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Who's on my wifi
App Name Who's on my wifi
Latest Version v.25.0.1
Last Updated
Publisher Magdalm
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 5 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (173) Votes

4.1 Rating (173 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Whos on my wifi MOD APK allows you to view all devices connected to your WiFi network even without Premium limitations. As a MOD version, it provides unlimited access to advanced scanning and admin features without any in-app purchases.
    • Premium Unlocked

Whos on my wifi MOD APK – View Connected Devices on Your WiFi Network Without Premium Restrictions

Whos on My Wifi is an extremely popular Android app that allows users to view all devices connected to their WiFi network. However, the standard version of the app restricts some advanced features behind an in-app purchase for the Premium version. With the MOD APK of Whos on my wifi, users can enjoy unlimited access to all scanning and admin functions without spending any money on upgrades.

Premium Unlocked Access to Advanced WiFi Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of using the MOD version of Whos on my wifi is that it provides all the Premium features completely free of cost. In the standard app, basic information about connected devices like name, IP address, and connection strength is available but advanced details require the Premium upgrade. Features like viewing device locations on a map, blocking specific devices, and setting bandwidth restrictions are locked behind the paywall.

However, with the MOD APK, all such advanced admin controls and detailed scanning are available without any Premium limitations. Users can view the exact location of devices on a map, block unwanted connections, and manage bandwidth for each device – all with unlimited access.

Comprehensive Real-Time Insights into Your Network Traffic

Another notable area where the Whos on my wifi MOD APK shines is in its powerful network monitoring capabilities. It provides continuously updated real-time insights into all the devices accessing your WiFi network along with granular details about each connection. Some of the key insights available include device name, IP and MAC addresses, upload/download traffic statistics, connection uptime, online/offline status, browser and application usage data, and devices’ operating systems.

Users can keep a close watch on network activity and easily identify abnormal behaviors, suspicious connections, or excessive bandwidth hogs. All of this detailed information streaming is available without Premium restrictions thanks to the unlocked features in the MOD version.

Defend Your Network and Enhance Privacy with Advanced Tools

In addition to monitoring abilities, the MOD APK also uplifts security and privacy for users by providing control over network access. Some of the prominent protection and admin tools offered include options to set custom firewall rules to block certain apps/protocols, restrict internet access schedules for devices, filter websites and content, and create isolated guest networks.

The app also comes equipped with a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker to remove ads, protect devices from malware, and enhance online privacy. All of these critical security and privacy-centric functions do not require any Premium purchase and are fully accessible for free in the MOD version of Whos on my wifi.

Detailed Device Scanning with Advanced Filtering Controls

To get the most out of the device scanning capabilities, the MOD APK enhances filtering options to easily navigate the large volume of connections. Users can filter the device list based on a variety of parameters including name, IP/MAC addresses, network usage stats, operating system, online/offline status, and connection time.

This granular filtering allows picking out specific devices from among dozens of connections with ease. Detailed device information cards are also provided to glance through comprehensive system specifications, connected users, network stats over time, location details, and more – all without Premium restrictions. Integrated with powerful filtering, it gives users pinpoint control over scanning large networks.

Comprehensive Insights with Enhanced Presentation

To soak in the sea of network insights in a user-friendly way, the MOD version improves the overall data presentation. An interactive list view allows for neatly organizing connection stats while a graphical chart panel visualizes network usage trends over time in an easy-to-understand format. Users can also choose to display devices on a visual indoor map to get a spatial view of locations.

Additionally, a built-in network reporter shares a snapshot of the key network metrics in a beautiful dashboard for at-a-glance checkups. All these enhanced visualization layers provide a rich yet simplified experience of browsing the comprehensive insights extracted by Whos on my wifi.

Fully Cracked Premium Access – Removal of All Paid Restrictions

At its core, the USP of the MOD APK is that it essentially provides a “fully cracked Premium” version of the Whos on my wifi app. Through custom modification of the app code, all limitations around access to advanced features have been completely bypassed. Users get full freedom over network scanning, detailed system information, admin controls, blocking/filtering, bandwidth management, and more – without any Premium upgrades or in-app purchases.

Every single premium-locked feature is now unlocked for free with the MOD APK. This saves users a significant amount by removing the need for paid subscriptions to the standard Whos on my wifi app.

App and Feature Modifications for Enhanced Performance

In addition to simply unlocking Premium, the MOD developers have also optimized the app through additional tweaks and mods. For instance, enhanced scanning algorithms allow faster identification of connected devices. Cached scanning results reduce the load on the router during repeated checks. Improved filtering backends sort connections at a much faster speed.

Enhanced backend connectivity ensures stable monitoring even with poor internet. Advanced security sandboxes protect user privacy by isolating app data. Battery optimizations minimize resource usage. These mods not only deliver a smoother experience but also make the most of the latest device hardware for supreme WiFi insights.

Whos On My Wifi Mod APK – Conclusion

In summary, the MOD APK version of Whos on my wifi presents a compelling case by removing all restrictions that come with the Premium subscription of the standard app. Users get fully unlocked access to all the powerful monitoring, admin controls, security, insights, and protection tools packaged within the app. With optimized performance via app mods, it delivers a seamless experience of tracking and managing your network traffic.

For unlimited access to the most advanced WiFi management features at no cost whatsoever, the Whos on my wifi MOD APK is certainly worth looking into. Its cracked Premium capabilities truly maximize the app’s full potential without spending a dime.

  • * Fixed error change device name. * Privacy and Security enhancements. * Fixes and improvements.

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