Zeedz APK v1.2.3

App Name Zeedz
Latest Version v.1.2.3
Publisher Zeedz GmbH
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Web3 Games Web3 Games
Size 403 MB
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5 Rating (2) Votes

5 Rating (2 Votes )
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Zeedz is a Play-for-Purpose game - play, plant, earn, and fight!

Welcome to the thrilling world of Zeedz – the revolutionary Play and Earn gaming platform shaking up the crypto industry!

Zeedz houses a massive selection of highly engaging casual games within diverse genres. Whether one’s taste is fast-paced action, puzzles, or idle fun – there is truly something for everyone.In Galaxzeer, players must swipe and tap frantically to blast incoming alien swarms while collecting power-ups across breathtaking levels. Dodge deadly obstacles as your ship is upgraded with new weapons of mass destruction! Test strategic thinking through Blobber Balls’ maze puzzles. Roll colorful blobs at breakneck speed conquering each stage as the timer ticks. Unlock cascading and more intense maze patterns.

Idle Empire invites cultivating empires idle-style through resource gathering, research, and infrastructure expansion. Construct vast civilizations over time without intensive play sessions. Beyond these titles, over 20 more games await including logic, match-3, and word games. Every month brings novel selections ensuring constant variety and surprises within Zeedz. Zeedz leverages immersive 3D graphics and tight controls optimized for any device. Log in anytime, anywhere for quick pick-up-and-play sessions between other commitments.

Mastery Across Games and Platforms

Within each game, climb competitive leaderboards through ongoing Daily Challenges, Trials, and Special Events.In Galaxzeer’s Trial of the Comets mode, see how far your skills can take you against intense bullet patterns in the race for the top. Blobber Balls Events tasks building mazes the quickest under pressure or within teammate relays. Can you outwit and outplay rivals? Growing Empires takes on a new dimension cooperating with friends. Import or export colonies cross-platform for enhanced proficiency. Zeedz empowers mastery across all games, modes and regardless of device through unified accounts. Your achievements sync seamlessly.

Play, Compete & Earn Crypto Rewards

Here’s where the fun begins – Zeedz issues native ZEE ERC-20 tokens as juicy in-game rewards! Earn simply by playing your regular Casual matches, hitting milestones, or placing within Challenges/Events. Greater engagement boosts payouts. List high scores, collectibles, or other rare feats on the in-game Marketplace as tradable NFTs. Earn from exchanges or stakes appreciating in economic value over time. Maybe you helped design that catchy Galaxzeer tune? Monetize creative efforts directly thanks to Zeedz. With the freedom to earn through leisure itself, Zeedz beautifully gamifies wealth creation. Your favorite pastime fuels real-world needs and prosperity in this sustainable ecosystem.

Zeedz: Building an Empowering Community

Beyond addictive action, Zeedz brings players together like never before. Craft unique avatars, join Guilds competing cooperatively, and show off achievements for peers to admire!Chat forums allow exchanging game tips, discussing strategies, or forming alliances globally. Maybe you’ve unlocked elite maps others seek aid on?Community leaders can throw Events organize friendly competitions or distribute rewards. Promote yourself as an influencer, announcer, or even game designer for the platform!

Zeedz ensures a thriving, engaged user base through constant innovation and merit-based rewards. Their dedication transforms casual gaming into a new empowering frontier for all. Ready to join the revolution as gaming fuels your real-world freedom? Download Zeedz today on any device for a new dimension of play-and-earn without compromises. Your bright future starts now within this boundary-pushing digital utopia!

  • Hotfix - Fixed German Detailed Skills - Fixed non-nft qty for zeedles with nfts in ZeedleBook - Added link to profile on website from settings - Fixed wallet not being cleared after logout

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