Altimeter MOD APK Premium Unlocked v5.0.01

App Name Altimeter
Latest Version v.5.0.01
Last Updated
Publisher EXA Tools
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Tools Tools
Size 8 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.6 Rating (873) Votes

4.6 Rating (873 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Altimeter MOD APK - The Most Accurate Barometer & Altitude App Now Premium Unlocked!
    • Premium Unlocked

Altimeter MOD APK Experience Without Any In-App Purchase Limitations

Enter the Altimeter MOD APK – a customized version engineered to remove all vestiges of this bothersome payment barrier by code modifications. Here users can freely access every last Pro feature like route recording analysis, air pressure mapping tools and adjustable alerts without enduring needless upgrade prompts or recurring costs muddying the interface. This modified version at long last delivers on Altimeter’s original potential to provide the world’s most robust barometer and elevation monitoring platform fully-functional without hindering limitations.

The original Altimeter application established itself as the preeminent choice for Android users seeking hyper-precise elevation tracking capabilities thanks to its calibrated barometric sensor. However, a major limitation that frustrated many outdoor adventurers was how the app’s most useful pro features remained locked away behind additional in-app purchases after the initial download. This needlessly compromised what could have otherwise served as a truly complete altimeter tool free of monetary restrictions clouding the full user experience.

Accurately Track Elevation with Altimeter

Altimeter is an indispensable tool for hikers, climbers, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need to know their precise elevation. As the most accurate barometer and altimeter app on Android, Altimeter allows users to view real-time air pressure and altitude readings to help plan routes and stay safe. With its convenient widgets and notification popups, elevation is always visible at a glance whether actively using the app or not.

Premium Unlocked – All Features Free!

Normally you’d need to purchase the “Altimeter Pro” upgrade to access extra charts, maps, and recording features. But with this special MOD version of Altimeter, the entire app is now premium and unlocked for free! That means no nag screens begging you to upgrade. You get all the Pro tools at your fingertips without spending a dime. Plan longer routes, view past recordings, monitor air pressure trends – it’s all available without restrictions. Say goodbye to in-app purchases and hello to a fully-featured altimeter experience that won’t empty your wallet.

Accurate Barometer & Altitude Readings

At the core of Altimeter is its extremely precise barometer sensor. By taking into account air pressure, temperature, and your starting elevation point, the Altimeter can determine your current altitude within just a few feet of accuracy. The built-in barometer updates continuously to show millibar air pressure readings synced to NOAA/Meteo references. Whether you’re gaining or losing elevation, the app precisely tracks your vertical movement in real time. No need for additional GPS – Altimeter relies on barometric pressure alone to give incredibly accurate measurements.

Elevation Notifications & Widgets

Keep an eye on your altitude hands-free with Altimeter’s notification alerts. Set customizable elevation gain/loss limits that can send popups to warn of exceeding safe thresholds. For example, this allows climbers to monitor the ascent rate. Widgets show current elevation readings right from your home screen without opening the app. Dropdown notification widgets also give one-tap access to elevation, barometer, and more. You’ll always have crucial altitude data visible whether you’re using Altimeter or another app.

Elevation Gain Over Previous Routes

One of the premium Altimeter Pro features now included for free is route recording. Activate the built-in trip logger to create waypoint-based tracks of hikes, climbs, or other excursions over varying terrain. Review previously recorded GPX/KML files within the app to analyze elevation profiles, distance covered, and max/min altitude points. Run comparative stats between past outings for direct elevation gain and altitude over time comparisons. Planning future routes is easier with an archive of your elevation data history at your fingertips.

GPS Elevation vs. Barometric Elevation Charts

The altimeter offers dual elevation measurement to provide the most comprehensive route analysis. Its barometer sensor determines precise altitude independently of GPS. Chart views allow you to compare barometric elevation readings side-by-side with GPS altitude data. Note differences that may occur near changing weather fronts or areas with inconsistent satellite reception. The app helps identify which elevation source is most dependable for route planning or backcountry navigation needs. The dual charts are useful for calibrating barometer accuracy over time too.

Meteorologist Tools & Air Pressure Maps

Premium features continue with access to Altimeter’s meteorologist tools and air pressure maps. Plot air pressure data from around the world with color-contoured isobaric lines for easy identification of high and low-pressure systems. Monitoring pressure trends gives clues for impending weather changes important for pilots and outdoor sports. Various preset and custom period map views show air pressure mobility. Satellite-derived air pressure data keeps the maps updated frequently for the most current surface analysis.

Outdoor Adventure Log Book

Tracking adventures is half the fun and Altimeter assists with organizational tools. Maintain a logbook to tag excursions by date and location with notes. Add waypoint markers on 3D relief maps to pin important spots with labels and pictures. share your logged routes and waypoints on social networks. Relive memorable routes in vivid digital detail even years later. Search through your log entries to easily plan future outings replicating favorite areas and trails. The optional sharing features also inspire other users with trip reports from your unique experiences. Stay motivated with a visual record of your excursions over time.

Beneficial for Hikers, Climbers, Skiers & More!

Whether you’re day hiking local trails or tackling multi-day backpacking trips in the wilderness, Altimeter equips outdoor fans with important elevation and route tracking tools. Climbers reference gain rates and max heights reached on challenging ascents. Backcountry skiers mark avalanche safety zones and beacon practice areas. Pilots note elevations along flyways and troughs. The versatile app assists a wide range of active sports and occupations requiring dependable altitude metrics. Its precision takes the guesswork out of route planning safety considerations needing exact elevation data. Altimeter could very well be your most valuable outdoor companion.

Accurate Weather Forecasting

As an added benefit, Altimeter’s barometer also assists amateur meteorologists with short-term forecasting abilities right from the always-visible widgets or at a glance within the app. Rising air pressure typically indicates approaching high pressure and fair weather while falling values portend storms and precipitation. Very rapid pressure drops may warn of incoming severe weather too. Monitor these subtle pressure changes even without opening full app views. The expertly crafted interface delivers vital elevation and weather clues conveniently on your home screen or notifications shade.

In Summary

Overall, Altimeter proves itself the most robust Android barometer and altimeter app available – now fully featured at no cost! Its barometric sensor captures elevation within mere feet regardless of GPS availability. Set customizable alerts, record elevations over past routes, analyze dual charts, and forecast weather trends. Plus worldwide air pressure maps and extensive logbook/sharing tools. Begin enjoying all Pro tools free like never before with this MOD version of Altimeter. Take elevated situational awareness and preparation when hiking, climbing, skiing, or just casual strolls to new heights!

Download Altimeter MOD APK Free For Android

  • Copying and sharing geographic coordinates in Premium Fixed problem with loading barometric altitude calibration Added free 7-days Premium trial Added Black AMOLED Color Theme Fixed closing the app from notification Bug fixes and stability improvements Fixed problems with GPX export Export and import all Altimeter data from/to another devices Fixed altitude and other data from GPS on Android 10 and some other device models Improving altitude determination based on location

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