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Skyclock APK Full Version v1.6-55

Skyclock - know sunrise/sunset
App Name Skyclock - know sunrise/sunset
Latest Version v.v1.6-55-g63b279b
Last Updated
Publisher Skyclock
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Weather Weather
Size 6 Mb
Mods Full Version
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3.3 Rating (411) Votes

3.3 Rating (411 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Skyclock APK unlocks the full "full version" of this unique astronomy app that helps you identify stars, planets, and constellations at any time or location. Removed ads and permissions allow unlimited use of tools like augmented reality star maps, planetarium modes, and daily sky calendars.

Look to the Stars with Skyclock

While other astronomy apps focus solely on data, Skyclock bridges the gap between knowledge and direct sky observation. Its fully unlocked capabilities empower both casual stargazers and enthusiasts to better explore and understand celestial occurrences with their own eyes. Enhance night sky adventures anywhere on the planet through AR sky maps, visually immersive planetarium modes, and more.

Full Version Unlocked

Normally basic functions like daily sky calendars, star/planet identification, and augmented reality modes require in-app purchases. But Skyclock APK gives permanent full access immediately at no cost. Enjoy ad-free usage alongside high-end tools like exclusive night sky videos, Moon phase panoramas, and global light pollution maps – without ever opening your wallet or seeing an ad again.

Plan with Daily Sky Calendars

Scan upcoming astronomical highlights and plan your observation through customizable daily sky calendars. Pinpoint evenings are best for spotting meteor showers, transiting planets, or lunar phases. Set location-based alerts to never miss a sky show. Customize notifications with personal reminder presets optimized for seamless observation planning.

Augmented Reality Star Maps

Using your device’s camera alongside GPS data, experience constellations, and celestial patterns overlayed directly onto the night sky through AR modes. Simply hold up to identify stars, planets, or objects with just a glance up. Perfect for scout groups, classroom lessons, or casual stargazing with family and friends anywhere.

Immersive Planetarium Modes

Transport yourself to any place on earth, any date in history, or the future through virtually recreated full-dome planetarium environments within the app. With just a tap, visualize and explore the immersive night sky as it appeared from beaches to mountaintops throughout time using realistic star mappings. Perfectly prep for dark sky destinations with these digital observatories.

Star & Deep Sky Object Finder

Manually hunt or let AI algorithms identify astronomical wonders within the app’s massive database. Point your device around the celestial dome to automatically recognize stars, constellations, nebulae, and more in real time through your camera viewfinder. Pinpoint targets for later viewing through binoculars or telescopes.

Moon Phase Panoramas

Marvel at the Lunar World in full 360° rotational panoramas captured across all phases. Digitally experience craters, maria, and terrain features as the moon waxes and wanes throughout its monthly cycle. Pin sharp macro shots paired with data bring the celestial neighbor even closer.

Global Light Pollution Maps

Find dark sites ideal for observing through interactive light pollution maps of the entire planet. Visualize artificial skyglow levels from any locale using real-time satellite data. Quickly scope out new local observing spots, plan away weekend trips or dark sky park destinations for optimum astronomical exploration.

What You Need to Know

To release Skylock’s full toolkit, download requires this modified APK rather than Play Store updates. As always, only acquire from trusted modification sources for security. Once installed, immerse in an unrestricted exploration of celestial occurrences through personalized tools that seamlessly blend knowledge with direct sky sights. Perfect for all astronomy fans seeking more from their stargazing adventures anywhere on Earth or beyond.

In Summary

Whether casually glancing skyward or seriously studying heavenly phenomena through advanced methods, Skyclock equips all observers. Its stunning planetarium simulations, predictive calendars, and live augmented skymaps bring the constellations alive through stunning visualization. Now unlock full unlimited usage of each premium capability from objective finders to panoramic lunar phases – all while supporting astronomy education and dark sky initiatives. Overall, Skyclock sets the gold standard for blending digital tools with authentic sky-watching, and this modified APK removes all barriers to fully unlocking its potential for sky fans worldwide.

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