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Kick the Buddy Mod APK Unlimited Money v2.4.0

Kick the Buddy
App Name Kick the Buddy
Latest Version v.2.4.0
Last Updated
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 135 MB
Mods Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (309) Votes

4.2 Rating (309 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Smash and hit the buddy in our stress-relief game. Unlimited weapon arsenal.
    • ¬†Unlimited Money
    • Unlimited Gold
    • All Unlocked
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlock Vip And Item
    • no ads
    • unlocked all weapons
    • diamond membership
    • free shopping

Kick the Buddy – The Ultimate Buddy-Kicking Experience with Unlimited Money

Kick the Buddy is one of the most addictive and fun mobile games available, giving players endless hours of entertainment as they kick around their little buddy in creative and hilarious ways. However, with in-app purchases and limited resources, it can sometimes feel restricted. That’s where the Kick the Buddy Mod APK comes in with Unlimited Money, taking this beloved kicking buddy title to a whole new unlimited level of fun!

Unlimited Money – Say Goodbye to Grinding and Hello to Endless Kicking

One of the best mod features of the Kick the Buddy Mod APK is the Unlimited Money it provides players. In the original version of Kick the Buddy, players have to carefully manage their funds as they upgrade weapons and clothing for their buddy. They may find themselves grinding to earn more cash just so they can try out new combos and crazy kick strategies. With the mod’s Unlimited Money enabled though, players never have to worry about running out of funds ever again.

They can purchase any item or upgrade in the game instantly without spending a dime of their in-game currency. This opens up unlimited creativity as players are no longer restricted by the limits of their wallets. They can fully experiment and have fun kicking their buddy in every imaginable way.

Unlimited Gold for True Buddy Kicking Majesty

In addition to Unlimited Money, the mod also provides players with Unlimited Gold. Gold is another type of currency in Kick the Buddy that is used to unlock special features, levels, and bonus items. In the original game, gold is earned at a slow rate or can be bought, but supplies are limited.

With Unlimited Gold from the mod, players attain true buddy kicking majesty as everything in the game is instantly unlocked and at their full disposal. They can access all bonus levels, game modes, outfits, and accessories without ever having to wait or spend anything.

Combined with the Unlimited Money, it gives players the full unlimited Kick the Buddy experience with zero restrictions holding them back from enjoying every last bit of buddy kicking goodness the game has to offer.

All Items and Upgrades Unlocked for Maximum Fun

Taking the unlimited experience even further, the Kick the Buddy Mod APK provides players with All Items and Upgrades Unlocked from the start. In the standard version of the game, new weapons, environments, buddy outfits, and other bonuses need to be discovered or bought over time as players progress.

This can limit options especially for newer players just starting. However, with all items instantly unlocked thanks to the mod’s features, players are free to mix and match any combination of gear, backdrops, and buddies without having to first unlock them.

They can jump right into the action kicking their buddy around wacky costumes and crazy places right from the very beginning. It allows for endless replayability and experimentation as players explore combining different elements for endless hilarity. Talk about maximizing the buddy-kicking mayhem fun factor right off the bat!

Introducing the Kick the Buddy Mod Menu

To make fully utilizing all the unlocked features even easier, the mod provides a handy Mod Menu. Accessible right from the main menu or pause screen, the Mod Menu gives players full control over activating and modifying the various mod options.

With just a few taps, players can turn on or off features like Unlimited Money, Gold, Unlocked Items, and more. They can also modify values like money/gold amounts to fine-tune their experience. The well-designed menu makes it simple to switch between regular gameplay and modded sessions. Players appreciate the convenience of being able to customize their experience exactly how they prefer for maximum buddy-kicking enjoyment.

Unlock VIP Membership and In-Game Purchases for Free

A standout mod feature is the ability to Unlock VIP Membership and In-Game Purchases for Free. In the standard game, special VIP status can be bought which removes ads and offers certain perks and bonuses. However, the cost may deter some players.

Certain other purchases like special costumes, weapons, or boosts also require payment. But with the mod’s free unlock feature activated, players are instantly upgraded to VIP member status and have access to everything that would normally cost real money completely free of charge.

No longer do they have to watch repetitive ads or spend hard-earned cash for extra perks or costumes. Every paid feature is opened up to them for unlimited fun at no cost whatsoever. Now they can truly experience all that Kick the Buddy has to offer most completely.

Banish Ads with the No Ads Mod Option

Another annoyance removed by the mod is advertisements. While short ads between levels or to earn bonuses are common in free-to-play titles, they can disrupt the fun gameplay flow over time. Thankfully the Kick the Buddy Mod APK provides a “No Ads” setting that eliminates all advertisements when activated. Players can now kick their buddy continuously without interruption from commercials.

It creates a seamless ad-free buddy kicking gaming experience from start to finish so they remain fully immersed in all the ridiculous hijinks and mayhem. Between this and the free VIP perks, players get to enjoy Kick the Buddy on their terms without costs or irritating interruptions.

Gain Access to All Unlocked Weapons

To truly fully customize their buddy beatdowns, the mod also provides players with All Unlocked Weapons at their disposal from the beginning. In the standard version, discovering and upgrading new kicks, throws, and weapon abilities happens gradually through gameplay.

However, the mod immediately opens up every last option so players can experiment with combining different techniques however they like. They can find new creative ways to inflict imaginative injuries on their bobble-headed buddy without restriction.

Want to set them on fire with the flamethrower and then launch them into orbit with a rocket-powered kick? Now you can! The mod allows for endless strategic kicking possibilities across all unlockable weapon systems. It’s like being given the keys to an unlimited sandbox of buddy abuse mayhem.

Endless Buddy Kicking with Unlocked Diamond Membership

Typically in Kick the Buddy, special “Diamond” membership status is a premium upgrade that offers exclusive perks. However, through the magic of mods, this top-tier subscription is also Unlocked for players immediately thanks to the mod’s features.

Right from the start, they gain full access to exclusive Diamond-only levels, exclusive costumes and props, and special Daily Reward bonuses to keep things fresh. Combined with the other modded features, it makes for an endless supply of new ways to ruin that poor little buddy’s day until the kingdom comes.

There will always be fresh new outfits to change into, unique environments to discover, and greater challenges to overcome across unending gameplay sessions. Truly a diamond membership-worthy experience at no real cost – only unlimited buddy beating value!

Mod Allows Completely Free Shopping Sprees

As the final modded cherry on top, the Kick the Buddy Mod APK enables Completely Free Shopping in its Unlimited Money configuration. In the standard version, any additional in-game purchases require expending the player’s limited funds.

But with this mod active, players can browse endlessly through every available costume, accessory, backdrop, and weapon without ever spending a dime of “cash.” They can fully customize their buddy and playground setup exactly as desired across unlimited ensembles.

It adds yet another unlimited layer of experimentation, optimization, and aesthetically motivated sadism. Players feel like big spenders as they refashion their buddies into zany new looks with impunity thanks to the generosity of the mod’s boundless money supply.

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