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Hero Making Tycoon Mod APK Mod Menu v2.0.7

Hero Making Tycoon
App Name Hero Making Tycoon
Latest Version v.2.0.7
Last Updated
Publisher Hello Games Team
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 167 MB
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (63) Votes

4.5 Rating (63 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Manage your hero making factory to fight against invading enemies.
    • MOD MENU
    • unlimited gems
    • free shopping
    • free purchase
    • no ads

Building The Strongest Heroes With Unlimited Powers And Abilities

Hero Making Tycoon allows players to build their own hero empire and create heroes with unimaginable powers and abilities. With this mod apk, players can empower their heroes even further and build the strongest roster in the game. Keep reading to learn all about the exciting mod features unlocked in this modded version of Hero Making Tycoon.

Unleashing Godly Strength With The Attack Multiplier

One of the most impactful mod features is the Attack Multiplier. This provides players with an insane damage boost that makes all heroes feel like demigods on the battlefield. When this mod is activated, the basic attack power of every hero is multiplied many times over. A hero that normally does 100 damage per hit could suddenly be dealing thousands of points of damage with each strike.

This attack multiplier allows players to steamroll through even the toughest battles with ease. Bosses and enemies that would normally provide a challenge pose no threat when heroes are empowered with godly strength. Players can finally live out their fantasies of creating overpowered heroes capable of wiping out whole armies with just a few hits. The Attack Multiplier is the ultimate way to feel like an unstoppable force in Hero Making Tycoon.

Gaining Full Control With The Hidden Mod Menu

Another incredibly useful mod feature is the hidden MOD MENU. Activating this provides players with a secret interface allowing full control over various game systems. The mod menu grants access to features normally only accessible through in-app purchases or intense grinding.

One of the first options in the mod menu allows players to receive Unlimited Gems. Gems are the premium currency in Hero Making Tycoon used to recruit heroes, upgrade skills, and more. With the mod menu, players will never have to worry about lacking gems again. All upgrades and expansions can be freely purchased without limit.

Along with unlimited gems, the mod menu also offers Free Shopping. All in-game stores are unlocked without cost, allowing the purchase of any hero, booster, or cosmetic item without spending a single gem. Players can freely build the mightiest roster without draining resources.

Building A Heroic Empire Faster Than Ever Before

With the mod tools unlocked, players can focus fully on building their heroic dynasty without limitations. Some noteworthy advantages include:

Hero Recruitment On Autopilot

The attack multiplier and unlimited gems allow instant max level recruitment of even the rarest S-Tier heroes with a single click. Forget the grind and immediately assemble dream teams.

Unrestricted Upgrading

All heroes can be instantly maxed out, empowering abilities to the highest possible tiers. Upgrade every hero’s skills, talents, and gear cost-free for maximum effectiveness.

Accelerated Research

With infinite resources, players fly through tech and building upgrades in an instant. Unlock all base expansions, workshops and more to maximize production capabilities at light speed.

Infinite Cosmetics

Outfit hero squads with the flashiest outfits, skins, name cards and banners available. Represent teams in style without spending a dime on aesthetic rewards.

Unlimited Booster Buffs

Boost entire rosters permanently with powerful stat increasing items. Ensure hero stats, gold earnings, and other metrics receive round the clock enhancements.

Easy High-Scores

Breeze through all competitive modes like the arena and leagues dominating leaderboards with maximum stats. Rake in top prizes with minimum effort invested.

Overall, this modded version of Hero Making Tycoon ensures maximum fun and rewards with minimized effort. Build the most legendary hero empires seen in the entire game without annoying restrictions or paywalls holding players back. Recruit, upgrade and represent dream teams in style on the path to becoming the ultimate hero maker.

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  • Fix known bugs

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