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Car Company Tycoon Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.5.6

Car Company Tycoon
App Name Car Company Tycoon
Latest Version v.1.5.6
Last Updated
Publisher R U S Y A
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 36 MB
Mods Unlimited money, premium unlocked, unlimited everything
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (138) Votes

4.5 Rating (138 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Create the cars of dreams and build an empire of automotive business with them!
    • Unlimited money
    • premium unlocked
    • unlimited everything
    • free shopping
    • unlimited research points
    • skill points

To the Exciting World of Car Company Tycoon Mod APK

Have you ever dreamed of starting and running your own successful car company? With the Car Company Tycoon Mod APK, you can live out that dream of becoming a tycoon in the automotive industry. This popular business simulation game allows you to create your car manufacturing empire from the ground up.

However, the in-app purchases and ads can make progress difficult. That’s where the modded version of the game comes in. With the Car Company Tycoon Mod APK, players are given an unlimited money mod that fully unlocks the game’s premium features, allowing you to experience the tycoon gameplay without limits or frustrations.

Read on to learn more about the incredible potential and opportunities that the Unlimited Money mod unlocks in Car Company Tycoon. You’ll be designing, building, and marketing amazing cars to captivated audiences around the world in no time at all!

Mod Features of Car Company Tycoon Mod APK

Unlimited Money

This modded version comes with an unlimited money feature, ensuring players never run out of funds. In the standard game, players must carefully manage budgets, research costs, and vehicle production costs. But with unlimited money, you don’t need to worry about going bankrupt or taking out loans. You’ll be able to pour money into any department of your car company without limit.

Premium Unlocked

With the premium features unlocked by this mod, all additional game content and perks are opened up. Things like new parts and body options, research shortcuts, visual customization packages, and bonus vehicles can all be enjoyed without making any in-game purchases.

Experience the full depth and progression that the developers intended without irritating paywalls holding you back.

Unlimited Everything

More than just unlimited money, the “Unlimited Everything” moniker of this mod refers to a complete removal of resource limits across the various aspects of running a car company.

Things like unlimited research points, unlimited skill points to upgrade your manager, and unlimited upgrades and customizations are all smoothly streamlined without wasting time on grinding or watching ads for boosts.

Free Shopping Sprees in the Parts Stores

One of the exciting new freedoms unlocked with this mod is the ability to shop to your heart’s content in the in-game parts stores. With unlimited money and no budgets to consider, you can fully kit out your vehicles with the best possible parts and components from the word go. Go on a wild shopping spree fully modding out your first concept car without restrictions.

Researching and Developing Groundbreaking New Technologies

With unlimited research points thanks to this mod, you’ll be able to push the boundaries of automotive innovation like never before.

Spend lavishly researching cutting-edge new technologies, from lightweight materials to hybrid powertrains to self-driving capabilities, giving your vehicles a serious high-tech advantage over the competition. Develop unbelievable new concepts years ahead of their time that will have audiences and critics worldwide buzzing with admiration.

Mastering Your Craft with Unlimited Skill Point Upgrades

Another awesome benefit of this mod is that your manager character can be professionally grown to the highest possible levels without limits or lengthy grinding.

With unlimited skill points to invest, specialize your manager to be a master of design, production, marketing, or another key discipline central to your car company’s vision and strategy. Maximize your character’s potential to efficiently steer your company to the top spot in the industry.

Endless Career Advancement Opportunities

thanks to the removal of all progression bottlenecks, your journey with this modded version of Car Company Tycoon is an endless climb up the career ladder.

Push yourself to take on bigger challenges by expanding your facilities, ramping up production volumes, and expanding your dealership networks worldwide without constraints. The sky is truly the limit for how far you can progress your automotive empire.

Taking Your Virtual Car Company Global

Whether you want to establish a beachhead in lucrative new markets in Asia, Europe, or America, or strengthen your position as a dominant hometown hero back where you started, this mod ensures nothing stops your global rollout.

Investigate new regions without worrying about budgets or resources, then smoothly set up production and sale networks to expand your brand worldwide. The unlimited opportunities for global conquest are incredibly satisfying and realistic.

Standing Out from the Pack with Wildly Creative Designs

Free from limits, spend lavishly crafting radical concept vehicles that shatter conventions and turn heads. Whether it’s fantasy futuristic hypercars, retro resto-mods, or funky specialized vehicles, let your imagination run wild designing groundbreaking new vehicles.

With the unlimited budget for R&D and parts, realize even your most outlandish automotive dreams on four wheels. Watch in amazement as your creations generate tremendous buzz and catapult your company forward.

Building Famous Cult Classic Cars Loved for Decades

Not only can you design wild new concepts, but reliably recreate the most famous cult classic cars with detail and precision. Faithfully capture the look, drivability, and charm that made icons like the original Mini, VW Beetle, or 1st gen Toyota Supra so beloved for generations.

Relive the magic that made these models automotive legends and watch as your modernized homages find a passionate cult following of their own, boosting your brand affinity for years to come.

Master Marketing Strategies with Unlimited Resources

With this mod’s unlimited funds, grow your brand through massively ambitious marketing campaigns. Whether it’s flashy Super Bowl commercials, experiential concept reveals at global auto shows or all-access behind-the-scenes documentary series, budget is no object in getting your name known worldwide.

Leverage every communication channel to maximize word-of-mouth buzz and create can’t-miss marketing moments that catapult your company to superstardom.

Dominating the Competition on the Race Track

Take your performance cars to the next level dominating motorsports. With this mod’s freedom, fully commit to racing with unlimited budgets. Develop powerful race spec variants, perfect your vehicles’ setups through exhaustive track testing, and then recruit champion drivers to showcase your brand’s potential.

Watch as your race team racks up win after win, elevating your brand’s profile higher than any marketing campaign alone could. Cement your automaker as a powerhouse both on the street and on track.

Unprecedented Levels of Success and Fulfillment

In the end, what this mod truly allows is an unmatched level of success, control, and fulfillment in your Car Company Tycoon journey. Go from humble startup to global automotive powerhouse in record time thanks to removed limits. Along the way, enjoy reaching every ambitious career and company milestone without frustrations.

Know the prolonged joy of crafting your ultimate dream machines come true through mastery of both the business and creative sides of the industry. Experience the unmatched thrill of building your very own premium car dynasty from the ground up.

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  • Racing update - Already available! - Redesigned racing modes! Compete against other companies on the track, fighting for fractions of a second! - Added company records on the race track. - Added company logo editor. - Added white paint color for cars. - Balance of diesel engines. - Improved graphic design. - Optimized game size and performance.

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