comparing speed test performance when connected to varied network infrastructures. Selecting servers further or closer can help diagnose issues stemming from specific networks or infrastructure routes.

Globetrotters may also want to preview download speeds for areas they plan to travel through server selection. The wide range of detectable speed test servers provides more location options than other tools.

Seamless Dark Mode

With an option for a system-wide dark mode, nPerf integrates well into devices using AMOLED displays for cutting edge visuals with decreased power consumption. Text and interactive elements take on a black or dark gray appearance that is easier on the eyes in low light environments compared to a traditional bright white interface.

Quick day/night toggling is simple from the settings menu. Users can enjoy the premium experience knowing developers care about accessibility, visual design, and battery optimization even in free and modded versions.

Comprehensive Speed Test Reporting

Going beyond just a number for download/upload speeds, nPerf generates detailed reports in multiple formats. PDF reports can be generated and shared for creating a record of checks over time.

CSV exports allows opening results in spreadsheet apps for filtering, sorting, charting and other data analyses. Even if basic speed tests are run frequently, having longitudinal reporting at your fingertips preserves a robust history of performance metrics for later network troubleshooting or comparisons as plans and infrastructure change.

Premium Unlocked (No Ads)

As mentioned, one of the key benefits of the nPerf mod APK is the unlocked premium features without any in-app purchases. This includes ad removal for an undisturbed testing experience. With the standard free version, screens are occasionally interrupted by advertisements.

But with the mod’s premium perks activated, you can navigate screens, view results and run tests without pause. Full-screen speeds are shown without ad overlays blocking important metrics. Your time and attention stays focused on analyzing connections rather than on closing out ads.

Speed Test Scheduling

Taking speed checks periodically is useful for monitoring service levels over time. The nPerf app offers a convenient scheduling feature for automating this process. Tests can be queued up daily, weekly or monthly so speed data continuously streams in without manual interventions. Scheduled checks run in the background without disrupting other tasks.

Later, reporting features compile all autonomous test outcomes into historical reports and graphs for long-term analysis of network uptime and consistency meeting SLA commitments from providers. Hands-free testing takes the hassle out of proactive broadband monitoring.

User Reviews and Traffic

With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, nPerf has achieved widespread adoption for residential and business Internet speed testing needs. Its featured placement in the Tools category highlights trust as a leading network diagnostic utility. Users frequently mention appreciating the detailed results breakdowns, ability to save and export reports, and reliability producing consistent speed readings on each test.

While some note ads in the free version can be excessive, mod users sing praises for the unrestricted premium powers. Overall, reviews portray nPerf Speed Test as an accurate, full-featured option beloved by networking pros and novices alike.

Server Pinging Latency Measurement

Beyond bandwidth assessments, experiencing quick response times when browsing or streaming is important to an optimal internet experience. nPerf incorporates latency readings into its suite of network analysis tools. Tests ping major connectivity junctions to gauge signal roundtrip durations, showing any lag between request/response cycles.

Spikes can sometimes betray weak points causing webpage hangs or rebuffers. Lower latency readings suggest snappier interactions across applications. With the mod’s unlimited usage, ping tests conveniently supplement regular speed checks for a comprehensive network performance audit.

Final Thoughts

With well-crafted speed test functions, robust reporting, mod premium unlocks and a vast server index for testing internationally, nPerf Speed Test remains one of the top tools for measuring broadband performance on Android. For Network Engineers, Online Gamers, or Casual Users simply wanting to ensure they are getting what’s paid for, this free app empowers informed evaluation of throughput speeds.

With a streamlined interface and extensive analytics, nPerf delivers high quality network diagnostic utilities for any user and usage case for optimizing their online experience. For serious network enthusiasts, the ad-removed modded version unlocks its full advanced feature-set.

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  • 2.14.11 : - nPerf engine update 2.14.10 : - GoogleMaps library update 2.14.8 / 2.14.9 : - nPerf engine update 2.14.7 : - Update languages 2.14.5 / 2.14.6 : - Bugfix android 13 notifications 2.14.4 : - Minor bugs fixes 2.14.2 / 2.14.3 : - nPerf engine update 2.14.1 : - Minor bugs fixes 2.14.0 : - nPerf engine update - Speedtest gauge limit updated to 10 Gb/s 2.13.0 : - nPerf engine update for ISP API features (France only) - Updated consent/privacy journey (France only)

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