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Toilet Laboratory Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.0.4

Toilet Laboratory
App Name Toilet Laboratory
Latest Version v.1.0.4
Last Updated
Publisher Cabina Game
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 388.15 MB
Mods Unlimited money,
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (361) Votes

4.3 Rating (361 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Gather your skibidist in Toilet Laboratory and head into unique battles!
    • Unlimited money

Endless Plumbing Possibilities with the Toilet Laboratory Mod APK

Welcome to the amazing world of toilet construction and plumbing without limits! With the Toilet Laboratory mod apk, you get unlimited money to build the wildest toilet creations and plumbing systems imaginable.

Whether you want to construct the most outlandish toilet designs ever seen or set up the most elaborate underground plumbing networks to transport waste, this mod gives you the financial freedom to realize any toilet vision.

Unleash Your Inner Plumbing Engineer

As a plumbing engineer in the Toilet Laboratory game, your job is to design and build innovative toilet systems. However, the default version limits how ambitious your projects can be due to limited funds. This is where the Toilet Laboratory mod apk with unlimited money comes in.

With endless cash at your disposal, you can spend without worry on building cutting-edge toilets, installing miles of piping, and more. Become the top toilet technology pioneer by unleashing your most imaginative plumbing ideas.

Design Dream Toilets Without Budget Constraints

One of the most exciting parts of playing Toilet Laboratory is experimenting with innovative toilet designs. However, creating truly one-of-a-kind toilet masterpieces can be difficult when funds are low. Not any more thanks to this modified version! With unlimited money, the possibilities for unique toilet designs are limitless.

Want a toilet made entirely of gold or platinum? No problem. How about a toilet the size of a house or one shaped like your favorite animal? Your wildest toilet dreams can now become a reality.

Build Sprawling Underground Plumbing Networks

In addition to focusing on toilet design, players also enjoy spending time developing elaborate underground sewer and piping systems. The default budget makes expanding these plumbing networks beyond a certain point quite challenging.

But with unlimited funds, you have all the money needed to lay miles upon miles of pipes. Design incredibly complex piping that transports waste across cities and between islands. Create massive pipe intersections and junctions. Build enormous pump stations and treatment facilities. Your plumbing visions can reach greater heights than ever before!

Mod Features – Unlimited Money

This mod for Toilet Laboratory provides one crucial feature – unlimited money. Here’s a deeper look:

Unlimited Funds for Toilet Building

Never worry about going broke designing extravagant toilets again. With an endless cash flow, spend without limits crafting toilets made from rare materials, gigantic in size, or creative shapes.

Money No Object for Piping Projects

Creating impressive underground piping schemes that spread throughout cities is very expensive. This mod removes all financial restrictions so you can lay as many miles of pipes as your plumbing mind can imagine.

Infinite Possibilities for Wastewater Networks

Build colossal pump stations, treatment plants, and more with zero concern for costs. Construct piping on a massive scale that travels between regions without money holding you back.

Unlimited Potential for Innovation

Don’t let lack of funds stifle your innovative toilet and plumbing ideas. This mod unleashes your engineering potential by making money a non-issue so you can push boundaries.

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  • Tutorial + bag fix

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