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tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam
App Name tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam
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4.3 Rating (962) Votes

4.3 Rating (962 Votes )
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"TinyCam PRO APK is a full-version camera app that allows you to record high-quality videos and capture stunning photos without any ads or in-app purchases. With features like control for exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and more, it gives you full manual control over your camera."

TinyCam PRO APK Controlling Your Camera: Full with Manual Mode

TinyCam PRO APK is one of the most full-featured third-party camera apps available for Android. What makes it stand out is its extensive manual control options, giving photographers the ability to fine-tune settings like a dedicated camera. Beyond just the basic auto mode, TinyCam PRO allows you to control exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more. This level of control is rarely found even in native camera apps.

Whether you want to capture stunning landscapes with precise exposure settings or freeze fast-moving action with a quick shutter speed, TinyCam PRO puts complete camera control right in your hands. The app utilizes your device’s camera hardware to its fullest potential. Gone are the days of your camera phone restricting you to only automatic modes. With TinyCam PRO you can be as creative as you like by fully manual controlling your camera.

Video and Photo Modes with Deep Customization

In addition to full manual stills, TinyCam PRO also excels at shooting high-quality video. Both video and photo modes are highly customizable down to the smallest detail. Configure settings like resolution, framerate, focus mode, grid overlays, and more. Shoot videos in popular formats like MP4, and MOV and release the full potential of your camera for both stills and video.

TinyCam PRO also brings powerful photo modes like burst, interval, timelapse, and panorama shooting. Create amazing time-lapses of sunrises, city skylines, or landscapes with full customized control over intervals, duration, and more. Its panorama mode creates stunning 360-degree panoramas effortlessly with no need for complicated third-party apps.

Intuitive Interface with Quick Access

Despite the immense power under the hood, TinyCam PRO’s interface remains sleek and intuitive to use. All important settings are only a tap away for both photos and video. Quickly change between modes, tap icons to adjust key settings, or even draw your exposure/focus points directly on the screen. Navigation is smooth and lag-free so you never miss a shot.

Power users will also appreciate customizable Fn buttons, adjustable grid overlays, and histograms for precise exposure. Review and manage your gallery within the app. Share photos and videos wirelessly to social networks or other devices with a simple tap. TinyCam PRO covers all key needs of photographers out of the box in one convenient package.

Capture Detailed Light Shots

One area where smartphone cameras usually struggle is low-light photography. TinyCam PRO shines in dimly lit conditions thanks to its powerful manual mode and settings like ISO. Go up to ISO 3200 with minimal noise for stunning night shots and interior photos. Its long exposure mode holds the shutter open for seconds to capture trails of light in landscapes after sunset.

Tweak the exposure time as per your subject and lighting conditions. The app intelligently stacks multiple photos using image processing for improved low-light results over auto mode. Preserve natural colors even in extremely low light scenarios. TinyCam PRO unleashes the hidden low-light photo-taking abilities of your phone.

Mod Features and Customizability

As a modded camera app, TinyCam PRO offers a level of customization not found in any other camera app. Power users can further tweak dozens of hidden settings via XML config files. Adjust image processing algorithms, change UI elements, remap buttons, and more. Developers regularly roll out new updates packed with features requested by the active modding community. Recent updates even allow advanced DSLR style focus peaking and zebra stripes. New features keep getting added for free.

Being an open-source project, TinyCam PRO thrives on community contributions. Modders port it to various devices, fix bugs, add translations, and improve code quality. It continues evolving rapidly thanks to its passionate user base. For serious photographers wanting complete control over their phone’s camera, TinyCam PRO delivers the most customizable experience out there.

Expandable Functionality with Plugins

What makes TinyCam PRO shine is its support for third-party plugins. An active plugin scene has grown around the app extending its abilities even further. Try plugins like extended ISO, RAW capture, focus/exposure stacking, intervalometer, electronically triggered shutter, and more. Plugins fuse seamlessly into the app interface adding powerful pro camera features.

Developers continue crafting new plugins monthly so the app keeps upgrading itself. Try plugins from reputed makers like Juanmelli, Taz89, and Ioniklab for amazing new presets, tools, and workflow enhancements. Plugins utilize the full hardware potential of each device for magnificent results. Combine plugins like Proshot and Interval Timer Lite to create sensor-shifting astro time-lapses from your phone easily. There’s ample room for creativity and custom workflows.


Between its extensive manual controls over camera, video, and photo modes combined with solid low light skills, TinyCam PRO justifies its “Pro” title. But what elevates it to a whole new level is the mind-blowing amount of customization available through modding, plugins, and future updates. No matter your skills from newcomer to old pro, this app delivers a full professional photographic experience in your pocket. Its excellent development team paired with a dedicated community guarantees new features for all types of photographers. For the full power and creative freedom of DSLR in your phone, TinyCam PRO is simply unmatched.

  • Version 17.2.1: - Fixed Wyze relay issue. - Added video timeout value in app Settings - Video Settings (default, 10 sec).

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