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Planner 5D Home Design Decor Mod APK Unlocked Premium v2.9.2

Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor
App Name Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor
Latest Version v.2.9.2
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Publisher Planner 5D
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category House Home House Home
Size 177 MB
Mods Premium unlocked, Unlocked All Items
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3.8 Rating (375) Votes

3.8 Rating (375 Votes )
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Home & Interior Design: Your Tool for House Makeover & Redecor. 3D Floor plans.
    • Premium unlocked
    • Unlocked All Items

The All-New Way To Design Dream Homes

Planner 5D brings a whole new level of creativity and realism to home design with its cutting edge 3D interior design tools. With the Planner 5D Home Design Decor Mod APK, you can now unlock the full unlimited premium potential of this popular home planning app.

Unlimited creativity with unlocked premium mod features

The Planner 5D app already gives users powerful yet easy to use tools to design dream homes. But with its premium mod features unlocked, home designers can truly unleash their unlimited creative visions. The premium mod unlocks all items and in app purchases, allowing designers to use and test out every single piece of furniture, decor, finishes and feature without any limits.

Discover a whole new world of design possibilities with unlocked items

Bypassing the in-app purchases helps bring to light design combinations and creativity that may otherwise be hidden behind paywalls. With every item unlocked users are free to explore new ideas without restrictions. Home designers can mix and match any styles and aesthetics with complete freedom.

Unexpected but innovative designs that blend various genres are now easier than ever to conceptualize and bring to life digitally in Planner 5D.

Premium mod provides edge to edge freedom for interior decoration

One of the most exciting aspects of the unlocked premium mod is having full access to every single decoration item. From rugs and curtains to small accessories and wall hangings, users can add personality and character to their virtual homes without limits.

They are no longer restricted by in-app currency or limited selections but can furnish each room and space to their heart’s content. Even intricate details like light fixtures and doorknobs that bring rooms to vibrant life can now be experimented with without hesitation.

Plan large scale homes with ease using all construction items

While the standard Planner 5D app already lets users design multi level homes, the premium mod removes frustrations around resource restrictions. Designers are now free to plan expansive large scale homes, complexes, commercial properties or even whole communities to their imagination.

They can add as many walls, windows, doors, foundation features, railings and other construction elements without worrying about insufficient currency or limits. This unbridled access empowers designers to effectively plan their grandest architectural visions digitally.

Use every exterior design tool and landscaping item unlocked

The mod also provides full premium access to outdoor design and landscaping tools. Users can shape their dream homes’ exteriors while creating charming curb appeal. With all siding, roofing, fencing and outdoor structure items unlocked, homes’ facades can be customized with infinite creativity.

Landscape editors are also liberated to design lush yards, gardens and compounds using every plant, path, lighting and outdoor furnishing without barriers. Their landscaping skills can now seamlessly integrate with indoor architecture planning.

Advanced 3D home staging made easy with premium features

One of Planner 5D’s most realistic and useful functions is its 3D home staging feature that helps visualize designed spaces fully furnished. The premium mod removes any constraints here by providing access to place any item anywhere as needed for customized 3D staging.

Users can now effortlessly add life, character and realism into their virtually staged homes. Interior rendering is enhanced with finer control over room presentations. Homeowners, builders and designers alike gain powerful virtual tour perspectives to impress clients and audiences with hyper realistic staged scenes.

Create detailed building variations with ease using cloning tools

Advance 3D modeling tasks like duplicating elements for repetition across architectural styles are also made much simpler with the premium mod’s added capabilities. By unlocking multi object copying options and instance placement features, designers can effortlessly implement scaled or rotated clones of walls, windows or other building components throughout properties.

This expedites creation of larger structures with consistent repetitive elements with high precision. Building complex models is far more streamlined.

Make large scale master community plans a breeze

With all items unlocked, designers can undertake large-scale community and subdivision planning in great detail. Using robust tools like the premium-unlocked repeating grids, master plans for neighborhoods with varied home designs and common areas come alive.

Entire walkable communities and smart cities with interconnected streets, parks and commercial hubs can be sketched, visualized and fine-tuned virtually endlessly with complete freedom.Town planning and campus infrastructure blueprints are brought to a whole new dimension of feasibility and realism.

Effortless VR and AR home tours with integrated premium capabilities

Planner 5D’s already immersive VR and AR home tour functions are amplified further by the premium mod. Designers can now add intricate movable furnishings, plants and accessories to seamlessly stage each virtual room or entire floorplans for viewing through VR headsets or compatible smartphones.

With all items unlocked users have the power to stage homes in perfect hyper realism to showcase in virtual reality. Architectural visualization takes planning presentations to an unparalleled level of interactivity and real world feel through various platforms. Projects can also be toured via AR functions overlaid directly onto camera footage of physical locations for accurate feasibility analysis.

Unrestricted design iterations and sharing made possible

Often the key to creating perfect designs is having flexibility to experiment through iterative versions. The premium mod uplifts this creative process immensely by not restricting resources for duplicating entire homes or floors for modifications or new ideas in real time.

Designers are empowered to freely save multiple modified iterations of the same project enabling ‘what if’ scenario testing. Sharing creations with collaborators, peers or clients is also more seamless with all upgrades and added features available at once. Overall home planning and design workflows are highly optimized.

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  • We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature, the Smart Wizard, revolutionizing the way you design and visualize your dream rooms with cutting-edge AI-powered technology! Say goodbye to the complexities of room design, and say hello to the future of effortless creativity. Designing a room has never been easier.

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