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Zombie War Idle Defense Mod APK Unlimited Money v238

Zombie War Idle Defense Game
App Name Zombie War Idle Defense Game
Latest Version v.238
Last Updated
Publisher 1SOFT
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 144 MB
Mods Unlimited money, unlimited gems, free purchase
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (429) Votes

4.4 Rating (429 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Repel zombie attack with army of heroes and towers. Offline to defend your base.
    • Unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • free purchase
    • free shopping

Endless Zombie Hordes No More with Unlimited Resources in Zombie War Idle Defense

Zombie War Idle Defense is a thrilling tower defense game where players must build towers and defenses to protect their base from never-ending zombie invasions. However, the constant stream of zombies and limited in-game resources can make progress frustratingly slow.

Not anymore with the Zombie War Idle Defense Mod APK! This modified version of the game unlocks premium features like unlimited money, unlimited gems, and free purchases to give players an unstoppable advantage against the zombie menace.

Unlimited Money for Your Best Defenses

One of the biggest challenges in Zombie War Idle Defense is earning enough money to continually upgrade defenses between waves of zombies. Stronger tower levels and new tower types are costly, and the money earned from previous battles often isn’t enough to prep for the next, tougher round of zombies.

With unlimited money unlocked through the mod, players can fully max out all their towers and defenses without any budget constraints holding them back. Spend freely to build the strongest obelisks, cannons, missile launchers, and more to eradicate zombies with impunity. Never worry about scrounging for coins again with this unlimited money mod feature giving an endless flow of cash to dominate the zombie hordes.

Unlimited Gems for All Power-Ups and Boosts

Gems are another valuable but limited in-game resource in Zombie War Idle Defense that can provide potent battle power-ups. Powerful damage boosts, temporary invincibility, and increased attack range are just some of the impactful combat modifiers purchasable with gems.

However, gems are earned very slowly through normal gameplay, leveling up, and video ads. The unlimited gems feature unlocked by the mod eliminates this frustrating limitation. Stockpile unlimited gems to activate power-ups on every defense mission.

Toggle global damage boosts for all towers simultaneously. Spam temporary invulnerability whenever the zombies breach defenses. Engage endless Gem Rain boosts raining extra riches. With this mod giving boundless gems, crushing zombies has never been more effortless.

Free Shopping Sprees in the Premium Stores

Zombie War Idle Defense offers premium store options to directly purchase tower upgrades, skins, boosts, and other perks. However, these premium store items normally require real-world money transactions that can get quite pricey over time.

The mod unlocks free shopping in all premium stores, avoiding any need to spend actual cash. Browse aisles stocked with deadly shotguns, missile launchers, flame tanks, and other awesome weapons in the Weapon Store. Peruse the Tower Store for powerful tier 6+ towers normally locked behind paywalls.

Stock up on permanent Gem Rain artifacts from the Artifact Store. With free premium shopping, claim every advantage to obliterate the zombie scourge without spending a dime. Never be held back by premium purchase restrictions again with this amazing modded feature.

Total Control Using Command Center Boosts

The Command Center building represents the player’s pinnacle of military authority in Zombie War Idle Defense, granting boosts that empower entire defense setups. However, leveling up the Command Center and activating its powerful boosts requires mastery of advanced strategies and immense resource grinding.

This mod bypasses these hurdles by fully maxing out the Command Center from the start, unlocking every boost and perk instantly. Global damage boosts, range multipliers, crit chance amplifiers – toggle them all at will for crushing levels of army-wide buffs.

Not an issue anymore with the Command Center already max-leveled through modding. Exert complete tactical superiority over the battlefields with total command center control on demand, laying waste to endless zombie battalions.

Modded Heroes with Unique, Ultra-Powerful Abilities

Hero characters play a pivotal role in Zombie War Idle Defense by lending powerful offensive and supportive abilities to player defenses. However, gathering all heroes and leveling them to unlock full power takes massive amounts of time and effort. With this mod, four special modded heroes are immediately unlocked and max-leveled, gifting outlandish skills beyond normal gameplay.

The Pyromaniac hero can trigger a city-scale inferno, engulfing the entire map in raging flames. No zombie will escape the ocean of firestorms unleashed by this fiery fanatic.

The Apocalypse knight calls down a brutal meteor swarm, pounding zombies beneath crushing celestial bodies. Their armor may protect them from bullets, but even the hardiest undead cannot withstand a skyfall of extinction-level asteroids.

The Void mage opens portals into the shrieking emptiness between realities, banishing zombies from existence with eldritch powers beyond imagining. None escape being consumed utterly in the mage’s gateway to the abyss.

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  • v237 - New Hero: Yang Fei - New Year Event - Game balancing - Bug fixes. - Performance improvements.

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