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Toilet Fight Mod APK No Ads Free Purchase v1.3.0

Toilet Fight
App Name Toilet Fight
Latest Version v.1.3.0
Last Updated
Publisher Cabina Game
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 278 MB
Mods Mod Menu , unlimited money
Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (486) Votes

4.0 Rating (486 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Fight against dangerous toilets in the city while protecting agents from dangers
    • Remove ads
    • Unlimited money
    • Free purchase
    • Mod Menu
    • unlimited money

 Toilet Adventure with the Toilet Fight Mod APK

Toilet Fight is one of the most unique and hilarious fighting games available on Android, tasking players to battle it out on toilets in outrageous bathroom arenas. However, the default version of the game comes with some annoying advertisements and in-app purchases that can interrupt the fun.

That’s where the Toilet Fight Mod APK comes in – with its extensive modifications, you can truly unleash the toilet fighting chaos without restrictions. Keep reading to learn all about the amazing mod features unlocked in this modified version of Toilet Fight!

Removing All Ads for an Uninterrupted Toilet Battle Experience

One of the first things you’ll notice after installing the Toilet Fight Mod APK is the complete lack of ads. The default version of Toilet Fight bombards players with advertisements after every few rounds or when attempting to progress in the game.

This not only interrupts the flow of battle but is also just plain annoying. With the mod, all ads have been expertly stripped out so you can focus entirely on destroying enemy toilet fighters without ad popups getting in the way. Now you can spend hours battling across creative toilet arenas like the outhouse oasis or sewage slime pool without a single advert to be seen.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds with the Toilet Fight Mod Menu

In addition to removing ads, the mod also allows for unlimited in-game resources through its built-in mod menu. By accessing the mod menu, which can be done with a single button press at any time, you’re granted infinite coins and diamonds – Toilet Fight’s primary in-game currencies.

With unlimited coins, you’ll never find yourself short on funds to upgrade your toilet tank or purchase new fighter skins. An endless supply of diamonds means you can buy any special attacks or battle passes without ever running low. No more grinding for coins or waiting around for gifts – just dive into endless toilet battles while spending resources freely.

Free Access to All Fighters and Maps

Normally in Toilet Fight, players need to either grind for hours or make expensive in-app purchases to unlock new fighters and expand their map collection.

But this Mod APK ensures free and instant access to the entire roster of over 30 unique toilet tanks as well as every bathroom arena imaginable. From karate kitty fighters to wresting toilet wrestlers, every character is at your disposal from the get-go.

And maps ranging from the bowling alley bathroom to the airplane lavatory can all be battled on without purchasing. Save your real money and unlock the full Toilet Fight experience free of charge with this modified version that provides immediate access to all content.

Mod Menu Allows God Mode and More Custom Options

Beyond removing restrictions and providing infinite resources, the mod menu in this APK also packs several other customization options. Players can enable “God Mode” from the menu, granting them complete immortality making it impossible to lose fights. The mod menu even allows for adjusting stats like damage inflicted, defense strength, and movement speed on the fly.

Want to one-shot opponents or zoom around arenas faster than a jet? It’s fully customizable from the in-game mod options. There’s also a built-in level editor, letting toilet fighters do battle across completely custom maps created right on your device. The mod menu essentially unlocks God-Tier control over every aspect of Toilet Fight.

AD-FREE TOILET FIGHTING: A Description of Removing All Ads

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest annoyances of the default Toilet Fight experience is how aggressively it displays advertisements after every few rounds or when attempting certain actions like opening reward containers. Not only do these advertisements disrupt the fun of battling rivals back and forth across outrageous toilet territories, but they also waste users’ time by forcing lengthy unskippable videos before resuming play.

The Toilet Fight Mod APK thankfully eradicates this problem by thoroughly removing all traces of ads from infiltrating your battle sessions.

Through careful modifications to the game’s core code, this version of Toilet Fight obliterates every single line or function related to advertisement integration and display. This results in an advertising-free environment where you are left blissfully undisturbed to focus solely on the challenges of each raucous restroom rumble.

No longer will a simple reward open prompt an undesired commercial to autoplay – now every potential ad trigger is expertly bypassed, silenced, or straight-up deleted from the game’s programming.

Unlimited Money and Diamonds: IN-DEPTH Modifications Explained

Gaining access to unlimited in-game resources through the mod menu is unquestionably one of the biggest perks of using the Toilet Fight Mod APK. But how exactly does it provide infinite currencies where the default version caps player funds? Let’s take a deeper dive into the technical modifications allowing unlimited coins and diamonds.

Upon loading the modded game, a special code is automatically executed that modifies the core database and economy scripts responsible for tracking player balances of coins and diamonds. Specifically, it locates the variables dictating maximum storage capacities and manually sets these values to infinity or the highest possible integer. Where the regular version might cap coins at 999,999, the mod overrides this to essentially 999999999999 making it effectively unlimited.

Unlocking All Content: How the Mod Grants Instant Access

While removing restrictions and granting infinite wealth improve the overall Toilet Fight experience tremendously, one modification stands above the rest by truly taking things to the next level – the instant unlocking of all fighters and maps from the get-go. This change alone takes a good game and elevates it to whole new realms of endless discovery and variety. But how does the mod imbue new installs with full rosters right off the bat?

Behind-the-scenes, unlock condition checks and prerequisites coded into the base game are cleverly bypassed through additional tweaks. Where unlocking a new character normally requires hitting a level cap or purchasing them, the mod preemptively edits player profiles and internally triggers these unlock criteria as already fulfilled before even launching.

INFINITE MODDING POTENTIAL: Features and Customization

While the major focuses of this mod like removing restrictions and unlocking god modes have been covered in depth, it’s only scratching the surface of its true potential. Buried within the customized code lie endless opportunities for further tweaking experiences to new levels.

Through the conveniently accessible in-game mod menu, players are empowered with control over practically every facet of Toilet Fight combat from stats to spawning variables.

Core statistics like damage, health regeneration, and movement acceleration that normally have set parameters become fully malleable. Want to power up punch damage to 1000% lethal levels? Boost tank speed faster than the flash? It’s just a few taps away. Additional fun options let fighters spawn additional clones of themselves for chaotic 4v4 solo battles or even call in airstrikes!

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