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Avatarify AI Face Animator Mod APK Unlocked Pro v2.0.11

Avatarify: AI Face Animator
App Name Avatarify: AI Face Animator
Latest Version v.2.0.11
Last Updated
Publisher AvatarifyAI
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 23 MB
Mods Unlocked Pro
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (414) Votes

4.5 Rating (414 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Bring your photos to life
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Avatarify AI Face Animator Mod APK Unlocked Pro

With the Avatarify AI Face Animator mod apk, you can unleash the full power of this cutting-edge face animation app without any restrictions. Using the latest in artificial intelligence and neural networks, Avatarify analyzes your face in real time and maps over 100 facial expressions.

However, the premium features are locked behind an in-app paywall. Good thing the modded unlocked pro version removes all limitations!

Modifying Reality with Endless Animation Possibilities

The standard Avatarify app only allows for basic warping tools and filters before prompting you to upgrade. But with the mod apk, the possibilities are endless. Through advanced neural networks, the app can recognize over 50 unique facial landmarks to transform your facial expressions into anything imaginable.

Want to morph your face into an anime character? No problem. How about making it look like you’re a completely different person? Easy with the unlocked pro mod features.

No Limits on Filters, Effects, and Warping Tools

One of the most exciting unlocked pro mod features is the removal of restrictions on all filters, effects, and warping tools. Tired of only being able to apply 5 filters at once? You can now stack an unlimited number for surreal visual combinations.

Perhaps you wanted to pinch and stretch your face further than the standard limits? Go wild reshaping your facial structure without boundaries. No longer will you be blocked from experimenting freely with all animation options. Everything is fully unlocked for limitless creativity!

Premium Character and Avatar Library Included

With the mod apk, you gain access to thousands of extra animated avatars, animals, objects, and scenarios normally behind the paywall. This expands the possibilities exponentially. Maybe you want to morph your face into a cartoon character? The unlocked library has you covered.

How about animating your face alongside silly accessories like giant hamburgers or party hats? It’s all available for unlimited free use. You’ll enjoy hours of morphing fun without ever spending a dime thanks to the modded pro unlock.

Master Animator Tools and Procreate Features

For those seeking advanced creative control, the unlocked pro version provides all master animator tools and procreate features. Design your own blend shapes from scratch or finely tune existing ones. Precisely manipulate individual action units to sculpt hyper-realistic facial expressions.

Record complex animations frame-by-frame for high-production-quality morph videos. With the mod, nothing is off-limits. You become the avatar animation master with full backend access.

Record, Edit, and Share Unlimited Videos

One of the standout unlocked pro mod features is the ability to record unlimited face animation videos without time limits. Tired of only being able to capture 10-second clips? Record videos as long as you like by removing restrictions. Then dive into the advanced video editor to trim, add filters and effects, overlay music, and more.

Once finished, share your creations directly to any social platform without watermarks or branding. broadcast your morph videos to the world with no advertisements or in-app purchase prompts getting in the way.

Backend Customization for Deeper Control

Power users will appreciate the backend customization access granted by the unlocked pro mod. Here parameters can be deeply tweaked for ultra-realism or surreal abstraction. Adjust individual action unit intensities, blend shape weights, smoothing factors, and more low-level options.

map additional markers beyond the standard 50 for cutting-edge neural networks. The possibilities are truly endless thanks to full backend modification privileges. Dive into the code and reshape reality however, you see fit.

Master Modder Toolbox Included

For modifying Avatarify even further, the master modder toolbox is unlocked. This provides the keys to fully customize essentially every aspect of the app. Remap buttons, add extra features, modify menus, access source code – it’s all at your fingertips.

Perhaps you want to port custom character skins or completely reshape the UI? Now possible with the deepest mod privileges. Do you have an idea to improve or experiment? The toolbox empowers you to bring visions to life.

Unparalleled Face Animation Freedom

In summary, with the Avatarify AI Face Animator mod apk unlocked pro version, you gain unparalleled freedom over face animation creation. Throw away restrictive paywalls and experience limitless possibilities modifying your facial expressions into anything imaginable.

Record and share high-quality morph videos without advertisements or watermarks. For the ultimate customization, the backend configuration is fully exposed alongside modder toolbox access. This enables your creativity to reach new frontiers warping reality in real time. So forget standard limitations and embrace endless morphing potential with this unlocked pro mod!

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