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Ghost Shooting sniping games Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.0.4

Ghost Shooting: sniping games
App Name Ghost Shooting: sniping games
Latest Version v.1.0.4
Last Updated
Publisher BitStrong Games
Category Action Action
Size 308 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited coins
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3.5 Rating (387) Votes

3.5 Rating (387 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Evil is spreading in cities, pick up your gun and protect cities like a ghost!
    • Unlimited money
    • Unlimited Gold
    • Unlimited coins
    • no advertisements

Master the Skill of Ghost Shooting with the Modded Sniping Games APK

Sniping requires intense focus, precision, and lightning-quick reactions. It is not a job for the faint of heart. With the modded version of Ghost Shooting sniping games, you can hone your long-range marksmanship skills anywhere, anytime. This realistic sniper simulator puts you in control of a deadly accurate ghost shooter on dangerous missions around the globe.

Read on to learn more about what this modded apk unleashes and how you can become an unstoppable ghost sniper with unlimited funds for any loadout.

Unlimited Resources to Dominate as a Ghost Sniper

One of the biggest advantages of the modded Ghost Shooting APK is that it removes all restrictions on in-game resources. With this mod, you will have Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold, and Unlimited Coins at your disposal from the start. No longer will you be hamstrung by limited ammo or have to watch annoying ads for bonus currency.

With endless pockets, you can fully focus on mastering your craft as a sniper without any pesky financial worries. Buy the most powerful sniper rifles, scopes, and sidearms from the start. Stock up on explosive rounds, armor-piercing bullets, and incendiary shells to eliminate any target. And you’ll never have to carefully manage your coin pile, always able to spend liberally on upgrades, perks, and skills.

Maximize Your Loadout with Infinite Money & Tools of the Trade

In the base version of Ghost Shooting, you had to slowly accumulate money over many missions to purchase powerful new weapons and gear. But with this mod giving Unlimited Money, you can instantly load up on a lethal arsenal befitting the world’s deadliest ghost shooter. Some of the top items to splurge on include:

 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle

This massive .50 caliber rifle turns tanks and armor into scrap metal with explosive rounds. Devastating stopping power at extreme distances.

Thermal Scope

See enemies clearly day or night through smoke, fog, and light obstruction. Track targets easily with this advanced optic.


Equip suppressors on all firearms to stay hidden on missions. Muffle gunshots so enemies never know where the killing shots came from.

Explosive Crossbow

For close quarters, silently drop enemies with explosive-tip bolts from this concealable weapon.

 Drone Recon

Deploy a personal aerial drone to scout the terrain and mark enemies before taking the perfect shots.

Modular Sniper Rifle

Fully customize this modular rifle with different barrels, magazines, and parts as your perfect long-range tool.

Body Armor

Protect yourself while engaging hostiles at close range with top-of-the-line armored plates.

With Unlimited Money at your disposal, you can go all-out and be a one-man invading force against any opposition. Now the only limit is your skill – hone it by taking on the game’s toughest missions.

Completing Missions as a Ghost Sniper is a Breeze with Mod Unlocks

In the vanilla version of Ghost Shooting, you’d have to carefully manage your limited inventory and funding on missions. But with this modded APK, completing tasks is effortless. That’s because, in addition to Unlimited Money, it also provides Unlimited Gold and Coins.

This means you’ll never have to ration your special ammunition or worry about low health. You can fully customize your loadout without budget constraints. And if you fail a mission objective, just restart immediately without penalty. Some key mission perks unlocked include:

No Advertisements for Silent Operations

One annoyance removed by this mod is advertisements. In the default game, you’d be interrupted during play by ads to earn bonus rewards. However, this modded APK eliminates all ads, allowing fully immersive sniper sessions without distractions. Stay focused on your objectives as an elite ghost shooter.

Recon and Sniping Missions Are Stress-Free

With Unlimited Resources, you can fully relax on scouting and sniping tasks. Recon areas without worrying about spending coins to tag enemies. And take as many shots as needed on targets, without rationing expensive armor-piercing bullets. Stock up on every perk and item to ensure mission success.

Covert Entry Missions Are trivial

Infiltrate any hostile compound while carrying bottomless supplies. Silently breach defenses while bringing overwhelming firepower. Equip riot shields, flashbangs, and explosives to effortlessly clear rooms of enemies. Complete objectives without losing any of your opulent arsenal.

Extract Under Fire Without Losing Gear

If the extraction point is overrun, just mow down any resistance with a limitless supply of ammo. And if shot down, restart immediately with a full new loadout. You’ll never have to improvise or stealthily flee, just wipe out any ambushes. Evacuate every time as an unstoppable one-man army.

Become an Unchecked Killing Machine

With Unlimited Gold and Resources, ranking up your ghost sniper becomes trivially easy. Purchase every perk, instantly unlock new guns, and max out your skills. Dominate high-level missions that were impossible before. Your triggers will move faster than the eye can see, racking up multi-kill combos. With this mod, you can truly live out fantasies of unmitigated brutality.

Bring the Thunder as a Hidden Storm of Lead

For those seeking to fully cut loose and inflict maximum destruction, the modded Ghost Shooting APK delivers. Unleash hurricane fire on any target, at any time, without limits. Call in artillery and air strikes at will to wipe out entire enemy camps. If engaging large forces, just resupply and re-engage endlessly without trouble.

Experience True Mastery of Long Range Marksmanship

In the standard game, money restraints mean gradually leveling up your skills. But by removing all restrictions, this mod allows immediately living out godlike fantasies of long-range marksmanship mastery. Take difficult “money shots” without fear of wasting ammo.

Develop lightning reflexes dodging counter snipers. Study ballistics and natural lead perfectly. Achieve consistent double and triple kills across any distance. True appreciation and dominance over the sniper’s art becomes possible.

Become the Ultimate Ghost Sniper Now

For those seeking to fully experience the thrill and skill of long-range covert work, the modded Ghost Shooting apk is unparalleled. Remove all restraints and fully focus on developing stealthy gunplay mastery. Stockpile an impenetrable armory for any task. Dominate missions while avoiding distracting advertisements. Master both long-range marksman and close-quarters weaponry.

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