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Video Editor & Maker VideoShow
App Name Video Editor & Maker VideoShow
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Publisher VIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Maker & AI Chat Generator
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Video Players Editors Video Players Editors
Size 134 MB
Mods Unlocked, no watermark
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4.6 Rating (176) Votes

4.6 Rating (176 Votes )
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AI video editor with all features: music, text, slideshow, merge & trim video.
    • Unlocked
    • no watermark

VideoShow: Your One-Stop Destination for All Video Editing Needs

VideoShow is one of the most popular and feature-rich video editor apps available on Android. Whether you want to splice together family videos, create vlogs, produce tutorials, or assemble short films – VideoShow has all the tools needed to easily edit and enhance your videos. With over 100 million downloads, it has established itself as the go-to app for on-the-go video editing.

Unmatched Editing Flexibility with the VideoShow Mod APK

The Modded version of VideoShow takes its functionality and customization options to the next level. While the original app is already quite capable, the VideoShow Mod APK unlocks a whole new realm of editing possibilities by removing annoying restrictions. Power users will appreciate having full control over their creative workflow without unnecessary limitations holding them back.

Unlock Complete Creative Freedom with the VideoShow Mod APK

The standard VideoShow app imposes certain limitations like watermarks, export resolution caps, and timed trials. However, with the VideoShow Mod APK, all such restrictions are removed to provide unlimited editing freedom. Users can now enjoy the app to its fullest potential without any hurdles disrupting the creative flow.

Be it short skits, documentary films, or music videos – the modded editor empowers video producers to bring their boldest visions to life.

 No Annoying Watermarks

Perhaps the most irritating aspect of many free apps is the insistence on plastering ugly watermarks all over exported videos. Thankfully, the watermark removal feature of VideoShow Mod APK puts an end to this annoyance once and for all.

Users can now share and showcase their productions proudly without any disruptive branding elements obscuring the video content. Whether exporting directly from the app or sharing online via various platforms, videos will remain pristine and watermark-free.

Export Videos at True resolutions

Another limitation addressed is the default resolution caps implemented on non-modded versions. Power users frequently require exporting at higher resolutions to match various formats and platform specifications. However, the standard app restricts exports to sub-par resolutions regardless of the source video quality.

The mod unlocks the full resolution capabilities to retain the highest video quality throughout editing and export workflows. Now productions can be exported at their true resolutions up to 4K and beyond for maximum clarity and pixel density.

Access Exclusive Modded Features for Advanced Video Editing

In addition to removing commonly faced restrictions, this modded version of VideoShow also introduces a variety of exclusive new features particularly useful for advanced users and video professionals. Whether you are looking to up your editing skills or take a home business to the next level, these pro-grade capabilities will significantly enhance your video production workflow.

 Trimming Made Easy with Precise Scrubbing

One of the most useful modded features is frame-precise video scrubbing for highly accurate trimming. The standard scrubber jumps in large increments making it difficult to trim videos down to the exact frames needed. However, the mod allows scrubbing frame-by-frame to trim videos with extreme precision down to the smallest detail.

Whether removing unnecessary openings or closings or tightening the edit between jump cuts – precise scrubbing streamlines the trimming process considerably.

Add Pro Transitions between Clips

No quality production is complete without creative transitional elements between scenes. The mod comes packaged with a wide selection of professionally designed transition effects to seamlessly blend one clip into another. Choose from standard cuts and dissolves or go for more artistic wipes, slides, and warps.

These pro-grade transitions elevate home videos to cinematic standards and help tell stories in a more visually engaging manner.

 Access Unlimited Filters, Masks and Effects

To further enhance video aesthetics and customize moods, this mod grants access to a mammoth library of visual filters, image masks, and overlay effects. Available options range from basic color corrections to advanced nodal composites.

An assortment of stylized filters transform the look and feel within a single click while shape masks allow selective editing of video regions. With so many options at their disposal, creatives can truly experiment with their visual storytelling style.

