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Vehicle Masters Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.0.28

Vehicle Masters
App Name Vehicle Masters
Latest Version v.1.0.28
Last Updated
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 178 MB
Mods Unlimited money, no ads, all cars unlocked
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (932) Votes

4.2 Rating (932 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Dig deep into a huge collection of vehicles and driving situations
    • Unlimited money
    • no ads
    • all cars unlocked

Unleash Your Inner Racing Champion with Vehicle Masters Mod

Vehicle Masters is one of the most popular racing games on Android, known for its realistic graphics, huge collection of licensed vehicles, and dynamic multiplayer racing gameplay.

However, the default free-to-play version of the game limits your abilities by constantly bombarding you with ads and making you grind for hours to earn enough in-game money to customize your rides. Not anymore with the Vehicle Masters Mod APK!

With the modded unlimited money APK, you can now achieve racing glory without any restrictions. Say goodbye to ads forever and hello to an endless flow of cash to fuel your vehicle mastery journey. Scroll down to learn more about how the mod unlocks the true unlimited potential of Vehicle Masters.

An Endless Supply of In-Game Money at Your Fingertips

One of the biggest annoyances of the original Vehicle Masters game is how stingy it is with distributing money. You average around $1000-$2000 for each race, which doesn’t even come close to customizing a single high-end vehicle, let alone purchasing all the top-tier rides. With the mod, this problem vanishes, as it grants you a never-ending money pool in the millions.

Now you don’t have to worry about funds while kitting out your dream build. Go crazy adding every turbo, spoiler, neon light, and nitrous upgrade without a second thought of the cash cost.

You even get a constant money refill during races, so the balance never decreases regardless of how much you spend. Essentially, money is no object thanks to the unlimited funds unlocked by the mod.

Races are fully customized garages without ever seeing another ad again or grinding for hours on end. Welcome to vehicular paradise!

No More Pesky Ads Blocking Your Races

Another annoying part of the regular Vehicle Masters experience is how frequently ads interrupt your gameplay. After every 2-3 races, you are bombarded by a video you must watch to continue playing. This breaks your immersion and wastes precious time that could be spent customizing rides or competing online.

The mod does away with this frustration once and for all by completely removing ads from the game. Now you can binge hours of races, tuning sessions, and multiplayer matches ad-free. Focus solely on the joy of vehicle mastery without unwanted popup windows derailing your fun. Say goodbye to those intrusive ads getting in the way of your racing bliss forever with this simple mod!

No Longer a Need to Unlock Vehicles

In the non-modded game, earning enough money to buy new cars is a slow, grinding process. Not only that, but many high-performance rides require reaching certain user levels before they can even be purchased. This puts unnecessary restrictions on players who want to experience Vehicle Masters to its fullest straight away.

With this mod installed, every single vehicle – from basic economy compacts to futuristic concept hypercars – is automatically unlocked right from the start. Browse the massive dealership selection without any locked icons getting in your way.

Jump into dream machines like the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, or Mercedes Project One straight away rather than having to put in dozens of hours to gradually earn them. Feel like a true gearhead with a limitless lineup of motorized metal at your command.

Take Your Rides to the Next Level With Vehicle Masters Mod Unlocked Mods

Beyond providing infinite funds and removing ads and locks, the mod also unlocks a suite of special mod options normally hidden away or requiring real money purchases. Transform your rides like never before with these extra features:

Access to all Performance Upgrades from the Start

The baseline mod already provides fully built garages. But you can dial things up to 11 by applying the modded “Performance Plus” upgrade pack to any car. This bundle includes maxed-out levels of every modification from engines and transmissions to nitrous systems and cosmetic customizations.

See how insanely fast your dream cars can get with all sliders cranked to the maximum! Going this upgraded route turns your vehicles into unstoppable machines handling like they are glued to the asphalt.

Apply Custom Liveries and Wraps from the Massive Modded Selection

Normally applying custom wraps and liveries requires either making your own using the limited in-game tools or spending the real money on preset packs. But with Vehicle Masters Mod, you gain access to thousands of community-made wraps for all vehicles spanning genres from simple color changes to insane anime and meme designs.

Choose the perfect wrap to reflect your personality or favorite franchise. Experiment with endless wild styles without restrictions or microtransactions. Stand out from the crowd online with the coolest custom-wrapped rides around!

Equip your Vehicles with Custom Neon Lighting Effects

Bring your cars’ nighttime and indoor lighting to the next level with modded Neon Palette options. Normally only basic neon designs can be added, but with this mod unlocked over a hundred neon kits are at your disposal featuring complex light patterns, flowing animations, and bright futuristic vibes.

Make jaw-dropping neon under glow, exhaust, dashboard, or wheel lighting setups to mesmerize other players online. Take night driving immersion to a whole new dimension under a neon glow. Express yourself visually while boosting performance with sleek neon accents at no extra cost.

Race Your Way to Online Domination with Modded Perks

Beyond achieving vehicular mastery yourself, the Vehicle Masters Mod unlocks abilities to truly dominate multiplayer rivals as well:

Access Modded “Battle Boosts” for Extra Edge in Races

Activate modded performance enhancers before starting matchmade races and events. “Battle Boosts” like permanent Nitrous give you unfair handling advantages over stock vehicles to guarantee victories. Modded stats boosts in acceleration, top speed and cornering ability paired with infinite money means racing glory is yours alone!

Equip Modded Visual Effects to Intimidate Opponents

Install spectacle-grade light shows on your vehicles to psych out other players. Firework launchers, plasma cannons and neon vortex special effects crank distraction and disorientation to the max for easy overtakes. With modded customization this wild, other players won’t know where to look while you cruise to first every time.

 Gain an Unfair Ranking Advantage with Modded Levels and Stats

Use mod menus to rapidly raise your player rank, XP gains, and custom score multipliers at will. Max out all categories instantly to receive an endless stream of loot crates, rare cars, and bragging rights in stats leaderboards that can never be caught up to normally. With levels and scores this inflated, you are truly the most legendary racer around for all to see!

Racing Paradise Awaits with Vehicle Masters Mod Unlimited Money!

In summary, the Vehicle Masters Mod APK provides a whole new gaming experience beyond what is possible in the standard free-to-play racing game. Enjoy racing bliss without restrictions, ads, or grind by unleashing truly unlimited customization and multipliers.

Become the ultimate gearhead by experiencing every licensed vehicle straight away with maxed mods and performance. Then show off online as king of the track through competitive domination tools and spectacles only possible through modding.

Vehicle Masters elevates from a good racing game into a vehicular paradise without equal thanks to this effortlessly easy mod. Achieve maximum driving joy straight away – so what are you waiting for, download this modded APK today to begin your racing journey without limits!

Download Vehicle Masters Mod APK Android

  • - more new levels! - bug fixes for you to keep driving safely!

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