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Stickman Pirates Fight Mod APK Unlimited Money v5.6

Stickman Pirates Fight
App Name Stickman Pirates Fight
Latest Version v.5.6
Last Updated
Publisher PhanGia
Requirements Android 8.0 Android 8.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 181 MB
Mods Unlimited money, unlimited gems
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (848) Votes

4.5 Rating (848 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Become your favorite superhero and fight the pirates!
    • Unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • unlocked everything
    • free shopping
    • free purchase
    • unlimited all

Exploring the Untapped Treasures of the Seven Seas with Unlimited Money – The Stickman Pirates Fight Mod APK

As a stickman pirate captain, your quest for treasure and adventure on the open seas knows no bounds. But collecting all the treasures hidden across multiple islands and engaging in epic sea battles requires coins and gems. With the limitations of an in-app economy, you may find yourself constantly hitting roadblocks in your pirating journey.

Not anymore! With the Stickman Pirates Fight Mod APK, you can fully unleash the pirate inside you with Unlimited Money.

Unlimited Coins to Fund Your Pirating Dreams

One of the biggest frustrations novice and veteran pirates alike face is the lack of in-game currency to purchase new ships, recruit powerful crew members, craft powerful cannons and swords, or simply repair after battles. This mod removes all such limitations by providing Unlimited Money.

With infinite coins at your disposal, you can freely shop to your heart’s content at the local tavern and blacksmith without any worries. Purchase the mightiest warships equipped with heavy naval artillery cannons. Recruit legendary pirates with unique skills to join your fleet. Fully upgrade all stats and perks of your pirate captain. The opportunities are endless.

Free Shopping Sprees Across Multiple Islands

Tired of the same repetitive islands? This mod unlocks shopping in multiple exotic islands within the game. Travel across tropical beaches, discover ancient ruins, and pillage vibrant ports across different regions. Engage in treasure-hunting adventures and historic sea battles.

With Free Shopping enabled you don’t need to worry about coin balances as you freely shop for new gear, weapons, supplies, and more from unique vendors across the islands. Upgrade and customize your pirate to the max. Stock up on healing potions before the next epic raid. The expansive virtual world is yours to explore without restrictions.

Unlimited Gems to Speed Up Your Pirating Progress

Another useful in-game resource for faster progress is gems. Without sufficient gems, basic tasks like repairing after battles or troop training can get increasingly slower. This mod removes such artificial speed bumps by providing Unlimited Gems.

With infinite gems, you can instantly complete repairs, upgrades, and recruitments. Speed through quests and level up at lightning speed. Take down enemy fleets in an instant with unconditional gem boosts. The mod gives you full creative control over how you want to play out your pirating destiny without any time-wasting.

Free Purchases of Ships, Crews, and All Other Items

This mod takes player freedom to the next level with Free Purchases unlocked across the entire game. Select any item, ship, or crew from the in-game store and markets and acquire them without spending resources. Build the ultimate pirate fleet filling it with the best of the best with just a few taps.

The only limits are now your imagination. Freely craft the pirate of your dreams, customize him to perfection, and take him on the biggest adventures. Level up and conquer the entire virtual world. With all mod features like Unlimited Money, Gems, and Free Purchases unlocked, you have unlimited possibilities in front of you. It’s time to set sail as the greatest pirate captain of all time!

Let’s look deeper at some key mod features in more detail:

Unlimited Money – The Cornerstone to Living Your Pirate Dreams

At the heart of this mod’s game-changing abilities lies the Unlimited Money feature. As the captain of your ship, resources like in-game coins are essential for funding all your pirating schemes, adventures, and battles. Stocking up the taverns with unlimited rum supplies, funding ship repairs after epic naval raids, recruiting an entire fleet of legendary pirate crews – it all requires a steady stream of coins.

Whether you want to purchase that enchanted treasure map, upgrade all ship cannons to legendary tier, or even buy entire new islands – unlimited coins empower you to do it all and more. Truly live as the richest pirate captain history has ever known.

Money is merely a number, and with this mod, that number goes beyond your imagination into unfathomable depths. Go treat yourself to that epic battleship you’ve always dreamed of!

Unlimited Gems – Speedrunning the Seven Seas

Alongside coins, gems also serve as an essential in-game resource to unblock additional features, purchase boosts and speed up waiting times. Unfortunately, gems come at a much slower pace compared to coins through normal gameplay means like quests or leveling up. This is where the Unlimited Gems feature of this mod comes in very handy.

With infinite gems added to your treasury, you gain complete mastery over time. Instantly complete building times, research, recruitments, and more with unconditional unlimited gem power. Raid the merchant fleets 10 times faster for faster loot acquisition. Cut waiting periods after repairs down to instant. Boost your entire pirate armada in battles for guaranteed victory. Level up and increase stats in the blink of an eye.

Free Purchases of Everything You Could Ever Want

No pirate captain worth their salt would ever pay for anything! With the Free Purchases perk fully activated, you can truly live up to that rebellious outlaw spirit. This expansive feature unlocks the ability to acquire absolutely any in-game item, whether ships, crewmates, gear, or resources, entirely for free. Select what you want, and it’s automatically added to your inventory at no cost.

Fill out that fleet by recruiting legendary pirates? All free. Replace all basic cannons with golden artillery? Yours to keep. Durability kits, potions, relics – feel free to stock up endlessly. Infinite gold means nothing if you still have to spend it, so this mod takes the logical next step. See that exclusive boss-drop platinum chest piece? It’s available to you gratis. No payment is necessary, ever.

Rise As King of the Pirates!

To become King of the Pirates requires unparalleled strength and absolute freedom. This mod for Stickman Pirates Fight delivers exactly that by removing all artificial game restrictions.

With Unlimited Money, Gems, and the ability to obtain anything for free, nothing can hold you back anymore. Freely live out your wildest buccaneering fantasies without compromise across a sprawling open-world archipelago.

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  • Version 5.5 - Fix some minor bugs - Optimize game performance

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