 Modded Version is Ideal for Video Production Businesses

While great for personal use, this modded editor becomes an indispensable tool, especially for videographers and video marketing entrepreneurs. Its pro-level features enable the launching of video-centric businesses from the convenience of a mobile device.

 Removes Trial Limitations for Commercial Use

The standard app limits projects to a handful during trial periods making it impractical for professional workflows. However, this mod completely removes all trial restrictions letting users churn out projects in bulk without interruptions.

Video production companies can now efficiently manage client projects, deliver consistently, and scale business operations conveniently using just this one powerful app.

Unmatched Quality without Additional Investments

Compared to expensive desktop video suites, this completely unlocked editor is an extremely cost-effective solution. With its wide array of tools and unlimited capabilities, even complex video production tasks can be handled on a mobile device. Best of all, there are no ongoing subscription fees or upgrades required. Creatives get access to high-end features without burning too deep into their pocket. The considerable savings ultimately allow for reinvesting profits right back into the business.

Reliable and Versatile Workhorse App

As a pro-grade 360-video-enabled editor, this mod turns any smartphone into a workstation capable of handling large-scale projects remotely. Whether on location or working flexible hours, versatile mobile workflows ensure seamless collaboration and quick turnarounds.

Reliability is also a key factor as most desktop software requires regular updates and system overhead. In contrast, this editor just works consistently in the background without additional dependencies slowing progress. The stable performance makes it the clear top choice for entrepreneurial videographers and video marketers on a budget.

Not Just an Editor, but also a Powerful Video Maker

Amazingly, despite being optimized for editing, this modded VideoShow version also introduces comprehensive authoring tools making it a complete video production suite. Besides surgical editing, users can effortlessly generate high quality videos from scratch as well.

Create Videos using an Abundance of Media

With support for importing various media types including photos, clipart, texts, and recordings, users aren’t limited to just editing existing footage. They can easily combine different elements to design complete videos and visual stories. Whether creating explanations, demos, or promotional videos, this editor caters to all video creation needs.

Apply Templates for Quick Videos

To cut down initial efforts, the app offers numerous free video templates across categories like tutorials, promotions, testimonials, etc. Selecting a template lays the foundation with pre-designed elements, format, and styling. Users can then fill the template with their videos, photos, and scripts to complete compelling videos in just a few tweaks. Templates ensure consistency for multi-video projects while streamlining the process significantly.

Add Zing with Title Effects

Making an impression is key when it comes to video marketing. The editor provides multiple title design tools like flashy text animations, motion graphics elements, etc to make intros and outros pop. Text can be customized with various fonts, colors, drop shadow effects, and even background music. Attention-grabbing titles are guaranteed to hook the audience within the first few seconds flat.

Videos created or edited using this app are easily exportable to all major sharing platforms. Whether distributing a video tutorial to YouTube or a promotional clip via Instagram profile – sharing is just a simple tap away.

YouTube remains the biggest video platform and this editor integrates directly to facilitate quick uploading. Just a few clicks export videos optimized for YouTube with default titles, and descriptions preset. Creators stay consistent with their YouTube branding with minimum manual efforts involved in posting new videos. Frequent YouTube video creators will find this uploader feature extremely convenient for hassle-free publishing.

Distribute via Social Media

Not limited to just YouTube, this mod supports direct sharing to other leading social networks very common for promotional videos. Whether promoting a small business on Instagram, live streaming a lecture on Facebook, or teasing an upcoming vlog on Snapchat – high-quality videos can now be easily placed across different platforms for maximum reach. The app takes care of compressing and formatting videos automatically per the diverse platform requirements.

For distributing complete files instead of just sharing online, this mod facilitates easy transfers via common methods. Videos can be shared as links for easy downloads or sent as lightweight files via messaging, email, or file sharing services. This offers necessary flexibility depending on the target audience’s preferred consumption method without putting users through convoluted export workflows.

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  • 1.Added AutoCut function 2.Fix known issues

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