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4.2 Rating (887 Votes )
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Data Usage Manager MOD APK is a handy Android app that allows users to monitor and control mobile data, and Wi-Fi usage by apps. The MOD version removes all advertisements and provides full pro features like app-wise data tracking and limiting for free
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Data Usage Manager MOD APK: Your All-In-One Mobile Data Assistant

Data Usage Manager MOD APK is one of the best apps to carefully monitor your mobile data usage on Android. With this app, you can easily track the amount of data being used by each individual app on your device. It displays the daily, weekly and monthly data usage of every app in detail. The app comes with useful charts and graphs to provide a visual representation of your data consumption patterns.

Managing mobile data and keeping track of app-wise usage can be a daunting task on Android without the right tools. That’s where Data Usage Manager MOD APK comes in as an indispensable utility to help users gain complete visibility and control over network traffic on their devices. In this review, we discuss the key features that make Data Usage Manager one of the top network monitors and limiting apps on the Play Store.

This helps you identify the culprit apps that use the most mobile data in the background without your knowledge. You can then restrict certain apps from using mobile data automatically. Data Usage Manager MOD APK allows you to limit the background data and streaming of each app individually. It also notifies you when the predefined data limits for apps or the overall plan are reached. This helps avoid bill shocks at the end of the month.

Being a mod version, Data Usage Manager MOD APK removes all advertisements as well as unlock few premium features like custom data limitations for free. You can divide your monthly data quota among apps as you like. Overall, this is a handy app to closely monitor your 3G/4G data usage and help save on your cellular plan cost without any root access.

Pro Features Unlocked with Data Usage Manager MOD APK

Unlike the original Play Store version, the MOD APK provides full access to advanced pro features without any in-app purchases. Users can enjoy perks like daily usage alerts, detailed monthly usage reports, and unlimited data-limiting profiles – all for free without ads ruining the experience. Essentially, the MOD apk unlocks the premium version of this popular data manager app for Android.

Monitor Data Usage in Real Time

The app shows current daily, weekly, and monthly data consumption broken down separately for Mobile Data and Wi-Fi. Charts visualize trends to spot unexpected spikes. Users can set custom dataCycle to track against specific bill periods. An always-visible widget also tracks live data usage on the home screen for at-a-glance visibility.

Track App-wise Data Consumption

Perhaps the most important feature – Data Usage Manager lets users monitor the exact MB/GB utilized by each app. This granular insight helps identify culprit apps consuming unwanted background data. Users can block certain apps from using either mobile data or Wi-Fi as per their needs.

Set App-specific Data Limit

The app allows custom data limits to be applied on a per-app basis. When the allotted quota is reached, specified apps will automatically be restricted from using further mobile data until the next limit cycle. This helps enforce self-control over unmonitored app usage to avoid bill shocks or unwanted overtime charges.

Get Usage Alerts and Warnings

Customizable notifications keep users informed when the daily limit is breached or data usage crosses 50%, 75%, and other percentage markers of monthly plans. Late-night alerts help avoid bills due to unintended background data. Warnings let users take timely corrective measures like switching to Wi-Fi to control expenses proactively.

Usage Reports and Statistics

Data tracked by the app can be exported in detail usage reports sorted by date, app, and amount to keep monthly records safe. Graphical pie charts offer insights into the largest data-consuming apps. ALL these reports help monitor usage patterns and track plan effectiveness over time for optimizations.

Control Mobile Hotspot Usage

The app also monitors MB/GB transmitted when using the device as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Users can check hotspot logs and apply custom quotas to avoid depleting entire data bundles while sharing the internet. This helps enforce discipline when tethering is meant only for emergencies.

One-tap Night Mode for Data Savings

For locations with unstable or expensive cellular data, a single tap night mode temporarily disables mobile data access for all non-essential apps from a set start to end time daily. This ensures that only favored communication apps work to avoid unwanted consumption during sleeping hours.

Blocker Apps to Disconnect Wi-Fi/Data

The app includes optional system-level blocker apps that can selectively turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data access with a single tap based on user-defined rules. For example, data can be blocked for social media immediately whenever the monthly limit is reached to prevent drain. Users maintain full control over network connectivity.

Blacklist Trackers and Ads for Savings

Data Usage Manager MOD APK comes pre-loaded with a list of known trackers, ads, and analytics SDKs found in many apps that are notorious for consuming bytes in the background. Users can blacklist these SDKs to optimize bandwidth usage without a major impact on functionality. This stealth mode helps squeeze out additional savings.

Multi-User Profiles for Family Devices

In case a device is shared within families, the app lets create separate profiles to monitor individual or group-wise data usage. This maintains privacy and accountability of network activity on shared tablets or phones keeping a check on rogue family members unknowingly draining precious data!

Customizable Interface

With options to modify font size, and colors and arrange data widgets – users get full control over customizing the monitoring dashboard as per their preference for a comfortable viewing experience on any device size.


Whether an individual looking to optimize a monthly plan or a family trying to monitor a shared device – Data Usage Manager proves to be an indispensable mobile companion to gain complete visibility and control over network utilization. With its powerful yet intuitive feature set unlocked by the MOD APK, it remains the go-to tool for frugal data usage on any Android device.

  • You asked for it! We heard you! Now you can set notifications on your data usage. Never go over your data plan again with our custom & daily notifications.

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