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4.0 Rating (625) Votes

4.0 Rating (625 Votes )
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Survive on epic arena! Become a true warrior in online axe battle royale!
    • NO ADS
    • unlimited health,
    • unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • unlock all characters
    • unlocked everything Mod APK – Experience the Epic Action RPG with Unlimited Resources and unlocked features is one of the most popular multiplayer battle arena games available on Android and iOS. As a free-to-play game, it offers a great core game play experience but monetizes through ads and in-app purchases. However, with the MOD APK, you can now enjoy all the premium modded features without spending a single penny.

In this extensive guide, we will take a deep dive into all the exciting modded features included in the MOD APK and how you can get unlimited coins, gems and more to easily dominate in the arena battles.

Unlimited Coins – Never Run Out of Resources

Earning in-game currency like coins is essential in to upgrade your heroes, purchase new characters, and more. However, as a free player you are limited in how many coins you can earn each day through usual means like battles or chest openings. With the modded version, this limitation is removed giving you “Unlimited Coins”.

Now you will never run out of coins no matter how much you spend them. With infinite coins at your disposal, you can max out all your heroes immediately with top-tier equipment and boosts. Buy every character without worrying about coin balance. Focus solely on strategizing and perfecting your skills in arena battles rather than waiting around to earn enough coins.

Unlimited Gems – Premium Currency on Unlimited Supply

Gems are another important in-game currency that is used to speed up upgrades, instantly finish chest openings, and more. Like coins, gems are limited for free players through daily rewards primarily. The modded APK removes this by providing “Unlimited Gems”.

With infinite gems, you no longer have to wait for hours or spend money to finish upgrades. Instantly max out new heroes when you get them. Speed through chest opening for a chance at rare rewards. Essentially, gems allow you to save a lot of time that free players usually spend waiting around. Focus only on dominating in battles and climb up the PvP leaderboards faster than anyone.

No Ads – Uninterrupted Immersive Gameplay

One major annoyance for free players is the interruptive video ads between battles, when opening chests, and other scenarios. Not only do these ads waste your time, but repeated viewing also consumes unwanted mobile data.

The modded version puts an end to all this by including the feature “No Ads”. Now you can enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted gameplay without ads popping up every few minutes.

Smoothly transition between battles without waiting 5-10 seconds for a video to finish. Focus 110% on your strategies rather than getting distracted. Save data and have more quality playtime without irritating ads.


Player’s heroes have limited health in normal battles that depletes with damage over time. This creates a balance where tactical thinking is needed to preserve health bars. However, for mod users the “Unlimited Health” feature turns this mechanic upside down.

Your heroes will now never run out of health no matter how much damage they take in fights. Feel free to go all out aggressive without any concerns. Try out risky plays and tactics. Go toe-to-toe against enemies without worrying about losing lives.

This makes battles a lot more fun and rewarding as you don’t have to constantly watch health levels anymore. Take the challenge of defeating opponents without any limitations.


Alongside coins, in-game currency also comes in the form of money in While money can be earned in smaller amounts through sources like Video Ads, the amounts are limited for free users. With the modded APK’s “Unlimited Money” feature, you gain infinite amounts of in-game money.

Use unlimited money to instantly buy out the entire shop without any cash restraints. Max level all heroes, all zones, purchase all boosts, skins available – achieve full completion of the collection aspect. Money is no longer a bottleneck, now you can fully dedicate yourself to perfecting skills and strategies to dominate in arena battles and leader boards. It simply removes all restrictions for a seamless experience.

Unlocks All Characters, Regions and Other Paywalled Content

Total 40+ unique heroes are available in with new ones added regularly through updates. However, these characters are locked or available through various means like in-app purchases, chest opening luck etc for free users. The modded APK includes the feature “Unlock All Characters” allowing you instant access to the entire roster.

Try out different heroes, playstyles and team compositions freely without any character locks. Don’t feel limited to a select few default heroes. Switch between characters as per the situation in battle. Experiment with rare & legendary heroes that you otherwise may not get a chance to even try out.

Enjoy roster flexibility for creative strategies and approaches. This removes a major barrier for free players by putting the entire selection at your disposal from the start.


As the ultimate collection of all premium mod features, the modded APK includes “Unlocked Everything”. With this, you get instant access to all unlocked features of the game without any restrictions whatsoever.

Experience fully maxed out from the beginning. Cards, heroes, zones, upgrades, chests – everything is available upfront for seamless enjoyment. You have the convenience of experiencing the full game scope right away rather than long-term progression as a free pleb.

Dominate in PvP without constraints. Fully embrace the gameplay essence without typical limitations. Achieve absolute freedom and completion of experience through this single magical feature.

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  • Performance improvements and bugs fixing

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