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Zombie Hunter Offline Games Mod APK God Mode v1.78.0

Zombie Hunter: Offline Games
App Name Zombie Hunter: Offline Games
Latest Version v.1.78.0
Last Updated
Publisher VNGGames Studios
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 219 MB
Mods Remove ads, God Mode, Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (780) Votes

4.4 Rating (780 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Save data and battery life with a fun offline console-like shooting game!
    • Remove ads
    • Mod Menu
    • God Mode
    • Unlimited Money
    • One Hit Kill (On Menu)
    • God Mode (On Menu)
    • Unlimited Cash/Gold/Fuel/Metal/All Resources
    • Unlimited Material/Point/Food/Medikit

Zombie Hunter Offline Games Mod APK: The Ultimate Survival Experience with God Mode Enabled

Zombie Hunter Offline Games is one of the most popular zombie survival games on the mobile platform. For over two years, millions of players from across the globe have enjoyed the unique gameplay and challenges of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. However, even the most skilled survivors have faced limitations that can negatively impact their enjoyment. Using in-app purchases and timers, progression is often slow, frustrating players and limiting their time exploring the vast open world.

With the Zombie Hunter Offline Games Mod APK, all of those restrictions are removed, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the ultimate survival experience with God Mode enabled. This heavily modified version of the game unlocks every feature, providing players with unmatched power and control. Under the numerous modifications, survivors can freely dominate the hordes of zombies and complete any task without hindrances.

Let’s take a deeper look at the extensive mod features unlocked with this modified APK file:

Unleashing Your Full Power Against the Zombie Hordes with God Mode

One of the most significant modifications is the inclusion of true “God Mode” for players. With this mod enabled from the in-game menu, survivors are practically invincible, unable to be harmed or killed by zombies under any circumstances. They can fearlessly engage masses of the undead without concern for losing health or lives.

For those seeking total dominance over the infected, this provides the ultimate means to freely combat them without limits. It allows experiencing epic battles against hundreds or even thousands of zombies at once without any risk of death. Exploring crowded cities or overwhelming hordes becomes effortless, maximizing immersion and badassery within the apocalyptic world.

Unlimited Resources for Maximum Base Building and Crafting

Another core mod includes unlocking unlimited resources for crafting, building, and upgrading. With constraints removed, survivors can focus entirely on upgrading their safe houses and settlements without worrying about collecting or storing limited materials. Resources like metal, wood, fuel and even crafting components like medkits are granted in infinite quantities directly from the in-game mod menu.

This opens up limitless potential for creative-based construction projects on a massive scale. Building extensive layered walls, armories, workshops and more becomes trivial. Progression is no longer gated by scavenging or production limits, letting the imagination run wild.

Removing All Ads and In-App Payments

Of course, one of the first modifications addressed is the complete removal of any advertisement displays or prompts for in-app purchases. The interrupting ads that sometimes play during missions or on the main menu screen have been eliminated, streamlining the experience. More importantly, the paywalls and timers requiring real money to bypass have also been bypassed.

Now vital items, crafting blueprints, and other upgrades normally behind expensive in-app paywalls can be obtained freely through normal gameplay. The progression is solely based on players’ skill and work rather than artificial limitations trying to incentivize microtransactions.

Maximizing Efficiency with Unlimited Resources and One-Hit Kills

Two more conveniences added to the mod menu take efficiency and ease of use to another level. Firstly, with unlimited fuel, all vehicles like trucks and helicopters can be used endlessly without needing to scavenge gas or wait for refueling timers. This allows covering far more ground and fast travel across the huge map in an instant.

Secondly, activating the one-hit kill effect means any zombie, no matter the type or armor, will die from just one successful melee or ranged attack. Headshots aren’t required, and melee weapons won’t degrade or break from extensive use. Combined with other modifications, the player becomes a highly efficient, unstoppable killing machine.

Download Zombie Hunter Offline Games Mod APK Android

  • - The LUNAR NEW YEAR Event - Ultimate Weapon: ABSOLUTE ZERO appeared in the Ultra Pass reward! - New Ultimate Weapon: ABSOLUTE ZERO - Summon a pearl dragon engulfs zombies before exploding. - New Weapon: JADE DRAGON - Chance to summon Santa Claus to roll a snowball. - Improve ATTACHMENT system. Have feedbacks? Let us know at

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