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Unified Remote Full APK Full Version v3.22.3

Unified Remote Full
App Name Unified Remote Full
Latest Version v.3.22.3
Last Updated
Publisher Unified Intents
Category Apps Apps
Size 8 MB
Mods Full Version
Google Playstore

4.8 Rating (303) Votes

4.8 Rating (303 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Unified Remote Full APK allows you to control any device on your network like a PC, smart TV, or set-top box from your phone with complete remote functionality. This modded APK removes all limitations and gives full access to advanced remote features without advertisements or in-app purchases.

Unified Remote Full APK: Your All-in-One Smart Home Controller

If you’re looking for a single solution to control all your smart home devices no matter where you are, Unified Remote Full APK could be the best app for you. It allows remote operating your PC, media boxes, smart TVs, and more directly from your phone. With over 10 million users enjoying its powerful smart home utility, let’s explore its fully unlocked features.

In today’s interconnected world where nearly every appliance and electronic is a smart device, having centralized control becomes essential for a seamless home experience. This is where Unified Remote Full APK excels by serving as a single intuitive interface to instantly manage every aspect of your smart home setup through a single tap. With its fully unlocked feature set granting complete customization and zero restrictions, it transforms ordinary phones into powerful universal remotes capable of handling all smart home tasks.

Whether remotely accessing home multimedia systems for live entertainment or checking in on security cameras for peace of mind when away, Unified Remote Full APK satisfies every smart home requirement with its robust feature set. With advanced capabilities like robust macros, native device templates and bleeding-edge integration standards, even most demanding power users can script routines limited only by their imagination. Its modded nature also ensures constant updates for life without payments maintaining lifetime seamless control. In short, Unified Remote Full APK establishes itself as a true one-click genius making even complex smart homes controllable with effortless simplicity.

Full PC remote control

One of the most impressive features of Unified Remote is its ability to transform your Android device into a powerful wireless remote for your Windows or Mac computer. The Full APK version gives complete access to control every aspect of your PC- from launching apps and managing files to remotely accessing browsers and sending keyboard/mouse functions. Now watch videos, attend online classes, or remotely work comfortably from your phone or tablet using your PC from anywhere in your home network range.

Native smart TV control

Rather than searching for your lost TV remote, use your phone as the ultimate universal remote control for all your smart TVs, streaming devices, and media boxes with Unified Remote’s Full Version. It provides official native remote layouts for 1-click control of popular TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and streaming platforms including Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. Skip through channels, manage volume, and playback control, and navigate seamlessly like a dedicated remote all from your phone itself!

Advanced home automation

The Full APK version takes smart home integration a step further. Besides basic remote functions, its powerful API allows controlling various smart home products like cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, and IoT appliances. Trigger elaborate automated rules and scenes, monitor multiple security cameras simultaneously, or control other smart devices remotely with just a tap from the comfort of your couch. Advanced home automation is truly taken to new heights with its robust connectivity options.

Full customizability

While the basic app limits customization, this Full mod unlocks fully editable remote layout features. Reorganize buttons, change button sizes, and define custom tap actions and long-press functions to precisely tailor remotes according to your needs and room layouts. Experiment with different themes, skins, and widgets for the perfect setup controlling all your smart products seamlessly from any room in your home with just your phone!

Completely Ad-Free experience

What’s more annoying than intrusive ads interrupting your experience while remotely using devices? The Full APK version removes all ads ensuring immersive distraction-free control. Now surf countless live TV channels, access files across network drives, or manage smart security cameras on a single interface without irritating pop-ups getting in the way thanks to its completely pure ad-free experience.

In-App purchase bypass

Many key remote templates and advanced features in the free version are locked behind paywalls but not anymore with Unified Remote Full APK. All remote templates, customization options, and premium features are fully accessible without a single cent! Now create personalized remote layouts and enjoy complete control over all your smart home and multimedia setup at zero additional cost.

Always Updated Version

With constant updates requiring new purchases or in-app payments that stop functionality, many modded apps fail to keep up. But with a dedicated developer community committed to frequent stable releases, Unified Remote Full APK always remains up to date. Stay ahead of remote interface changes, allowing continued seamless usage of the latest firmware for all your connected devices.

Advanced Macros

Power users love how this Full version unlocks macro capabilities for advanced automation beyond basic remote functions. Program multi-step actions, create triggers based on time, location, and events plus simulate key combinations with ease for incredibly robust integration options limited only by your imagination! Program# Macros to turn on your smart coffee maker every morning or spread holiday cheer with synchronized light shows etc.

Private usage data

Unlike regular versions collecting analytics, Unified Remote in its modded variant ensures utmost privacy. With no trackers or usage metrics logged, you can remotely access files, monitor live security feeds, or bring up private browser windows freely without worrying about some corporation or hackers profiling your actions. Enjoy complete reassurance while remotely accessing sensitive connected devices and networks!

Anti detection protocols

Advanced obfuscation allows it to seamlessly integrate while avoiding detection by original developers. Its stealth custom protocols prevent any hindrances maintaining smooth continued functionality alongside constant security and feature updates for all your advanced remote needs.

In closing, Unified Remote Full APK emerges as the one-stop smart home control center on your phone. By unlocking seamless freedom to access and automate every device on your whole smart home network, it serves as the ultimate smart home assistant truly opening limitless remote possibilities right from your pocket! This exceptionally dedicated development community ensures the experience remains cutting-edge for life with frequent releases.

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  • Updated Android compatibility

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