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Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money v3.1.2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2
App Name Vegas Crime Simulator 2
Latest Version v.3.1.2
Last Updated
Publisher Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 133 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Sufficient currency and skill points, Unlimited Gems  
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4.3 Rating (374) Votes

4.3 Rating (374 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Live, fight, die in Vegas: become the most famous gangster ever in crime history
    • Unlimited money
    • Sufficient currency and skill points
    • Unlimited Gems

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is one of the most downloaded and played crime simulation games on both Android and iOS platforms. Players take on the role of a criminal in the city of Las Vegas and work their way up the crime ladder by completing various illegal missions and objectives. With its realistic open-world environment set in a digitized version of the iconic Las Vegas strip, the game provides endless fun and excitement for those interested in the criminal underground lifestyle.

While the original game offers an engaging experience, certain limitations like limited money and grindy gameplay hold many players back from fully enjoying everything it has to offer.

This is where the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK comes in by removing these restrictive elements and empowering players with ultimate resources and freedom. Keep reading to learn all about the immense benefits of playing with this modded version!

Unlimited Money: Obtain All the Cash You’ll Ever Need

By far the most valuable addition of the mod is providing players with unlimited money. In the original game, funds are a constant struggle as every illegal activity and purchase uses up precious dollars. This forces many to either grind low-paying missions for hours or make irritating in-app purchases. With the mod’s unlimited money feature, all financial worries and limitations are removed from the game.

Players can now instantly afford anything their criminal heart desires without ever running out of cash. Want to purchase the most expensive illegal weapons, vehicles, or properties in the game? No problem, money is no object. Need to bribe cops or pay off debts? Unlimited funds mean these obstacles no longer stand in the way.

Essentially, this mod gives the independence and freedom to truly roleplay as a wealthy Vegas crime boss without restrictions. Money will never be an issue again and the entire criminal empire can be built up without hassles.

Sufficient Currency and Skill Points to Dominate Las Vegas

In addition to removing money walls, the mod makes another valuable change by providing players with sufficient amounts of both currency and skill points from the very start. In the original Vegas Crime Simulator 2, these two important resources must be slowly earned through normal gameplay. However, this grind often acts as another roadblock preventing users from swiftly jumping into more advanced missions and activities.

By blessing accounts with a high stockpile of currency and skill points right from the beginning, this modded APK solves that problem. Now there is no lengthy process needed to level up skills. Instead, users can use their already maxed-out skill trees to immediately pull off complex heists, fights, and more.

They gain full access to all gameplay abilities and can focus fully on living out their criminal fantasies without pesky leveling limits. With wealth, skills, and powers maximized from the start, true Vegas domination can at last be achieved.

Unlimited Precious Gems for Crafting and Upgrades

One final addition further enhances the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 experience – unlimited gems. In the standard game, gems are a premium currency that can only be obtained slowly or through expensive microtransactions. They are essential for crafting powerful weapons and items, upgrading vehicles, buying new costumes, and more. But with their limited availability, many players found themselves stuck, unable to further progress their character without spending extra money for gems.

That frustration disappears completely thanks to the mod’s unlimited gem implementation. Now gems are as plentiful as cash, meaning every single resource and upgrade is permanently within reach. Players gain the ability to fully customize their character’s arsenal and aesthetics without being held back by gem shortages.

Their criminal can truly be molded into the most feared and well-equipped gangster Las Vegas has ever seen. Between infinite funds, skills, and crafting materials, nothing can stop them from absolute rule over the city’s underworld.

Fame, Respect, and Notoriety Through Major Crime Sprees

To make the most of these enhanced abilities and truly live up to their ambitions of Vegas supremacy, players will want to partake in a wide variety of major illegal operations and activities using their new unlimited perks. Here are just a few suggestions for criminal endeavors that are now simpler than ever with mod support:

Rob Every Bank and Jewelry Store

With unbreakable wealth and upgraded gear, bank heists and smashing jewelry shop safes can provide huge fame boosts for minimal effort. Stockpile millions while cementing your outlaw reputation.

Dominate Illegal Racing Scenes

Purchase the rarest and fastest modded sports cars money can buy. Use these hyper vehicles to win every street race and come out on top of the underground racing circuits.

Rule the Drug Trade

Craft or buy the strongest illegal drugs in bulk. Then distribute inventory across the city to control the narcotics industry. Bribe cops generously to ensure law enforcement turns a blind eye to operations.

Terrorize Rival Gangs

With maxed-out combat skills and the ability to buy any weapon on a whim, systematically eliminate all rival crime bosses and take their territories under your command. No underworld organization can challenge sheer power and violence.

Ruthlessly Expand Empire

Once sitting at the throne of Vegas crime, expand the reach of illegal activities into other cities through a mix of fearsome tactics, ally recruitment, and economic domination. Build an interstate criminal network that answers only to you.

With such monumental mayhem, all made possible thanks to unlimited resources from this Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod, users can truly live out their most badass criminal fantasies. They become the most notorious and prosperous crime lords the streets of Las Vegas – or beyond – have ever known. Total control, money, respect, and chaos are now theirs for the taking without restriction.

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