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Nextbots I’m coming for you Mod APK v1.87.1

Nextbots Online: Sandbox
App Name Nextbots Online: Sandbox
Latest Version v.1.87.1
Last Updated
Publisher DidOne
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 260 MB
Mods unlocked levels, Upload Image
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4.7 Rating (511) Votes

4.7 Rating (511 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Run and have fun with friends! Build maps and share them. Many different modes.
    • unlocked levels
    • Upload Image
    • unlocked levels
    • Upload Image

Nextbots I’m Coming For You: The Ultimate Robot Fighting Experience

Nextbots I’m Coming For You is one of the most intense robot-fighting games on the market. As a player, you get to build, upgrade, and customize your very own robot fighting team to take on opponents from around the world. However, what makes this game stand out is the ability to unlock hidden features and upgrades through the modded version. Read on to learn more about what the Nextbots I’m Coming For You Mod APK offers players.

Unlimited Access to All Levels

One of the biggest limitations of the regular game is that levels need to be unlocked through playing and progressing. This can get quite frustrating if you want to jump ahead and experience higher-level gameplay. With the modded version, all levels are instantly unlocked from the start.

Now you can freely choose any level you want and take your robot team to battle without restrictions. Special late-game levels that are usually locked also become accessible. This allows you to experience the full scope of challenges and gameplay that Nextbots has to offer.

Upload Custom Images

Giving your robot a unique and personalized look is part of the fun of these types of games. However, options are usually limited to preset parts and colors. The mod takes things to a whole new level by including the ability to fully customize a robot’s appearance through uploading your images.

Get creative by designing unique skins, logos, textures, and more to stand out from the crowd. You can even import pictures of real objects to create any robot design you can imagine. Watch as your one-of-a-kind bots turn heads in the arena!

Advanced Audio Personalization

In addition to visual customization, certain mod versions also allow for audio personalization. Players can record and upload their sound bites to add voice commands and effects to their robot fighters. Everything from pre-fight introductions and victory cheers to weapon sound effects can be customized.

Get the perfect advantage by throwing off opponents with bizarre robot noises or intimidate them with a fierce battle cry in your voice. Friends can even engage in full voice chat battles by uploading conversation clips for their bots. The options for expressive audio are endless.

Modded Features in Depth

The above highlights just scratch the surface of what the Nextbots I’m Coming For You Mod APK unlocks. Let’s take a deeper look at some key modded features in more detail:

Unlimited Resources

Under the “Unlimited Resources” heading, players gain access to an infinite supply of all crafting materials like metals, electronics, and fuel. No more having to grind for hours to gather common items. This allows for experimenting freely with bot builds without restrictions.

Infinite Energy

Also covered under the resources topic is unlimited bot energy. Regular games require energy to recharge or pay real money for refills. The mod bypasses this annoyance by giving constant full energy. Fighters can now battle continuously for as long as desired.

Max Level and Stats

The “Max Stats” section boosts all robot and player stats to the absolute maximum. The level cap is raised to the highest digit along with fully maxed-out core attributes such as attack, defense, speed, and health. Bots essentially become indestructible gods on the battlefield.

All Unlocked Parts

Tied to the above are all bot parts and weapons becoming instantly unlocked and available for use. No templates or level-gated pieces are off-limits. Players can freely experiment with wild and over-the-top combinations.

Custom Game Modes

Additional unknown or secret game types can be experienced through this mod feature. PvE challenge modes, large team battles, and specific arena variations provide novelty that wasn’t possible before.

mods become creative directors with these custom options.

God Mode

As the name implies, god mode takes the above modifications a step further by making player-controlled robots invincible. No damage can be taken from any attack no matter how powerful. Bot vs bot competitions become a light spectacle rather than an intense challenge. Good for moments when one simply wants to admire creative builds.

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