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Pocket Battles APK NFT War v1.0.0

Pocket Battles: NFT War
App Name Pocket Battles: NFT War
Latest Version v.1.0.0
Publisher ME2ON Co., Ltd.
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Web3 Games Web3 Games
Size 197 MB
Google Playstore

4.8 Rating (904) Votes

4.8 Rating (904 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Pocket Battles: NFT War is the casual strategy battle game in the world

Welcome to the realm of Pocket Battles – an immersive cross-platform warfare simulation that seamlessly blends strategic army building with Play to Earn mechanics.

In Pocket Battles, players can forge their empires by enlisting recruits into a formidable fighting force. Wield tactical control of battalions including swordsmen, archers, cavalries, and more across sprawling battlefields. Craft elite units through intensive training. Unlock secret warrior arts and equipment upgrades to bolster individual soldier prowess in melee. Research technology advancing your civilization’s martial prowess over epochs.

Once built, test armies in story campaigns visiting iconic eras. Perhaps defend medieval castles from Vikings or siege enemy strongholds in glorious samurai turf wars. Relive history through your generalship! Besides single-player, engage in real-time PvP skirmishes. Outsmart foes by manipulating unit formations, morale, and terrain advantages. Watch replay highlights capturing adrenaline-pumping wars between elite commanders.

Here’s where it gets truly revolutionary – all soldiers, heroes, and blueprints are represented as unique Non-Fungible Tokens on the blockchain. This gives tangible ownership while introducing a revolutionary in-game economy. Freely trade prized units, epics, and achievements on open marketplaces. List enlistments starting from common recruits to legendary ‘5-star’ veterans. Watch rare assets appreciate as demand grows from collectors worldwide.

Beyond trades, earn passive income stakes by loaning units. Rent out elite armies so others may complete difficult missions too. Your military assets empower wealth generation! To keep gameplay socially immersive long-term, Pocket Battles introduces player alliances and nation-building. Recruit allies, forge royal dynasties, and expand empires through diplomacy or warfare. Compete cooperatively unlocking new content as a community.

Pocket Battles: Unity Through Competition

Within Pocket Battles, players can handpick recruits by assembling balanced rosters. Evaluate traits carefully – spearmen counter cavalry while archers thrive harassing from hills. Complement infantry cores with elite heroes. Perhaps field legendary commanders like Tokugawa Ieyasu are capable of turning tides. Maximize army potentials systematically by researching upgrades. Medieval smithing, gunpowder siegecraft, and chu-ko-nu archery techniques unlock advantageous unit designs.

Pocket Battles PvP: Show Your Tactics

Test mettle through diverse competitive modes anytime, anywhere. 1v1 Arena battles prove individual command worth. 3v3 Team Wars demand cohesive strategies. Conquer vast territories cooperating clan-style through persistent Realm Sieges. Dominate maps undertaking territories across unfolding campaign seasons. Elite players can compete internationally. Win global qualifiers earning bids to monthly Majors with six-figure prize pools. Top clans earn spots battling live on Twitch.

Pocket Battles Esports: Live the Glory

Pinnacle esports circuits feature top clans battling amid arenas of cheering fans. Premier Leagues air thrilling grand finals deciding seasonal champions. Organized year-round by developer Battle Masters Inc, the World Championships crown absolute empires amassing mega jackpots! Past winners like ‘Anthropic’ cement legendary statuses. Beyond prizefights, some players broadcast streamed commentaries or analyze metas as pundits. Others run clan management as full-time careers. Pocket Battles elevate military gaming pro statuses.

Pocket Battles: A Living Economy

Through the adoption of innovative GameFi mechanics, Pocket Battles runs an organic in-game economy. Earn native PB coins unlocking units, reaching competitive tiers, or staking rare assets. Use them directly to access premium workshops. Anthropic DAO autonomously manages shared infrastructures like clan territories. Hold governance tokens proposing changes democratically! Developers constantly expand frontiers ensuring long-term engagement. Your economic fortunes rise alongside ever-evolving playfulness within a thriving virtual civilization.

  • Guild Market- Special Soldier

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