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Bluetooth Codec Changer
App Name Bluetooth Codec Changer
Latest Version v.1.6.7
Last Updated
Publisher AmrG DEV
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Size 6 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.2 Rating (584) Votes

4.2 Rating (584 Votes )
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Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK - This modded version of the Bluetooth Codec Changer app allows users to access premium features like codec forcing without any ads or in-app purchases. It lets you change Bluetooth audio codec on Android to improve call/music quality. Supported devices show enhanced compatibility and connectivity with this app.
    • Premium Unlocked

Compatibility Testing Made Easy with Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK

One of the main advantages of Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK is its comprehensive compatibility testing feature. The app allows users to systematically test which audio codec works best for specific Bluetooth device pairings. You can select any codec and easily identify whether the connected headphones, speakers or any other accessory supports that standard fully or partially.

If high quality codecs like aptX, aptX HD or LDAC are showing as incompatible for a device, the app recommends switching to more robust options of similar or lower bitrate. This assists in obtaining maximum achievable audio quality depending on the capability and firmware of the remote Bluetooth unit. Users can also check long-pressing volume keys functionality or AVRCP support status for each device.

The step-by-step codec scanning and resulting insights help optimize the Bluetooth connection workflow. No more hassles of experimenting blindly or relying on trial and error. Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK analyzes everything meticulously in the background to suggest foolproof codec configurations for all paired gear. So you can be confident of picking the correctly matched and best performing audio standard for perfect music enjoyment or calls each time.

Bluetooth audio uses different codecs for the transmission of sound between two paired devices. Popular codecs include SBC, AAC, aptX, and LDAC. By default, Android picks the best codec supported by both devices. However, compatibility issues can arise due to codec mismatches. This is where Bluetooth Codec Changer comes in handy.

Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK allows you to manually select and force a particular codec for all Bluetooth connections. This ensures maximum compatibility by overcoming the limitations of the automatic codec selection method. You can choose from options like SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, etc. based on your needs and paired devices’ support. The forced codec remains active until you change it or restart your phone.

Bluetooth Codec Changer Premium MOD APK – unlock all features

While the original Bluetooth Codec Changer app lets you change codecs, it displays ads and has some limitations. The modded premium unlocked version removes these constraints. You get full access to all codec-forcing options without any interruptions. Additionally, features like automatic reconnection, and advanced codec details are also unlocked in this mod APK.

Improve Audio Quality of Calls and Music

By optimally matching the codecs between sending and receiving devices, you can significantly boost Bluetooth call quality and music streaming fidelity. Low-bandwidth codecs like SBC are good for calls but result in compressed music. Higher quality codecs such as aptX, and LDAC support hi-res audio but may cause interference in calls. Using this app, you can selectively apply the right codec for each use-case and dual SIM phone.

Compatibility testing and automated switching

The app assists you in testing codec compatibility between all paired Bluetooth devices like headphones, speakers, cars, etc. It automatically switches to the highest compatible codec whenever you connect specific devices. You can also create custom profiles for different devices with unique codec configurations. This ensures your audio experience is consistently optimized for every Bluetooth accessory.

Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK – Unlock Premium Features Without Ads or IAPs

Bluetooth Codec Changer is a popular Android app that helps enhance your audio experience when streaming music or taking calls over Bluetooth. However, its original version shows annoying ads and limits some advanced functions. The modded MOD APK version removes these constraints completely for a premium unlock experience.

Mod Features of Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK

Premium Unlocked – This modded APK removes all limitations of the original version by completely unlocking all premium functionality without any ads, paywalls, or in-app purchases. You get full unrestricted access to tweaking Bluetooth audio codecs.

No Ads – The unmodified app is plagued by annoying advertisements interrupting codec selection and profile switching. The modded version eliminates all ads for a clean interference-free experience.

All Codecs Accessible – While the official release restricts certain advanced codec options behind paid subscriptions, this version grants manual access to every supported Bluetooth audio codec like SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC without arbitrary blocks.

Device Profiles – Create unique named profiles bound to specific Bluetooth devices you frequently pair with. A dedicated profile makes it easy to apply unique codec presets tailored for each accessory like headphones, cars, etc with a single tap. Profiles stay synced even if the device is renamed.

Seamless Functionality – The forcibly set Bluetooth codec keeps working in the background even if you close the app. Audio automatically switches intelligently whenever you connect previously paired devices via Bluetooth.

In conclusion, the modded version of the Bluetooth Codec Changer app is highly recommended for Android users looking to optimize their Bluetooth audio quality without any limitations. By removing ads, unlocking premium features, and adding useful enhancements, it provides a seamless experience of testing and forcing the best Bluetooth codec as per your needs. The app works flawlessly to improve call clarity as well as the fidelity of wireless music streaming from headphones, cars, and other Bluetooth devices. Download this modded APK to enjoy the always-on premium features of Bluetooth Codec Changer for free.

Download Bluetooth Codec Changer MOD APK Free For Android

  • • Support for automation apps, such as Tasker and MacroDroid, to access the functionalities of the app. • Adaptive sampling feature improvements (still in beta). • Support for the Korean language. • UI & Stability improvements.

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