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Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money Mod Speed v1.49.2

Rival Stars Horse Racing
App Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Latest Version v.1.49.2
Last Updated
Publisher PIKPOK
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Sports Sports
Size 1.3 GB
Mods Mod Menu , Weak Rivals
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (818) Votes

4.5 Rating (818 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Breed and train horses, manage your stable, and race to become a champion!
    • Mod Menu
    • Weak Rivals
    • Unlimited money
    • Mod speed
    • unlimited gold

Rival Stars Horse Racing – The Ultimate MODDED Experience On Your Mobile

Rival Stars Horse Racing is one of the most popular horse racing simulation games on Android, but the in-app purchases and grind can get tiresome. With the Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK, you unlock an entirely new level of gameplay with Unlimited Money, Mod Speed, and more!

Unleash Your Inner Champion With An Unlimited Stable Of Star Horses

One of the best parts about Rival Stars Horse Racing is collecting and training amazing horses, but it can be a grind to earn enough in-game cash to afford top horses. Not with the modded version! With Unlimited Money enabled, you’ll be able to purchase any horse you want right away.

Build the strongest stable in the game and watch your horses soar to victory. No more limits on how many horses you can own or train. Become an unstoppable champion with the entire equine catalog at your fingertips.

Crush Rivals Underfoot With Ludicrous Speed Boosts

While horse racing is all about speed, climbing the ranks in the standard Rival Stars game can feel too sluggish at times. That’s where the Mod Speed feature comes in. With a single toggle, you’ll unlock insane speed multipliers to blow past opponents.

Leave those pesky AI jockeys in your dust as you blaze towards the finish line at Mach 5 speeds. Put the pedal to the metal and shatter old speed records with a quickness unlike anything possible in the vanilla version. Experience breathtaking, lightning-fast races that feel more like a blur as you dominate again and again.

Mod Menu – Your New Secret Weapon For Total Control

Serious Rival Stars players want more than just cash and speed. They crave complete customization over every aspect of gameplay. That’s where the Mod Menu comes in. With a fully-featured modification interface, you can tweak stats, abilities, and more to your heart’s content.

Need an edge? Weaken your opponents’ horses with the Mod Menu. Can’t catch that elite rival? Modify your horse’s stats to give it an extra boost. The possibilities are endless with the incredible Mod Menu at your disposal. Take total command and become the one who controls the fates of every race.

Weakened Rivals – Remove All Competition With One Click

As fun as racing can be, constantly facing hardcore AI jockeys and elite human opponents gets tiring after a while. That’s why the Weakened Rivals mod feature exists – to level the playing field in your favor. With a single toggle, you can cripple the stats of all enemy horses instantly.

Send those elite horses back to the glue factory as you dance past their severely weakened shells on your way to a certain victory. No rival will pose a challenge when you’ve reduced them to chumps with subpar stats. Unleash your horses at full power while yours stand no chance. Total game domination has never been easier.

Infinite Gold For Constant Upgrades And Improvements

To truly push your horses to the peak of performance requires constant facility upgrades, new equipment, training sessions, and more. But collecting enough gold in Rival Stars can be a grind. Not anymore! With the Unlimited Gold feature, money will never be an object holding you back. Upgrade your stable, tracks, gear, and everything else instantly without limits.

Pump infinitely more resources into your horse champions and take their skills higher than ever before. Give them cutting-edge everything while your rivals struggle in the lower leagues with their peasantry facilities. Gold rains down in unlimited quantities for complete endgame bliss.

The Rush Of UlTIMATE Victory

What’s the point of all this power if you can’t bask in the glory of unrelenting, godlike winning? With the full suite of mods active, each race becomes a total rush as you obliterate all in your path.

Cruise past the finish lines before anyone realizes the race started as your Mod Speed sings. Savor every victory knowing your horses could never lose, even if they tried. And try they won’t – not with their Weakened Rivals and buffed-up skills from Unlimited Resources. Winning is a guarantee each time you step into a race.

Feel the ultimate high that only a true champion can experience. Ride the modded high all the way to experience victory in its purest form. Crush even the top online players as if they stood no chance. This is how Rival Stars was meant to be experienced – in glorious MODDED supremacy!

The Thrill of Customizable MODDED Perfection

By now it’s clear – the full Rival Stars experience happens with mods active. Make the game your own by tweaking any module with the control of the Mod Menu. Design your perfect racing utopia and mold the game world to your exact preferences. Want rivals that are neither too weak nor too strong? Dial it in just right. Are horses a touch too fast? Slow them down an inch until balance is achieved.

There’s no limit to what you can modify to craft the ultimate Rival Stars campaign uniquely suited to your specific tastes. Roleplay as the pinnacle champion or fun-loving underdog – it’s all there for your imagination waiting to run wild. This is the thrill of absolute customizable MODDED perfection.

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  • Race against other players and climb the global leaderboards in the new Steeplechase live event mode.

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