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Abandoned Survival City Builder Mod APK Unlimited money Free purchase v1.0.11

Survival City Builder
App Name Survival City Builder
Latest Version v.1.0.11
Last Updated
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 240 MB
Mods Paid for free, Unlimited money , Free purchase
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3.6 Rating (656) Votes

3.6 Rating (656 Votes )
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Loot & craft, build a shelter & survive in a ghost town. Survival building games
    • Paid for free
    • Unlimited money
    • Free purchase
    • Unlimited everything
    • free purchase

Reconstructing Abandoned City to its Former Glory with Modded Features

With the Abandoned City Survival mod apk, you have unrestricted access to rebuild the ruined metropolis using premium modded features. Forget limitations as you take complete control over the city’s redevelopment. Let’s explore how the mods enable unconfined progress.

Unlimited Funds to Revive the Broken City

One of the biggest challenges in a post-apocalyptic world is finding resources to build shelter and tools. But with the modded version of Abandoned City Survival, that worry is removed. The “Unlimited money” mod feature gives you infinite coins and cash to purchase whatever building materials and tools you need from the in-game store. Never worry about not having enough coins to expand your shelter or workshop again.

Gather scrap metal and wood faster than ever before to construct housing and workbenches that will be your home base in the destroyed city. With unlimited money at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless for creating the most advanced survivor shelter and workshop the apocalypse has ever seen.

Unlimited Buildings and Upgrades

With unlimited money at your disposal, you can construct residential, commercial and industrial buildings endlessly. Upgrade facilities to the max level immediately. Expand existing settlements to new frontiers smoothly. Roll out megaprojects without thinking twice about expenditures. Build autonomous satellite communities anywhere and connect them seamlessly.

Ever-Evolving Infrastructure

Utilize unlimited funds for strategic infrastructure development across the whole map. Build roads, paths, railroads and bridges uninhibitedly. Lay underground pipelines and wiring at gigantic scales. Develop transportation networks of any extent to support limitless growth. Keep essential utilities upgraded for sprawling reconstruction works.

Unrestricted Everything for Limitless Progress

Besides money, the mod also unlocks all other in-game resources. With infinite construction materials, rebuild the metropolis however you imagine. Access to unlimited energy, water & food rations ensures constant productivity. Unlimited workers join the revival effort unrestrained. Gain absolute sovereignty over how abandoned city redevelopment evolves boundlessly.

Infinite Resources Impetus

With every basic need fulfilled endlessly, focus solely on large-scale city planning. Expand territories, construct new townships and boost population limitlessly. Industrial areas now produce infinite goods and services 24/7. Agriculture and livestock zones operate on auto-pilot. An abundant surplus keeps reconstruction works in overdrive.

Continual Technological Evolution

Unlimited tech and science points allow limitless research progression. Unlock all research facilities and labs potentials without pause. Continuously evolve civilian infrastructure using cutting-edge technology schematics. Bolster security operations with advanced weapons & vehicles R&D unrestrainedly. Stay ahead of game challenges through boundless scientific developments.

Free access to vehicles and crafting stations

Getting around the abandoned city requires vehicles, but gas and repair costs can burn through even unlimited funds. The “Free purchase” mod feature in Abandoned City Survival means you can add any vehicle like trucks or motorcycles to your garage without spending a dime. When scavenging for resources long distances, hot-wire any vehicle you find and make it yours to use without limitation.

You’ll also gain free access to crafting stations and buildings that normally require in-game cash to unlock their survivor-saving benefits. With free access to vehicles, workbenches, and any building, your possibilities for survival are greatly improved over normal players.

Absolute Control via Impenetrable Defenses

Reinforce protection for growing society against all threats. Build an infinite military force of mechanized divisions and powered armor. Construct elaborate fortresses and defensive grids at city outskirts. Mod enables limitless spending to beef up heavy weapons emplacements and missile silos.

Develop layered security networks keeping civilians eternally safe within expanding territory borders. Maintain total control of order under permanent peace.

Experience total dominion over reconstruction of isolated abandoned city into a prosperous society using these über mod features. Forget restrictions when reviving stranded metropolis to its former glory.

Reclaim infinite potential of the ruins as your sandbox with unrestrained resources at command. Feel absolute freedom unleashing creativity into monumental rebuilding projects across the boundless open world map.

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