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Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK Unlocked Pro v2.1.4

Auto Clicker - Automatic tap
App Name Auto Clicker - Automatic tap
Latest Version v.2.1.4
Last Updated
Publisher True Developers Studio
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 3 MB
Mods Pro Unlocked, Premium Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (902) Votes

4.5 Rating (902 Votes )
Price: $ 0
The tool about auto clicker. Help you automate repeated taps.
    • Pro Unlocked
    • Premium Unlocked
    • All Unnecessary Menu Item Remove Like
    • Ads-Free Access
    • ┬áno ads
    • no root

Premium Unlocked Automatic Tap Mod With All Pro Features

Auto Clicker is a very popular auto-tapping game app on the Play Store with over 10 million downloads. However, the vanilla version of the game comes with some limitations like annoying ads, a restricted number of taps per minute, and a paywall for removing ads. That’s where Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK comes into play by unlocking all premium features for free along with removing ads.

Pro Unlocked Auto Tapping With No Limitations

One of the major issues with the original Auto Clicker game is that it restricts the number of automatic taps you can perform per minute even for small tasks. This limits the gameplay and forces you to watch ads or make in-app purchases to remove this tap limit. However, with Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK, you get unlimited automatic taps without any restrictions.

The Mod APK removes the tap limit allowing you to configure unlimited taps per minute for your character based on your device’s capability. So you no longer have to worry about the tap limit and can focus fully on the gameplay without any thought of watching ads.

Premium Unlocked Mode For Ad-Free Experience

As is the case with most free-to-play games, Auto Clicker comes packed with annoying popup ads interrupting your gameplay. To make matters worse, some ads are not even skippable forcing you to watch the full ad length. This ad-supported model is a major downside of the original version.

With Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK, you get a true premium unlocked experience without any ads getting in the way of your gameplay. The mod developers have successfully removed all types of ads including interstitial, banner, sidebar ads as well as popups. So you can now enjoy uninterrupted ad-free gameplay on your mobile device.

All Menu Items And IAPs Unlocked For Ultimate Control

In the vanilla version of Auto Clicker, you have limited access and control over certain gameplay aspects. For example, you cannot modify tap frequency or assign tasks without making in-app purchases. Similarly, some advanced mod tools and menu options are hidden behind payments. This restricts your control over customizing the gameplay.

However, with Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK, you get full control over all the menu items and features without any locks. Developers have unlocked all the in-app purchases allowing you to access premium mod tools, customize tap frequency, assign multiple simultaneous tasks, and more without spending a single penny. So you have ultimate control to tweak every aspect of gameplay as per your preference.

Configurable High Tap Speeds For Powerful Auto-tapping

One of the biggest limitations of the original Auto Clicker is the fixed and low maximum tap speed which is not enough for many players. While some IAPs allow increasing the tap speed, they are still not very high.

This Auto Clicker mod takes auto tapping to the next level by allowing you to configure high customizable tap speeds ranging from 500 taps per minute up to 1500 taps per minute on most devices. Yes, you read it right – you can set up to 1500 automated taps per minute for your character with this modded apk.

So whether you want medium, high, or ultra-fast automatic taps, this mod gives you full configurable control. With such powerful tapping speeds, you can optimize your gameplay and progress much faster in the game.

No Ads, No Root, Completely Safe Modded APK

Many modded apps out there come with risks of containing malware, requiring root access or triggering safety warnings on your phone. But the developers of Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK have taken full precautions to deliver a safe modded experience.

First of all, the modded APK is virus and malware-free as it has been scanned thoroughly using multiple antivirus tools. Secondly, it does not require any root access on your Android phone meaning both rooted and non-rooted devices are supported.

Lastly, when you install this modded APK, you will not see any weird permissions requested or safety warnings on your device unlike other dubious mods out there. So you can install and play this mod safely without worrying about any risks on your phone.

Google Play Games Services Support For Backups

One of the key features missing in some modded games is Google Play Games Services integration which allows syncing progress across devices and automatic cloud backups. Thankfully, Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Mod APK maintains full support for Google Play Games services.

This means that your game progress, saved data, and configurations will automatically get backed up to the cloud whenever you log in to the game with your Google account on any device. So if you change or lose your device, you do not have to worry about losing your game data as you can restore everything seamlessly from the cloud backup. The mod apk keeps all the Google Play services functionality intact while unlocking additional perks.

Mod Features In Detail

There are several advanced mod features, options, and tools provided in this modded version of Auto Clicker which are explained below in detail:

Pro Unlocked

This mod unlocks full premium or “Pro” version access in the game without any need for in-app purchases. You can get unlimited resources, bypass energy/stamina systems, and access all premium content for free.

Premium Unlocked

All paid “Premium” features like powerful tap bots, auto farming modes, and advanced customization are unlocked in this mod. You don’t need to spend any money on the game.

All Unnecessary Menu Item Remove

This mod removes cluttering menu items like stores, options to buy premium, etc. to provide a clean and ad-free modded experience.

Ads-Free Access

As discussed above, all advertisements including popups, banners, videos, and interstitials have been removed to provide you with interruption-free gameplay.

No Tap Limit

You get unlimited auto-tapping functionality without hours-based tap limits as seen in the original version. Configure any tap speed you want.

Multiple Device Support

With Google Play sign-in, your saved progress and customized settings are automatically synced across all your Android devices for seamless gameplay.

Customizable Tapping Speeds

Slide the mod menu bar to set precise tapping speeds anywhere between 500-1500 taps per minute as per your preferences and device capability.

Unlimited In-Game Currency

All in-game currencies are unlimited allowing you to purchase any items, upgrades without restrictions in the modded version.

Bypassing Energy/Stamina

This mod bypasses and removes energy/stamina systems if any to allow infinite gameplay without waiting for energy to refill via purchases.

100% Safe With No Issues

The modded APK is thoroughly tested to ensure it does not trigger any strange device behaviors, safety warnings or require unsafe app permissions.

So in summary, you can enjoy all the core gameplay elements of Auto Clicker with advanced auto tapping and mod tools unlocked for free without any ads or limits by using this impressive yet safe modded APK version. The mod allows taking your progress and unlock full customization potential to maximize fun and entertainment from the game.

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  • - Reduce screen lag - Fix bugs

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