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Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Money and Plutonium v1.32.9

Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell
App Name Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell
Latest Version v.1.32.9
Last Updated
Publisher Deca Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 72 MB
Mods Unlimited Resources,Unlimited Plotanium
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (475) Votes

4.5 Rating (475 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Zap zombies, craft juice, turn the undead into profits!
    • Unlimited Coins
    • Unlimited Plotanium
    • Unlimited Nut
    • Unlimited Setting
    • Unlimited Perks
    • Unlimited Bullets
    • Don't Spaw Zombie
    • Max Rank
    • Max Level
    • No Stun
    • Auto Jump
    • Unlimited Resources
    • unlimited everything

Zombie Catchers MOD APK – The Best Modded Zombie Hunting Game Experience

Zombie Catchers MOD APK is one of the most downloaded and played zombie games on the Android platform. With over 100 million downloads and 4.7 ratings on the Google Play Store, it is evident that players love the unique zombie-catching gameplay offered in this title. However, the premium in-game resources of Coins, Plotanium, and Nuts in the original version come at a steep price. That’s where the modded version comes to save the day.

Unlimited Resources to Fuel Your Unstoppable Rampage

One of the major attractions of the Zombie Catchers MOD APK is that it provides players with truly unlimited Coins, platinum, and Nuts without any restrictions. No more grinding endlessly just to upgrade weapons or unlock new perks. With the modded version, you can easily max out your character and dominate the zombie crowds. Not just resources, even setting options, perks, bullets, and more can be enjoyed without limits. This gives the unparalleled freedom to zombie hunt without worrying about running out of ammunition or coins mid-game.

Unlimited Coins

Coins act as the primary in-game currency to purchase all kinds of weapons, upgrades, power-ups, etc from stores. The mod enables inexhaustible coins that keep pouring in without limit. Say goodbye to any shortage and splurge on everything your unholy heart desires to destroy zombies endlessly.

 Unlimited Plotanium

This rare material is used to acquire the most advanced gear. Its limited availability in vanilla games poses a hindrance. Not any more thanks to infinity plotanium from this mod. Equip yourself to the teeth with supreme items crafted from plotanium and wreak pandemonium.

Unlimited Nuts

A staple resource for basic yet vital upgrades. Default version restricts nuts but this brings forth their unconfined quantity to sharpen your skills beyond surpassing all boundaries.

With unlimited varieties of these prime resources, fulfilling even your darkest desires becomes a cakewalk in the innumerable quests of zombie annihilation that await you. Money and materials will never hold you back from your destiny of becoming king among the undead.

Achieve Omnipotence with Max Rank and Level

The modded version takes zombie slaying ability and convenience to the next level by including additional boosted settings. Players now have the option to never get stunned by zombies no matter how many they attack at once. You can also auto-jump high walls and obstacles with a single tap for smoother navigation. Other nifty features include no spawning of zombies so the streets remain clear, and max rank/level unlocked from the start. These premium modded settings truly allow players to feel like an unstoppable professional zombie slayer right from the beginning stages of the game.

 Max Rank

Attaining the highest rank means access to the most broken perks and items to make you an unmatched fighter not seen before. With max rank in your arsenal from the beginning, can you even comprehend the magnitude of carnage you are capable of unleashing onto the unsuspecting zombies?

 Max Level

Peak level elevates your core attributes like health, damage, etc to levels beyond ordinary comprehension. You become a literal force of nature that zombies tremble before in sheer fright. One hit is all it takes to obliterate entire hordes into dust with max level backing your immense strength.

With limitless power and omnipotence bestowed upon you from the very start, feel free to toy and play around with zombies however your evil heart pleases for endless entertainment. The world of Zombie Catchers now belongs to you, oh mighty sovereign!

Smooth Sailing with Auto-Jump and Stun Immunity

While absolute power excites beyond words, nuisance mechanics can dampen the fun. This is where some additional crutches provided by this mod come to the rescue.

 No Stunlock

Getting stunned broken and immobilized is infuriating but no more with stun immunity. Zombies will find it impossible to stop your unstoppable momentum now.


Jumping over debris manually interrupts the ruthless carnage. Let auto-jump handle it so you focus entirely on dominating without distraction.

With such perks smoothening your movement, nothing comes in the way of your annihilation spree. Zombies don’t stand a ghost of a chance against your fluidly unrestricted rampage.


After ceaseless hours of zombie demolition, one might crave sweet relief away from all commotion and violence. Fortunately, there exists the “Don’t Spawn Zombie” setting for just that.

Relax in Peace

Activate this option for a stress-free casual stroll while still gaining the rewards from unlimited resources. Temporary solace away from the chaos.

Plan Diabolical Strategies

Use peaceful downtime to strategize more devastating maneuvers to decimate the undead once you switch back. An evil genius in the making!

In summary, this feature wisely provides an option for a breather between battles as also a place to hatch even more sadistic plans. True signs of a deranged yet brilliant villain you are steadily evolving into.

 Maximize Carnage with Unlimited Supplies

One of the best things about the modded version of Zombie Catchers is that it ensures unlimited fun and entertainment that goes on and on without limits. With permanent max level and rank unlocked, you no longer have to grind just focus on enjoying addictive zombie slaying. On top of that, limitless resources like Coins and Plotanium mean you can keep upgrading weapons and boosting combat abilities endlessly. Even better, perks are permanently unlocked without ever running out of bullets or weapon power. All of this combines to provide lasting gameplay sessions filled with never-ending action, rewards, and new achievements to uncover. Truly for those seeking the ultimate never-ending zombie hunting experience on mobile.

 Unlimited Perks

Stack all perks at once for an unstoppable avatar with boosted stats beyond all reason.

Unlimited Bullets

Rain eternal bullets upon the damned souls. Infinite ammo lets you shoot without fretting over counts.

An Absolute Must-Have for Diehard Zombie Fans

The modded version of the popular Zombie Catchers game provides a zombie hunting experience like no other on Android. With permanent max ranks, unlimited resources, and unlocked premium features – it offers the ultimate convenience and removes all restrictions. You can now fully immerse yourself in the fantasy of being an unstoppable professional zombie slayer.

Whether playing for 30 minutes or hours without limits – the mod APK ensures the most definitive and definitive zombie-hunting entertainment on mobile. It is absolute essential for all die-hard zombie-hunting genre fans out there looking to unleash their inner zombie-killing professional without any limits. The choice is clear – get your hands on this modded version today!

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  • Hello Zombie Catchers around the world! We have made the following changes in this update: -Under the hood improvements -Added Soft and Force Update functionality

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