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City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps
App Name City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps
Latest Version v.13.0.0 (Play)
Last Updated
Publisher CityMaps2Go
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
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Size 76 MB
Mods Full Version
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2 Rating (1 Votes )
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"City Maps 2Go Pro APK is a full version offline map navigation app that allows you to explore detailed maps of cities worldwide without an internet connection."

As the premier version of one of the most popular offline mapping apps, City Maps 2Go Pro delivers a comprehensive suite of navigation tools without any restrictions. Perfect for travelers, commuters, or urban explorers, this full-fledged app ensures you are never without turn-by-turn guidance, no matter where your journeys take you – all while maintaining complete independence from internet connectivity.

Global Coverage Without Limits

Spanning over 230,000 cities and towns across the world, City Maps 2Go Pro equips you with the ability to navigate confidently in major metropolitan hubs as well as remote rural areas. Freely browse and download high-resolution map packages of cities and regions of interest in advance of your trips. The maps are continuously updated with the latest changes, ensuring your navigation remains accurate and reliable even as environments evolve.

This boundless global coverage means you can fearlessly venture off the beaten path, secure in the knowledge that you have a detailed map of your surroundings at your fingertips. Whether you’re trekking through the hinterlands or getting lost in the winding alleys of a historic city center, City Maps 2Go Pro has you covered with its full suite of mapping data, leaving you free to focus on the journey ahead.

Reliable Offline GPS Navigation

Leave your data plan behind and still enjoy turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance using just the GPS capabilities of your device. City Maps 2Go Pro allows you to access and navigate with cached offline maps, ensuring you never lose your way in unfamiliar areas due to a lack of internet connectivity.

Follow spoken directions and interactive route markers seamlessly, whether you’re navigating underground shopping malls or remote hiking trails with no signal in sight. The app’s global coverage means you can rely on its navigation features anywhere in the world, without the risk of getting lost due to spotty connectivity or roaming charges.

Comprehensive Route Planning

City Maps 2Go Pro’s full-featured navigation goes beyond just guiding you from point A to point B. Its advanced routing options, including traffic conditions, public transportation availability, and the ability to choose between driving or walking, make planning out your day a breeze.

Search for destinations by address, landmark, or point of interest, then compare routes to find the optimal path forward. Draw custom routes manually on the maps when exploring new neighborhoods, or select pre-defined bounded areas to minimize storage space. This level of route planning flexibility ensures you can navigate your surroundings with confidence, no matter the complexity of your itinerary.

Powerful Customization and Layering

Personalize the information density of your maps to suit your specific needs. City Maps 2Go Pro’s full version lets you add or remove a wide range of map layers, including points of interest, boundaries, addresses, and terrain features. Fine-tune the clutter to your liking, and quickly locate ATMs, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, and other essential services with ease.

Take your customization even further with a selection of over 30 visual themes, interface styles, and language options. Activate night mode or integrate street view to enhance your orientation, whether you’re navigating indoors or out. The app’s regular updates grant you access to even more pro-level features sought after by its thriving community of users.

Expansive Points of Interest Database

Complementing the comprehensive mapping data, City Maps 2Go Pro’s full version boasts a powerful point of interest (POI) directory that elevates your navigation experience. Search for nearby amenities by category, name, or proximity, and access detailed information such as contact details and operating hours.

Plan your commute with the help of public transit schedules, and privately log your favorite places for repeat visits or share trip recommendations with others. The community-driven nature of the POI database ensures it remains up-to-date, providing you with the most accurate and relevant information to guide your explorations.

Unparalleled Offline Capabilities

The true value of City Maps 2Go Pro’s full version lies in its ability to function as a complete, self-contained navigation solution, even without an internet connection. By caching high-quality map data and comprehensive POI information locally on your device, the app empowers you to navigate confidently in any environment, free from the constraints of data coverage or cellular network availability.

This offline-first approach ensures you can rely on City Maps 2Go Pro’s features in remote areas, during travel disruptions, or when trying to conserve your mobile data. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or exploring the backstreets of a foreign city, the app’s full-featured capabilities will keep you oriented, informed, and on track, no matter the circumstances.


In summary, City Maps 2Go Pro APK sets a new standard for offline navigation apps by delivering a comprehensive, full-featured experience that caters to the needs of travelers, commuters, and urban explorers alike. With its massive global coverage, reliable turn-by-turn guidance, advanced route planning tools, and extensive customization options, this premium app empowers you to navigate the world with unparalleled confidence and independence, no internet required.

By investing in the full version of City Maps 2Go Pro, you’re equipping yourself with a future-proof mapping companion that will serve you well for years to come, providing hassle-free explorations and peace of mind as you venture forth into the unknown, secure in the knowledge that you’ll never get lost along the way.

  • This is a maintenance release where we updated some things in the background and fixed some bugs. Happy hikes & travels, the CityMaps2Go team.

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