PuzzleMerge Dragons!

Merge Dragons Mod APK Unlimited Money Free purchase v11.0.0

Merge Dragons!
App Name Merge Dragons!
Latest Version v.11.0.0
Last Updated
Publisher Zynga
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Puzzle Puzzle
Size 186 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Free purchase, Mod speed
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (216) Votes

4.5 Rating (216 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Merge dragons to solve hard puzzles and heal the land!
    • Unlimited money
    • Free purchase
    • Mod speed
    • Mod Menu
    • Buy everything for Coins and Gems/even when not enough or quantity 0!
    • Free Shopping
    • unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • unlimited everything
    • premium unlocked
    • free shopping

Endless Adventures Await with the Merge Dragons Mod APK

Discover a world of magic and mayhem beyond your wildest dreams in the massively popular Merge Dragons mobile game – now take your gameplay to the next level with the Mod version! With the Merge Dragons Mod APK, you’ll gain access to unlimited money, free purchases, increased speed, and so much more to fully immerse yourself in the fantastical world of dragon merging.

Read on to learn all about the exciting modded features available to supercharge your Merge Dragons experience.

Unlock Unlimited Abundance with Unlimited Money

One of the premier mod features is unlimited money, letting you live lavishly without ever having to worry about coin shortages. With endless funds at your disposal thanks to the modded APK, you’ll be able to afford any dragon, item, spell, or upgrade your heart desires.

Never let the lack of in-game currency constrain your playstyle or progress again. Purchase dragons, upgrade your land, and complete levels and quests to your heart’s content without concern for your coin count. With unlimited money modded into the game, money woes will be a thing of the past.

Enjoy Free Shopping Freedom with Free Purchases

Hand in hand with unlimited money comes the gift of free purchases. This essential mod feature removes all costs when buying dragons, items, upgrades, and more. No longer will you have to ration your gems or skip desired purchases because you’re short on coins or gems.

With the free purchases mod active, simply browse the shop to your heart’s content and add anything that catches your eye directly to your collection – absolutely free of charge. Stock up on eggs, speed boosts, cosmetics, treasure chests, or whatever else piques your interest without spending a dime. It’s the ultimate form of free shopping within the world of Merge Dragons!

Super Speed Gameplay with Increased Speed Mod

While unlimited money and free purchases deliver financial freedom in your Merge Dragons experience, the increased speed mod is all about accelerating your actual gameplay. With the mod boosting game speeds, tasks like merging dragons and rolling out land happen at lightning-fast paces.

Thanks to supersized speed, you’ll be able to blaze through levels, complete objectives and merge chains so much faster. No longer will you have to sit through the normal time it takes to merge or roll out land and build your realm. Enjoy rapid-fire gameplay at turbo speed with this fantastic modded feature!

Access Advanced Mod Options with the Mod Menu

One final gift from the Merge Dragons Mod APK is the inclusion of a hidden mod menu. Accessible by a special in-game button combination, this mod menu grants control over multiple advanced options. Here is where you can modify specifics like continuously harvesting dragon stars, auto-completing levels, and quests, unlimited stamina, boosting stats, and more.

It even lets you alter game values like coins, gems, stars, and dragon power directly as desired. You truly have godlike powers at your fingertips through this mod configuration menu, able to tweak anything and everything for a fully personalized modded experience.

Buy Everything for Merely Coins or Gems!

Thanks to in-depth modifications to the game’s gem and coin systems, one astounding mod feature allows players to buy any dragon, item, upgrade, or other shop content using mere game coins or gems – even if the actual purchase price is much higher or the quantity is showing as zero.

This lets you fill your collection instantly with zero limitations. Say for example a rare dragon normally costs 5000 gems to buy one of – with this mod turned on, you can purchase multiples for a meager 100 coins each instead! Or maybe Land expansion would usually require 200 gems for a section – activate this mod and it’s yours for 30 gems flat. Essentially receive premium unlocked game features without limits. Talk about a godly upgrade for taking player freedom to the absolute max!

Indulge in Unlimited Resources with Unlimited Gems/Coins/Everything

A final cluster of complimentary mods within the Merge Dragons APK bundle delivers the ultimate payoff – permanently unlocking unlimited access to all in-game resources. This means you’ll never want gems, coins, dragon stars, stamina, sprouts, or any other collectibles ever again thanks to having an endless supply of everything.

Harvest unlimited dragon stars from your farm without cooldowns, roll out unlimited land sections in an instant, and buy everything with gems and coins that appear magically in never-ending quantities. It’s the definition of financial freedom and carefree gameplay.

Merge to your heart’s content without any pesky shortage worries, safe in the knowledge that all resources within the game are under your modded control.

Download Merge Dragons Mod APK Android

  • The dragons successfully unfolded the Dragami region and are now taking off to go and heal the lands of the Corrupted Forest! Jump into 12 BRAND NEW levels to unfold the mysteries of the land and uncover its secrets.

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