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WiFi Pro FTP Server APK Full Version v2.2.1

WiFi Pro FTP Server
App Name WiFi Pro FTP Server
Latest Version v.2.2.1
Last Updated
Publisher Medha Apps
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Apps Apps
Size 4 MB
Mods Full Version
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4.3 Rating (700) Votes

4.3 Rating (700 Votes )
Price: $ 0
WiFi Pro FTP Server APK is a full-featured FTP server app for Android that allows users to easily share files, photos, videos, and folders over WiFi networks. With this app, users can access their Android device's storage as an FTP server from any device on the same network or over the internet if the device is connected to a public IP address. Key features of WiFi Pro FTP Server include user account management, advanced network settings, external storage support, and more.

WiFi Pro FTP Server APK: The Powerful yet Simple FTP Server for Android

WiFi Pro FTP Server APK is one of the most full-featured and easy-to-use FTP server applications available for Android. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard network protocol used to transfer files between a client and server on a computer network or across the Internet. By turning an Android device into an FTP server using WiFi Pro FTP Server APK, users gain the ability to upload, download, delete, and manage files from any other device connected to the same WiFi network or remotely over the internet.

WiFi Pro FTP Server APK allows users to create their own personal cloud and easily share files, photos, videos and more through its versatile built-in FTP server. After just a few taps, the app transforms any Android device into its own private file storage server accessible over WiFi networks or through internet connections. Anyone using a computer, smartphone or other networked device can simply use a free FTP client application to connect to the designated IP address or domain name and browse the host device’s files, folders and external storage like an online hard drive.

Whether looking to offload photos from a device, sync documents between work and personal laptops or share files wirelessly with friends, WiFi Pro FTP Server APK provides a straightforward, powerful and cost-effective solution. Its user-friendly interface, auto-configuration and built-in permissions make the technical aspects of managing a functional FTP server simple and hassle-free.

Setting Up the FTP Server

Setting up the built-in FTP server in WiFi Pro FTP Server APK is a breeze. After downloading and installing the app, users simply need to tap the “Start Server” button to get started. The app will then assign the device an IP address that clients can connect to to access the device’s storage. WiFi Pro FTP Server also allows for more advanced network configuration settings like manually specifying the port number, enabling SSL/TLS encryption, setting upload and download bandwidth limits, and more.

Managing Users and Permissions

One key advantage of WiFi Pro FTP Server APK over simply sharing folders is its user account management features. Administrators can easily add, edit, or delete user accounts. Each user account can be assigned different permissions like read-only, overwrite existing files, or create/delete files and folders. This granular control over user access makes it simple to control what others can see and do when connecting to the FTP server.

Cloud Storage Support

In addition to accessing the local storage on the Android device, WiFi Pro FTP Server APK also supports cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. This allows users to leverage the SD card or additional cloud storage as if it were a local drive. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, or synced seamlessly between the device and cloud storage.

Access from Any Device

Once set up, clients can connect to the built-in FTP server using any FTP client application. This includes desktop computers running Windows, macOS, or Linux, other mobile devices as well as several network devices like routers, NAS boxes, and more. Popular free FTP clients include the built-in FTP functionality found in most file explorers/browsers or dedicated apps like FileZilla, Cyberduck, and more.

Advanced FTP Server Functions

Beyond basic file management, WiFi Pro FTP Server APK includes many advanced features experienced FTP users have come to rely on. This includes the ability to schedule automated file transfers, continuously monitor folders for changes and sync them, set up SQL database management, and more. Power users can truly leverage the full potential of this robust yet easy-to-use FTP server solution.

Review of WiFi Pro FTP Server APK

In conclusion, for an easy-to-use yet full-featured FTP server solution on Android, WiFi Pro FTP Server APK truly delivers. It provides a simple interface and setup process while including many powerful features even paid desktop FTP programs lack. Being able to access shared files, photos, and videos from any device on the same network or remotely makes it highly convenient. The ability to manage permissions with user accounts adds an important layer of security as well. At a very reasonable price of free, it offers far more value than similar apps that only provide limited functionality without in-app purchases. With its focus on search optimization, WiFi Pro FTP Server APK also makes it easy for users to discover. Overall, it earns strong recommendations as one of the best FTP server choices for Android.

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  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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