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Tomb of the Mask Mod APK Unlocked Mod Menu v1.17.0

Tomb of the Mask
App Name Tomb of the Mask
Latest Version v.1.17.0
Last Updated
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 64 MB
Mods Unlocked, Mod Menu
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (718) Votes

4.5 Rating (718 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Addictive tomb labyrinth. Time limit and lava are advancing — go only up!
    • Unlocked
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Coins
    • All Masks Unlocked
    • no ads
    • all levels unlocked
    • unlimited energy
    • premium unlocked
    • god mode
    • free shopping

Tomb of the Mask Mod APK: A Treasure Trove of Unlocked and Modded Features

Explore the infinite possibilities of the Tomb of the Mask adventure with the modded mod APK version. While the original game offers an enjoyable tomb raiding experience, the modded mod allows players to truly unleash their inner explorer.

With all features and upgrades accessible from the start, you can focus solely on discovering ancient secrets without restrictions. Let’s take a deeper look at what this Mod APK version has to offer longtime fans and new players alike.

Unlimited Access to the Mod Menu

One of the first things players will notice after installing the Tomb of the Mask Mod APK is the availability of an unlocked Mod Menu. Here, you can freely enable a wide assortment of mods and cheat codes to customize your game experience exactly how you want.

Options include unlocking all masks, granting unlimited coins and energy, activating God Mode for invincibility, and so much more. Whether going for 100% completion or seeking an easier power trip, the Mod Menu provides complete control over your saved file. Have fun experimenting and taking full advantage of all the menu’s modded features!

All Masks Unlocked from the Start

collecting masks is a core part of normal Tomb of the Mask gameplay. By finding them hidden throughout each level, players can gain valuable abilities that make tomb exploration and combat easier. However, with the modded APK, all masks are conveniently unlocked right from the start.

This saves hours of searching and allows you to focus on actual raiding instead of hunting for collectibles. Now you can use any mask at any time to gain access to previously inaccessible areas or dispatch enemies with enhanced magic powers. Truly experience the full scope of tombs with every ability available immediately.

No Ads or Energy Restrictions

One of the more annoying aspects of many free mobile games is having to watch ads or deal with energy systems that limit playtime. Thankfully, the modded version removes both of these limitations, letting players fully immerse themselves in tomb exploration anytime without interruptions.

No longer will you have to wait around for energy to refill or be forcibly removed from levels to watch advertisements? Now you can raid continuously for hours on end, mastering every tomb’s secrets without artificial barriers holding you back. Fully lose yourself in this modded experience free of distractions.

All Levels and Purchasable Items Unlocked

In the standard version, progressing through each of Tomb of the Mask’s levels and unlocking new purchasable items requires either playing through them normally or using in-game currencies. However, the Mod APK conveniently unlocks immediate access to every single level and purchasable item right away.

Players can now freely enjoy any tomb’s perilous depths from the outset without restrictions. In addition, all treasures, weapons, armor, and other special loot found in the shop can now be purchased instantly. You no longer need to advance linearly or grind for currency. With full mod access, leap straight into conquering even the toughest tombs.

Infinite Coins and Energy with God Mode

Two additional fantastic unlocked features include unlimited coins and energy as well as invincibility via God Mode. Never again spend time or real money trying to replenish necessary resources like coins or collecting more energy just to keep exploring. With infinite amounts available, you can now purchase anything without limits or freely tackle levels whenever desired.

To make tomb delving even more exciting, God Mode provides absolute invulnerability to any harm that may come in ancient burial sites. Now nothing stands between you and total mastery over each level. Coupled with other great unlockables, experience near complete dominion over the Tomb of the Mask mod experience.

Free Shopping Without Currency Limits

Closely tied to infinite coins and all items unlocked is free shopping without limits or microtransactions. Previously purchased loot like masks, weapons, armor, stat boosts, and consumables are now available for no cost whatsoever. Items once requiring 1000s of coins can now be obtained immediately without a single currency spent.

Have fun improving your character precisely how you wish with anything the shop holds. Give your explorer superhuman attributes via stacked stat boosts or go all out with rare and legendary-grade armaments. Build the ultimate tomb raider freely and focus solely on actual adventuring instead of grinding.

Experience the True Depth of Tombs without Restriction

By now it should be clear – the Tomb of the Mask Mod APK tears down any barriers standing between players and total access. Never again will levels, ads, purchases, or gameplay systems like energy or currency stop you from experiencing tomb depths to their utmost fullest.

Fully optimize your character exactly how you envision and push them to see just how challenging hidden places can become. With every unlockable available from the very start through the unlocked mod menu, now tomb raiding in all its glory awaits without compromise. Face puzzles, traps, and lethal foes without limits on what’s possible. True archaeological buffets rejoice – this is tomb exploration taken to its purest form through total mod access.

Customize Your Experience to the Extreme

In addition to the fantastic features already discussed, the Mod Menu takes customization further by allowing players to freely alter core gameplay stats through numerous additional mods. Boost experience gains, health points, mana, damage output, luck, and more to godly levels for unstoppable prowess.

Slow down or speed up time itself as desired. Alternatively, enable a peaceful mode where enemies don’t appear at all to allow unimpeded relaxing exploration. Teleport instantly between tombs and levels for fast and easy access, ignoring linear advancements.

The possibilities are virtually endless to shape your tomb raiding precisely according to preference. Experience Tomb of the Mask the way you envision – fully customized and optimized through the unlocked mod menu.

Embark on a Journey of Unlimited Discovery and Adventure

In conclusion, this modded Mod APK opens the floodgates to true unrestricted tomb raiding unlike the standard version could offer. Now players of any skill level or dedication can experience every aspect of the well-crafted Tomb of the Mask gameplay without concern. Immerse yourself in richly detailed underground locales bursting with hidden mysteries to uncover.

Delve into even the most lethal burial sites without fear of failure or barriers keeping you from enjoying every inch. This Mod APK at last provides the means to freely adventure without arbitrary limits. So download it now and begin your endless journey into an infinite treasure trove of modded features awaiting ancient tombs.

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  • UPDATE 17: MASKS REVEAL: Take on a quest to overcome obstacles and conquer challenges with a diverse collection of masks! Each mask comes with special abilities that will help you express your individuality and triumph over adversaries. RIO CARNIVAL EVENT: Join the festivities and feel the spirit of vibrant Rio Carnival in our exclusive event! Unlock exclusive masks, engage in exciting quests, and get special rewards.

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