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T2S MOD APK Premium Unlocked v13.2.5

T2S: Text to Voice/Read Aloud
App Name T2S: Text to Voice/Read Aloud
Latest Version v.13.2.5
Last Updated
Publisher HE SOFT
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 14 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.5 Rating (182) Votes

4.5 Rating (182 Votes )
Price: $ 0
T2S MOD APK is a modded version of the popular T2S - Text to Speech app that allows users to fully unlock all premium text-to-speech features like multiple voice packs, speed controls, and background playback for absolutely free.
    • Premium Unlocked

T2S MOD APK: All Premium Text-to-Speech Features Unlocked

The development of T2S MOD APK solves this dilemma by completely liberating all of the app’s paid features and modifications through a single effortless installation. With full ad removal, granular playback controls, offline support and over 10 voice options across different languages now accessible for free, the modded version redefines what’s possible from a text to speech reader. Users gain an unparalleled solution focused solely on flawless functionality rather than monetary restrictions. Whether studying, working or relaxing, T2S MOD APK equips everyone with the ultimate text to speech tool to enhance any experience.

Converting written text into natural-sounding speech is incredibly useful for accessibility, learning, and entertainment. However, many text-to-speech (TTS) services limit features behind paywalls or subscriptions. This is where T2S MOD APK comes in as the ultimate free solution for all text-to-speech demands.

T2S by Anthropic has risen as one of the most popular text to speech readers available on Android, thanks to its high quality voice outputs and wide range of supported languages. However, to fully unlock premium upgrades such as additional voice packs, background playback, speed controls and more, ongoing subscription fees are usually required. This presents a barrier that limits the app’s potential for many users.

The Flexibility of Multiple Voice Packs

The standard Google Play version of the T2S app by Anthropic offers basic text-to-audio functionality but paid upgrades are required to enjoy different language voice packs beyond the initial English voices. While additional voices understandably cost to develop, constant subscription fees pose an access barrier.

T2S MOD APK generously unlocks over 10+ premium voice packs covering major languages like Spanish, German, French, and Italian alongside English variants for males, females, and children. With a huge selection of high-quality voices in both male and female options, any text can seamlessly immerse in the intended dialect or character without boundary.

Users get unmatched flexibility to freely switch between voices on the fly for optimum audio translation. Mixing voice packs lets crafting radio dramas, learning content, or assisted reading come alive like never before. No limitations exist when natural-sounding speech sources are unlocked in a multitude.

Precise Speed & Pitch Controls

Many situations demand slowing or accelerating the pace of TTS output for improved understanding, implementation within mixes, or mimicking speech impediments/disorders. However, adjusting standard voice speed leaves the audio choppy or distorted.

T2S MOD APK empowers explicit pace tweaking through granular sliders for speed and pitch separately. Any value between 50%-200% can smoothly vary the tempo independently of voice tonality for life-like fine-tuning.

Whether slowing to 150% for elders, speeding to 175% for kids, or setting a specific pitch, the output stays clear and fluid endlessly. Background tasks are no longer behind tempo thanks to this supreme control given free through the mod.

Uninterrupted Background Playback

When using TTS within other apps or switching between tasks, audio often stutters or stops in stock T2S to avoid multitasking. But productivity flows best with continuity.

This MOD version uplifts playback restrictions by routing output as a persistent background service. Text conversion runs seamlessly in parallel whether browsing, gaming, or using multiple apps simultaneously. Learners retain information without disruption as speech persists across screens.

With background playback, T2S stays a set-it-and-forget utility empowering frictionless operation however users partition time and attention. Workflows integrate buttery-smooth for maximum efficiency and retention. Background TTS was made accessible through the MOD.

Sleep Timer for Convenience

Some use TTS for bedtime stories, spoken tutorials, or mindfulness activities requiring voice to auto-stop after a duration. Yet standard T2S lacks optimal control over playback length.

This MOD version equips T2S with an adjustable sleep timer. Users define the duration, in minutes or hours, for text conversion to automatically cease after elapsed. Whether winding down with a 20-minute meditation or coding tutorials before bed, playback ends right on cue without needing to stop manually.

The sleep timer brings a level of convenience unheard of in typical TTS apps. Consuming audio precisely fits schedules and routines without wasting excess time or disruption. T2S handles self-closing seamlessly through this new modded functionality.

Removal of Monetized Ads

To offset development costs, the baseline T2S app displays occasional banner ads during use. While ads help keep the software free upfront for users, unnecessary interruptions hinder workflow and re-focusing after breaks.

The MOD version thoughtfully strips out all in-app sponsored notifications and promotional messages. Users stay fully immersed in audio conversion without distraction from popping banners or video ads between tasks. The ad-free experience optimizes workflow compared to repetitive advertising breaks.

T2S MOD APK provides the ultimate nonintrusive solution focused purely on functionality over monetization. Consumers retain uninterrupted enjoyment without commercials disrupting important TTS usage.

Offline Text-to-speech

Reliance on internet connectivity hinders mobility with standard TTS software stopping when offline. Yet many use cases arise spontaneously away from WiFi like bus journeys, hiking, or camping trips where data proves unavailable.

T2S MOD APK preempts such disconnectivity concerns by empowering full offline TTS operation. Any loaded text can convert to audio Losslessly without an internet connection present. Users stay productive even beyond cellular range with this important modded enhancement.

Files, streams, and APIs no longer obstruct fluid usage on the go. Whether embarking on remote journeys or utilizing TTS away from wireless hotspots, functionality continues undeterred and empowered offline through this MOD.

Seamless Installation without Root

To liberate T2S’s complete potential, installation requires simply downloading the modded APK file containing all premium unlocks. Users need only enable installation from unknown sources in Android settings and select the file for a direct seamless setup experience.

No need exists for device rooting, separate installer apps, license patching, or workaround complications. The smooth one-click process fully preserves future app updates and upgrade capabilities too while retaining all modded features. Premium T2S access becomes effortless for all.


In summary, T2S MOD APK emerges as the ultimate text-to-speech assistant for Windows, Mac, and Android. With all paid upgrades like background playback, multiple voices, and adjustable settings unlocked permanently for free, it accommodates every need. Hassle-free installation and unrestricted functionality redefine what’s possible from TTS. Users receive an unparalleled experience liberated through this ingenious MOD.

  • 13.2.5: - bug fixes

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