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4.7 Rating (162 Votes )
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The WhatWeather Pro APK provides advanced weather forecasting tools for any location with a fully customizable widget and home screen experience. This paid version of the popular WhatWeather app unlocks additional features like accurate minute-by-minute forecasts, geo-location-based severe weather alerts, and customizable notification schedules. With WhatWeather Pro, users have ultimate control over their weather experience on Android.

WhatWeather Pro: Advanced Weather Forecasting Tools

WhatWeather is one of the most popular weather apps on Android, known for its accurate forecasts and beautiful widgets. The Pro version takes everything users love about WhatWeather and scales it up with pro-level features. With WhatWeather Pro, users gain access to hyperlocal forecasts updated every minute, customizable widgets and home screens, and alerts tailored exactly to their needs and location.

Minute-by-Minute Forecasts for Any Location

One of the standout features of WhatWeather Pro is its minute-by-minute forecasts. While free weather apps typically only show hourly forecasts, WhatWeather Pro goes into granular detail by predicting conditions every single minute for up to 48 hours into the future. This level of precision is useful for planning activities with a tight schedule or for monitoring rapidly changing weather systems. Users can view these minute-by-minute forecasts for their current location or any other place in the world.

Geo-Location Based Severe Weather Alerts

Staying safe during severe weather requires getting warned in time. WhatWeather Pro takes the guesswork out with intelligent alerts based on a user’s precise geolocation. The app monitors for dangers like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, and more using advanced radar and will send push notifications only for alerts that impact the user’s area. This hyper-targeted approach avoids alert fatigue from irrelevant warnings.

Completely Customizable Widgets and Home Screens

One of the standout features of WhatWeather is its beautiful widgets with live updating forecasts and conditions. With WhatWeather Pro, users gain ultimate power to fully customize these widgets as well as design their own home screen experience. Options include choosing from multiple widget sizes, transparency levels, color themes, and home screen layouts. Widgets can also be set to automatically switch between day and night designs. This level of customization creates a beautifully integrated weather experience tailored exactly to each user.

Notification Scheduling for Any Location

Staying on top of the weather means more than just forecasts – it’s getting reminded proactively. WhatWeather Pro allows setting customized notification schedules for minute-by-minute forecasts, severe weather alerts, and more across multiple locations. Schedules can be set to deliver notifications regularly like every 3 hours or only during certain conditions. Notifications can be scheduled for a current location as well as other saved places. This ensures timely weather updates without constant app opening.

Offline Maps & Forecasts

Even without an internet connection, WhatWeather Pro keeps users in the know. The app allows fully downloading high-resolution offline maps along with 7-day forecasts for any location globally. Saved maps remain cached for 365 days and saved forecasts are accessible for 30 days without internet. This is ideal for travel, commutes through low-signal areas, or weather emergencies that impact cellular and WiFi services. Users can continue getting reliable forecasts while offline.

Cross-Platform Synchronization

Weather affects everyone so it’s important for families and teams to stay on the same page. WhatWeather Pro supports seamless synchronization between all linked Android and iOS devices. Simply logging into the same account on any phone or tablet instantly syncs saved locations, forecast preferences, widgets, and more. This allows easily checking forecasts anywhere without setup. Families in different households or teammates on various devices can collaborate better with a shared weather perspective.

Forecasts for Any Location on Earth

Freedom means having weather forecasts wherever curiosity leads. WhatWeather Pro breaks geographic barriers by providing accurate minute-by-minute forecasts for any place defined by address, city, state, or latitude/longitude globally. Users can save unlimited favorite locations to their accounts. Whether researching upcoming destinations, tracking hurricanes, or checking on faraway families – WhatWeather makes worldwide weather accessible at your fingertips.

Extreme Weather Monitoring Tools

Some weather threats require serious monitoring. WhatWeather Pro equips users with tracking extreme conditions with pro-level tools. Advanced radar shows high-resolution reflectivity overlays, storm attributes, and movement. Charts visualize pressure trends, temperature graphs, and more over time. These tools help weather hobbyists, emergency responders, and meteorologists pinpoint developing dangers. Available worldwide radar and historical records spanning over a decade provide robust databanks for analysis.

Modded Customization and Theming

While the basic Pro version of WhatWeather packs essential features, power users crave full control. Through Xposed Modules and Substratum themes, WhatWeather exposes every aspect of its interface and data sources for deep customization. Modders can tweak color palettes, font styles, animation speeds, widget formats, and even alter raw weather data sources. Themes from popular modders in communities like XDA-Developers allow the transformation of WhatWeather into unique personalized interfaces. Developers can even overlay additional metrics like UV indexes or pollen counts. There is no limit to creative custom weather experiences.

Hyper-Localized Hyperlocal Forecasts

WhatWeather’s signature ultra-precise forecasts now reach an unprecedented level of resolution with community-driven hyperlocal data sources. In addition to standard forecasts available worldwide down to the street level, Hyperlocal editions provide minute-by-minute details specific to exact neighborhoods, parks, or microclimates through collaboration with trusted weather stations, buoys, and even personal hobbyist sensor networks. Data partnerships especially cover densely populated coastlines, cities, mountain ranges, and other microclimate hotspots for unbeatable neighborhood-scale precision. Options are continuously expanding through open data initiatives.

Weather Graphics and Imagery

Beyond just raw metrics, WhatWeather delivers contextually relevant weather graphics, radar animations, geo-tagged photos from worldwide storm spotters, and explanatory videos. Learning about the science and patterns behind weather systems is educational and fascinating. Current graphics present conditions visually – from high-resolution satellite imagery and timelapse cloud videos to ground perspective photos of falling hail or rip currents. Historical archives provide access to weather events organized by date back over a decade for research or nostalgia. Imagery brings forecast abstracts to life immersively.

Mod Features

As one of the most popular and moddable weather apps, WhatWeather continues welcoming modding innovations from its passionate developer community. XDA subforums house threads for developers to collaborate, troubleshoot, and distribute mods for things like alternate data sources with hyper-granular hyperlocal forecasts beyond standard forecasts available worldwide down to the street level. Modders also implement custom APIs like OWM or DarkSky alternative forecasts, new widgets, fully themeable Material You redesigns, and more. WhatWeather aims to provide robust mod support and work directly with developers to help integrate mods seamlessly as official add-ons. There is no limit to creative weather experiences possible through this modding ecosystem.

Focus on Mod Features

As one of the most popular moddable apps, WhatWeather continues welcoming innovations from its passionate developer community. In this section we will discuss some of the most exciting mods being developed:

Alternate Data Source Mods

Some mods implement alternative data APIs like Dark Sky or OpenWeatherMap to overlay additional hyperlocal datasets onto standard forecasts. This allows forecasts with true hyper-granular resolutions beyond default sources.

Material You Redesigns

Modders have rebuilt WhatWeather from the ground up with Material You design philosophies, implementing dynamic theming that considers system colors and branding for a unified look.

Expanded Widget Mods

New widgets are crafted to display more metrics like dewpoint, visibility, or wave heights on customizable dedicated panels.

Custom Notification Mods

Modifications allow fully custom visual styles and sounds for each alert type as well as scheduling notifications based on personal risk tolerances for things like UV index levels.

Public sensor network integrations

By pulling real-time sensor readings from worldwide public monitoring projects, certain mods fuse hyperlocal actual observations into forecasts to eliminate typical interpolation errors between official stations.

The modding community around WhatWeather continues expanding the app’s limits through creative experiments. WhatWeather values this passion and plans official support for top mods to benefit all users. Stay tuned for future mod releases.

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