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Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK Unlimited Money v9.9.4

Truck Simulator USA Revolution
App Name Truck Simulator USA Revolution
Latest Version v.9.9.4
Last Updated
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 764 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (385) Votes

4.1 Rating (385 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Drive Across America, play Truck Simulator USA!
    • Unlimited money
    • Unlocked

Truck Simulator USA Revolution: All Your Dreams Behind The Wheel Made Possible

Truck Simulator USA Revolution is one of the most immersive and enjoyable truck driving games available on Android. As a player, you get to experience the feeling of what it’s truly like to be a professional trucker transporting various types of cargo across the vast, open roads of America.

However, without the right mods, fully living out your trucking dreams can be limited. That’s where the Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK comes in.

Endless Riches Await With Unlimited Money

One of the most exciting mod features available in the Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is unlimited money. As a trucker, money is essential for growing your business, upgrading your trucks, and taking on bigger hauling contracts that require more expensive equipment.

However, earning money in the standard version of the game can be a grind that requires hours of repetitive deliveries just to afford basic upgrades. With this mod’s unlimited money activated, all financial restrictions are removed. You’ll instantly have millions to spend on whatever your trucking heart desires.

Purchase The Largest and Most Powerful Trucks

With unlimited funds thanks to the mod, you can fully customize your trucking fleet with the biggest and worst rigs on the open road. Go all out and invest in the highest-tier Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, or Volvo tractor that can haul the heaviest loads cross-country without struggling.

Give them massive engines customized for power and fuel efficiency. Max out upgrades like sleeper bunks, refrigeration units, and cargo capacities so nothing is out of your truck’s handling capabilities. You’ll have the rolling fortress fleet that other drivers can only dream of owning.

Unlock All Maps and Destinations

Part of progressing in Truck Simulator USA Revolution normally involves unlocking new states and cities through gameplay. But who has time for that when you want to live out your dreams of trucking coast-to-coast immediately? This mod grants full access to the entire expansive map from the start.

Drive seamlessly from bustling cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York to wide-open rural landscapes crossing Idaho, Iowa, and Wyoming. Make deliveries to anywhere within the USA without annoying map restrictions getting in your way. Experience the ultimate trucking road trip.

Constant High-Paying Jobs Whenever You Want

With all locations and goods unlocked, you’ll have an enormous variety of high-paying cargo delivery contracts to choose from. However, without modding, jobs can take time to become available after completion. This wastes precious minutes you could be spending behind the wheel.

Thanks to the Unlimited Money mod, cargo jobs will constantly refresh and become instantly available whenever you finish one. Earn huge payouts rapidly by always having new long-haul contracts lined up one after another without delay. Maximize your profits and trucking fun per hour played.

Premium Upgrades and Services at No Cost

Certain premium upgrades, services, and features in Truck Simulator USA Revolution usually require real money payments. This includes things like additional customization options, performance boosts, and quality-of-life perks. While some players don’t mind the spending, others prefer to save real funds and mod instead.

This mod bypasses all premium restrictions, essentially giving you a “Pro Membership” for unlimited time at no charge. Fully upgrade your trucking experience without spending a single cent. It’s like a VIP Pass for mods.

Unlocked Gameplay With No Limits

Beyond financial and map restrictions being removed, the mod also unlocks full access to every feature within Truck Simulator USA Revolution to experience unrestricted gameplay. That means no limits on things like the number of trucks owned, amount of upgrades installed, the size of the hired driver fleet, and more.

Play with absolutely zero boundaries holding you back from living out your ultimate trucking empire dreams. Max out your in-game progression and have unlimited control over your custom rigs and company operations.

Live Your Trucking Fantasies To The Fullest

For those who enjoy realistic truck simulators but want accelerated freedom to indulge their fantasies of trucking success, the Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is a perfect choice.

With unlimited money granting endless resources, every locked location and job instantly open, plus complete removal of all other gameplay restrictions – it finally makes living out your dreams as an over-the-road trucking magnate utterly achievable.

Endless Possibilities With Unlimited Funds

Let’s further explore some of the endless possibilities that come with having unlimited money courtesy of this mod. First, we’ll look more into maximizing your trucking fleet’s capabilities.

Customizing Your Rolling Fortress Fleet

As mentioned earlier, unlimited money means you can personally customize the largest and most advanced trucks on the market. Here are some exciting upgrade routes to explore:

Engine Upgrades

Install the most powerful available engines from Cummins, Caterpillar, or Detroit with expanded fuel tanks for extended range between fills.

Aero Upgrades

Add lower-profile hoods/bumpers, sleek side skirts, and aerodynamic rear chassis caps for improved gas mileage at highway speeds.

Appearance Upgrades

Fully deck out your custom rigs with customized paint jobs, decals, exhaust polish, and more to make a visual statement down the highway.

 Braking Systems

Upgrade to top-tier air brakes, trailer brake controllers, and other braking safety components for assured stopping power, even while hauling maximum loads.

Suspension Upgrades

Soften or stiffen suspensions based on preferences, and add rear stabilizers/lift kits for improved handling of heavy cargo loads.

Electronics Upgrades

Install the latest driver assists like sensors, backup cameras, navigation, gauges, and diagnostic monitoring systems for increased convenience and safety.

 Interior Upgrades

Trick out sleeper cabs with king-sized memory foam beds, home theater systems, mini-fridges, and all the comforts of home on the go.

Cargo Systems Upgrades

Add premium aftermarket tarps, roll-up doors, loading ramps, tie-downs, and other specialized components to handle unique cargo securely.

The opportunities are endless thanks to unlimited funds. Build a true tractor “super fleet” with every bell, whistle, and safety feature to tackle the toughest coast-to-coast hauls in style and comfort.

Expanding Your Trucking Empire

Once you have a fleet of custom big-rig monsters, it’s time to grow the operations behind them. Here’s how unlimited money allows expanding your trucking empire to new heights:

Hiring Premium Driver Teams

To keep runs moving constantly, hire the best professional drivers to crew additional personal trucks in your fleet. Higher-tier drivers get bigger signing bonuses, have greater skills, and boost your company’s reputation/profits with reliable work. Always have multiple rigs on the road making bank simultaneously.

Purchasing Larger Garage Facilities

Outgrow basic garages quickly with unlimited funds. Purchase multi-bay shop facilities fitted with hydraulic lifts, oil drain pits, truck wash stations, driver lounges, and more. Properly service and maintain your huge fleet with expanded infrastructure.

Buying Truck Dealerships

Earn passive income by using cash to take over existing local Peterbilt or Mack dealerships. Sell maintenance/upgrades to other drivers while your lots showcase your custom work. Diversify beyond active hauling operations.

Opening Dispatch Offices Nationwide

Coordinate coast-to-coast operations from satellite dispatch hubs in every major city and region. Connect drivers to nearby loads efficiently to maximize your transportation network’s productivity and capacity.

Investing in Specialized Cargo Trailers

Expand your business beyond dry van trailers. Purchase livestock carriers, car haulers, tanker transports, off-road equipment trailers, and other specialized rolling stock tailored for unique freight opportunities.

With unlimited potential for growth, the skies truly become the limit for empire-building aficionados. Expand your operations until you fully dominate the wide-open American trucking industry landscape.

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